Jan 05

The end of an era

Flagworld.com will cease operations on January 31, 2018

If you are reading this message from Flagworld Communications Inc. it is because you are part of our list of contributors, sponsors, photographers, friends and visitors of flagworld.com.

After 23 years of presence on the web, tens of thousands of hours of passion to ensure a significant coverage of motorsports in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world, we have now arrived at a crossroad.

Our family responsibilities are not what they were when the site was created in 1995. In my case, the retirement age has arrived. In the case of Dany, Vice-President and site Administrator, his young family is now his priority.

After a long and very thoughtful reflection, we have reach a decision and come to the conclusion that any good thing has an end and that the time has come for us to resume our lives and assume our new reality.

This is therefore to inform you that flagworld.com website will cease operations on January 31, 2018.

We take this opportunity to warmly thank all the collaborators, contributors, photographers, sponsors and clients who have supported us during the past years. We also wish motor sports fans  and promoters good luck in the pursuit of their activities.

Yours in sport,


Michel and Dany Flageole, Flagworld Communications Inc.