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FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA: Flagworld.com live coverage – Saturday

Flagworld.com report from the Canadian Grand Prix – Saturday

2017-06-10_1233A very sunny day at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the F1 qualifying and support series races.

Flagworld photo album

Saturday morning we took a shuttle to go from the press photo area to the hairpin and then walk to turn #9 to have a viewpoint that includes another landmark identifying the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit Of Montreal, the towers of the Concorde bridge.



After taking pictures of F1 for an hour in this part of the circuit, we walked all the way to corner # 1 inside the track, in the crowd which gave us the chance to see kiosk and off-track activities.


You can also see all the photos of off-track activities in the Flagworld photo album . We took the time to make some pictures of the Ferrari Challenge cars in corner # 1, then we crossed the track back to the second corner to get back to the Photo Press area to have a quick dinner.


And off we went back to photos  action for the Formula One qualifying session. Later in the afternoon, it was the F1600, the Masters Historic Racing and the Porsche GT3 Challenge Cup.


At the end of the qualifying session Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas were taken to the Senna corner to address the crowd before returning to the foot of the podium for the traditional top 3 qualifyers photo. At the end of qualifying for the Canadian GP Lewis matched the performance of former Williams driver Ayrton Senna with a 65th pole position. Lewis Hamilton was rewarded with a donation from the Senna family, an Ayrton Senna, “Not a copy, a worn race helmet” said the host to a moved Lewis Hamilton and the crowd in the stands.


After the F1 it was the first of two races of the Formula Tour 1600 Group STCH.

The young Parker Thompson of the Exclusive Autosport team won the race 1 of the Formula Tour 1600 Groupe STCH.

Starting from second place on the first line a few meters behind pole position holder Michel Bonnet (2), Parker Thompson (90) showed up at the start / finish line from the lap at the top of the race during which only 3 laps were raced on green flag due to several incidents, skirmishes and runway exits. It was Romain De Angelis (4) who climbed to third place on the podium.


Part of the confusion that has lasted a few laps on a yellow flag is the fact that the FIA ​​electronic signs serving in F1 were green without the departure officials on the bridge able to do anything to change this incredible contradiction to The pilots on the track at the gate of the departure / arrival attendant.

Moreover, the departure attendant did not seem to have been informed that the warm-up lap was the real start of the 15-lap or 25-minute race and he deployed the checkered flag when he remained for more than 4 minutes at The duration of the race creating even more confusion for the leading pilots who realized at the last second when they were made near the gateway start / finish that they received the checkerboard instead of the white flag indicating the last round Of the race.

This first of two races of the weekend of the Grand Prix of Canada will certainly not pass to the history like the most exciting one to the circuit Gilles-Villeneuve as much for the pilots as the spectators.


After several minutes of confusion on the wrong grid at the time the Championship management received conflicting instructions on the departure procedure, whether the riders should go to the track or the well line, The last second when the holder of the leading position was returned to the corner 14 than the decision to go to the track more than 10 minutes from the start with the instruction to let the engines run.

Fortunately, this decision was reversed and the engines could be switched off a little more than 5 minutes until the panels were presented 5-3-2-1 minutes from the bridge.


Some pilots waited at the last minute before restarting the engine and one of the grid bottom cars was pushed along the entire length of the straight line from the start to the exit of the wells in an overwhelming heat.

The PRO Class Podium



After the Formula Tour 1600 STCH Group race, it was up to the Masters Historic Racing drivers to fight on the track for honors.

As expected, here are some beauties of the Masters Historic Racing including the Ferrari 312-T4.



After the race Masters Historic Racing, same scenario, first of two races for the Porsche GT3 Challenge Cup.

Here are some photos of the Porsche GT3 Challenge Cup series. There was plenty of action with three starts, two of which had incidents. First of all, Michael de Quesada was a victim of the Cicone Porsche # 88. Then the Porsche # 2 of Étienne Borgeat skidded in the turf and then back on the track to hit another car.




Come back to see us on Sunday for our reportage and our photos.


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