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Jan 28

The All-New 2012 BMW M5 Sedan.


The All-New 2012 BMW M5 Sedan.

The all-new 5th generation ultra-performance BMW M5 introduces the most powerful engine ever fitted to a series-produced BMW M. Mated to a 7-speed M-Double Clutch transmission, the new 4.4-litre V8 M5 produces 560 hp and 500lb-ft of torque, accelerating from 0-100km/hr in 4.4 seconds and to 200km/hr in 13.0 seconds. The M5 achieves this while consuming 30% less fuel and providing 50% more range than its predecessor.

Jul 22

Road Test: 2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo

Text: Iain Shankland / Images: Iain Shankland / BMW

2010 BMW Gran Turismo

 BMW are going into a whole new territory with the all-new 5 Series Gran Turismo. Instead of the familiar 4-door sedan, they are combining it with a genuine rear hatch to make it a 5-door luxury sedan. This may not seem too out of place in Europe, but in North America hatchbacks are never popular – something I just can’t fathom for the life of me.  That said, the Gran Turismo also offers a more traditional trunk/boot opening in addition to the full size hatch – I don’t know how well it will go over, but I think BMW are on to something here – it works superbly.

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Mar 24

2010 BMW 335d

Text: Iain Shankland / Images: Iain & Gail Shankland (BMW – car pictures)

2010 BMW 335d

This week’s road test is actually a holiday test… we spent a week in Germany and what better vehicle could there be to drive around in than a BMW? The road test and the holiday are so intertwined it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins…. there’s also a motor racing aspect thrown in for good measure.

Landing at Munich airport, we took a train and then a bus to get to our first destination – BMW. When I first contacted BMW in Canada I requested a vehicle that we don’t get in North America. It just so happens that the very car I requested was actually going to be coming over here around the same time I was going to Germany. For Europeans and basically the rest of the world, diesel engines in cars are quite commonplace, but for some strange reason we’re deprived of them in Canada and America. We can count on one hand the number of diesel powered vehicles we have: VW Jetta and Toureg (we used to get the Golf but not anymore), Mercedes E Class and for the first time – BMW in the 3-series and X5. I like diesels and think they are a far better option than all the money being thrown around creating electric and hybrid vehicles. Until now I’d never driven a diesel car, only big trucks with diesels engines, so this was going to be something completely new for me. What I didn’t expect was how incredible the BMW 335d was going to be and how much fun I was going to have behind the wheel (and even in the passenger seat)! Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 14

2009 MINI Cooper S Clubman

Text & Images: Iain Shankland

Having grown up in the UK, the Mini has always been an integral part of the roadscape to me. From the familiar and traditional 2-door version to a station wagon (Clubman), to a panel van version and even a pick up, the mini was everywhere. When British Leyland (BL) decided to re-design the Mini in the mid-eighties, more than a few people went: “Bluh” and refused to buy it.
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