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Dec 06

Road Test Special: Do You Have A Winter Emergency Kit In Your Vehicle?

Snow Crash,, Iain Shankland
By Iain Shankland

Imagine this…

You’re driving home from a relative or a friend’s house one winter evening. When you left home it was a clear, bright sunny day – but an unexpected snow storm has quickly moved through the area and you’re trying to get home quickly and safely. The road you’re driving on could be a major highway or a country back road, but either way, it’s deserted and you see very few vehicles.

Rounding a bend you start to slide off the road, and before you can do anything about it you’re well and truly stuck in the snow. You may be right beside the road, so someone passing by will see you (and hopefully won’t slide right into your car), or you may be off the road just far enough that a passing motorist wouldn’t see your vehicle as they passed by. (I came up on one motorist a couple of years ago that went into the centre median and the only visible signs of his car were the tail lights.)

You know you have to get out and see if you can at least move the car or dig it out. Unfortunately you didn’t put any winter boots on – you’re wearing dress shoes – oops! And you didn’t bother to bring gloves or a hat with you because the car was nice and warm after idling it for awhile before you left home. Read the rest of this entry »


Jan 29

Subaru’s Equipped With EyeSight Driver Assist System Had 60% Fewer Accidents

Road-Test.orgTokyo, January 26, 2016 – Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) today released a survey of traffic accidents resulting in injury or death that involved Subaru vehicles sold in Japan between fiscal years 2010 and 2014.

The survey reveals that vehicles equipped with the EyeSight driver assist system had 80% fewer front-to-rear crashes (rear-end collisions) Read the rest of this entry »


Jul 09

Driverless Cars – 6 Problems They Have To Overcome

I’m completely against Autonomous cars and the theory behind them… after all, if you don’t want to drive – use a taxi!! Here are just 6 problems that have to be overcome before they become a reality in this infographic – check it out… Read the rest of this entry »


May 19

The rise of the Dash Cam and how to pick the right one

Read the rest of this entry »


Apr 02

No text, call or social media update is worth a crash – #DistractedDriving

#DistractedDriving 40 mph = 65 km/h


May 23

Being Able To Safely Talk & Text While Driving Is Delusional – Here’s The Proof

Contrary to popular belief, humans are incapable of multi-tasking – doing more than one thing at a time and doing it competently.

As Robyn Robertson, the president of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation puts it: “Multitasking is a myth, but we often convince ourselves that we are capable of it. Humans are serial processors of information and they are only capable of consciously focusing on one task at a time.”

Recent studies prove that it’s not just holding the device in your hand that’s an issue. Here are some eye-popping statistics from the Canadian Automobile Association (March 2014)…

  • It takes 33.6 seconds to reply to a text,
  • 10.6 seconds to answer a cell phone, and
  • 26.7 seconds to adjust a GPS

That’s pretty quick – right?

Well according to Canadian Global Road Safety research, 80 per cent of all collisions occur when drivers look away for three seconds, or less. Read the rest of this entry »


Nov 25

Have You Switched Over To Your Winter Tires Yet?

slippery_snow-403With temperatures already dipping to the freezing point and some areas of the country already experiencing snow – have you switched over to your winter tires yet?

Remember – there’s no such thing as a good “all-season” tire – just a no-season tire. All seasons tires become suspect when temperatures dip below 7°C – that’s the point where winter tires start to come good. Winter tires aren’t “snow tires” – that’s a term that tire manufacturers are trying to avoid using, because people think the winter tire is only for snow. Not true, winter tires are for cold, snow and ice – they give you superior grip and stopping power.

A very common misconception among drivers of SUV’s and other 4WD vehicles, is that a 4 wheel-drive/AWD vehicle provides them with the safety measures they need when driving on ice. This deadly misconception has no grip on reality (pun intended) whatsoever –a 4WD/AWD vehicle will help you get started from a full stop and will partially help you around corners, but will certainly not help you to stop or slow the vehicle down any faster than a RWD or FWD vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »


Jul 29

DISTRACTED DRIVING – Responsible For 8 Out Of 10 Collisions

CAA Niagara,
Replying to a text message takes an average of 33.6 seconds. If you’re driving on a residential road, this means you may have missed 85 parked cars, 36 houses or 5 intersections.


While numbers may vary, the evidence to date clearly shows that driver distraction is an important issue for road safety. CAA believes that the rise of habits that constitute distracted driving, and particularly texting while driving, over the past decade is a serious cause for concern. Read the rest of this entry »


Jul 24

Distracted Drivers Texting And Facebooking – How Long Before One Of Them Kills You Or Someone You Love?

Texting While Driving, Road-Test.orgOn July 24, 2013 Toyota USA in conjunction with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) released the results of an extensive study with bone-chilling statistics.

The UMTRI/Toyota Teen Driver Distraction Study, the largest scientific survey of its kind, included teens (aged 16-18) and adults across America and in Houston, Texas.

According to Study:

  • 27% of Houston teens said they read a text or email every time they drive, 30% did so nation-wide
  • 24% respond to a text while driving, which is the same as the national average for teens.
  • 22% of Houston teens have extended conversations via text message while driving.
  • 67% of teens in Houston report using a cell phone while driving (hands-free and/or hand-held) and 83% percent of parents do the same. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 19

CAA Calls On Drivers To Exercise Caution During Summer Holiday Season

CAA logo2QUEBEC CITY, July 19, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ –  With thousands of Canadians set to hit the road over the next few weeks throughout Canada and the United States for the traditional two-week summer holiday period, CAA would like to remind everyone to drive safely, and keep in mind a number of important tips.

 Start off on the right foot
One of the keys to preparing for a long drive is to get plenty of rest beforehand. Since we all know that “slow and steady wins the race,” it’s better to plan the journey to include frequent stops (ideally every two hours) so that there is time to stretch your muscles, give the kids a break and get something to eat.

“Fatigue is the third-leading cause of death on Quebec’s roads,” stresses Yvon Lapointe, Director, Road Safety Education, CAA-Quebec. “Taking a break for a few minutes every couple of hours helps deal with fatigue and the accumulated stress of driving. As well, having a light snack during these breaks doesn’t cause the same sleepy feeling one often gets after eating a heavy meal.” Read the rest of this entry »


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