May 07

Dörrbecker (Torino Squadra Corse) wins race 1 at Adria

Auto GP Formula Open 2016

Michael Dörrbecker (Torino Squadra Corse) won race 1 at Adria at the start of the season of Auto GP Formula Open. The German of Mexican descent has dominated all 23 laps scheduled on the Venetian track, after starting on pole position and overtacking everyone.

His great rival was at the start the Angolan Luis Sa Silva (Zele Racing) who started at his side. The African driver chased a long time closely Dörrbecker, heating up too, however the brakes. Eventually he went off and its engine was then turned off permanently. Bad start for Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing): so the Indian took off at the bottom, but in the end he managed to recover until you get to the second place. Third place went to the young Hungarian Dominik Fekete (Zele Racing) after a mistake in the formation lap he managed to get on the podium.

In fourth place the only F.3000 on track, driven byf the veteran pilot Tuscan Armando Mangini (MM International Motorsport). The other Hungarian driver Zoltan Fekete (Zele Racing)did not finish the race, retired after four laps. Not started Salvatore De Plano. The diver of PS Racing has had technical problems that could not be repaired on track. Race 2 is scheduled tomorrow Sunday at 11:00 am, on the same race distance-1 (25 minutes + 1 lap). In pole he will start again Dörrbecker, before Raghunathan.

The first round winner of Race 1 at Adria, Dörrbecker: “I am delighted to have win, but the first part of the race was not easy, with Sa Silva pushing hard behind me. Then I am left alone, so I thought not to make mistakes and to bring home victory. ”

Race-1: 1. Michael Dörrbecker (GER/MEX) Torino Squadra Corse, 23 laps in 26’47,045 2. Mahaveer Raghunathan (IND) PS Racing 1 lap 3. Dominik Fekete (HUN) Zele Racing 1 lap 4. Armando Mangini (ITA) MM International Motorsport a 2 laps 5. Luis Sa Silva (ANG) Zele Racing a 9 laps 6. Zoltan Fekete (HUN) Zele Racing a 19 laps N.S.:Salvatore De Plano (ITA) PS Racing Giro più veloce: Sa Silva in 1’08”601 average 141,79 km/h

Championship classification after race-1: 1. Dörrbecker 27; 2. Raghunathan 18; 3. Dominik Fekete 15; 4. Mangini 12; 5. Sa Silva 11 6. Zoltan Fekete 8

source: Auto GP, autogp.net