Dec 15

2017 Kia Niro Sets Guinness World Record Title For Lowest Fuel Consumption By A Hybrid Vehicle

Kia Nero, Road-Test.orgNew kind of crossover boasts a number of firsts for Kia, including a new, dedicated eco-car platform and a unique hybrid system

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2016 – Arriving at New York City Hall in downtown Manhattan, the 2017 Kia Niro officially received a Guinness World Record® title for the lowest fuel consumption driving across the USA from coast to coast (hybrid car).  The new record-setting mark is an incredible 76.6 mpg (3.07 L/100 km).

“We’re extremely pleased with the Niro’s record-breaking performance,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning KMA. “We set out to build a vehicle that offers real-world utility, great looks and fantastic mileage, and setting the Guinness World Record® title confirms our achievement.” Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 13

Road Test – 2016 Ford Edge Sport

2016 Ford Edge Sport, Iain Shankland, Road-Test.orgI’ve driven every model of the Edge right from when it was launched back in 2007 and every iteration improved on the previous version – quite extensively in some cases, so naturally the new 2016 model was going to be terrific, right? And for a bonus I got my hands on the Sport model – by far the best-looking version of this CUV/SUV. I LOVE the look of this (not the colour though), but this was going to be a week of fun, enjoyment and drooling. WRONG!!! Oh dear, this was not what I’d expected. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 06

Road Test Special: Do You Have A Winter Emergency Kit In Your Vehicle?

Snow Crash,, Iain Shankland
By Iain Shankland

Imagine this…

You’re driving home from a relative or a friend’s house one winter evening. When you left home it was a clear, bright sunny day – but an unexpected snow storm has quickly moved through the area and you’re trying to get home quickly and safely. The road you’re driving on could be a major highway or a country back road, but either way, it’s deserted and you see very few vehicles.

Rounding a bend you start to slide off the road, and before you can do anything about it you’re well and truly stuck in the snow. You may be right beside the road, so someone passing by will see you (and hopefully won’t slide right into your car), or you may be off the road just far enough that a passing motorist wouldn’t see your vehicle as they passed by. (I came up on one motorist a couple of years ago that went into the centre median and the only visible signs of his car were the tail lights.)

You know you have to get out and see if you can at least move the car or dig it out. Unfortunately you didn’t put any winter boots on – you’re wearing dress shoes – oops! And you didn’t bother to bring gloves or a hat with you because the car was nice and warm after idling it for awhile before you left home. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 07

Winter Tires Vs. All-Season Tires. Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

Winter Tires Vs. All-seasons Tires – The Facts
Winter Tires Vs. All-seasons Tires, Iain Shankland,
By Iain Shankland

Has winter arrived in your part of the world yet? In my area we usually get our first big snowstorm on or around the 15th of November, but so far this year we’re still having well-above freezing temperatures with no snow in sight!  The inevitable is going to happened sooner or later, but my usual concern when the snow starts to fly is: when do I change from my summer tires to my winter tires? Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 01

Road Test – 2016 Kia Soul SE Sport (TwoTone)

2016 Kia Soul,, Iain ShanklandMy wife just LOVES the Kia Soul – she thinks it was made just for her… I like it a lot, and every time I drive one I come away impressed – reluctantly so. For me the Soul is one of those vehicles that I have a love/hate relationships with. I don’t want to love it, but I kinda do. It’s enjoyable to drive, fun and quirky enough to be different from all the other blah cars driving up and down the road in boring silver or snore gold. The TV commercials tell us it is fun to drive and to be seen in… and damn-it – they’re right!!
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Sep 21

Chevrolet Release The 2017 Bolt EV Prices For Canada & U.S.

2017 Bolt EV Most Affordable Long-Range EV in Canada, 2017 Chevy Bolt EVOshawa, Ontario (Tuesday, September 20, 2016) – The Chevrolet Bolt EV set the range benchmark for an affordable EV capable of going the distance by delivering an U.S. EPA-rated 383 kilometres (238 miles) on a full charge. Now, Chevrolet is keeping its promise to offer the Bolt EV at an affordable price by confirming a base Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $42,795 plus a $1,600 destination freight charge. Pricing can be as low as $31,434 (plus the freight charge), after the eligible Ontario provincial incentive applicable to the base model of the Chevrolet Bolt EV of $11,361*.  For more information about the Provincial Electric Vehicle Incentive programs available in Canada please see the links below.

“Value is a hallmark for Chevrolet and the pricing of the Bolt EV proves we’re serious about delivering the first affordable EV with plenty of range for our customers,” said Alan Batey, president of GM North America and leader of Global Chevrolet. “We have kept on our promise yet again, first on range and now on price.” Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 20

Road Test: 2016 Kia Sorento SX Turbo AWD, Iain ShanklandI haven’t driven the Kia Sorento in a few years now – in fact it was around the time they launched the previous all-new model… that looked like the one before it. The 2016 version is all-new and it looks… like the one before it!! That is until you see the previous generation… then you realize – they aren’t even close to being identical, it’s an illusion. To be honest I have always really liked the look of the Sorento and fortunately there aren’t a ton of them around, so you can’t really get sick of looking at them – unlike its brother-from-a-different-mother, the Hyundai Santa Fe that clogs every road and parking lot in my neck of the woods. The all-new 2016 Sorento is bigger and better looking than the version it replaces, but is it better?  Let’s find out…. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 29

Road Test – 2016 Kia Cadenza Tech

Iain Shankland,

I’ve driven the Cadenza a couple of times, but only for small stints – no longer than 10 minutes at a time. Every time I’ve gotten behind the wheel I’ve been impressed by how well it handled – far better than I’d expected it to be – for an old guy’s car. It’s a good-looking car, but let’s be honest here – it doesn’t get the heart pounding… So why did I book a full week behind the wheel? Well, partly because the all-new Optima had just come out (which I’d already driven) and that left me with a huge question:  Is the Cadenza worth buying when the Optima is sooo good? As luck would have it, just as I was about to pick up the Cadenza, Kia announced the arrival of the all-new 2017 by the end of the year. Now there’s an additional question: How much better will it be than the 2016 model? Let’s tackle the first question now and the second question next year… Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 20

New 2017 Toyota Camry Offers Bold styling, Refined Interior, Driving Fun + Hybrid Models

There are many reasons to love the 2017 Toyota Camry – one outstanding mid-size sedan

2017 Camry(TORONTO, ON – August 18, 2016) There are many reasons to love the Toyota Camry: What are yours? Get behind the wheel of the 2017 Camry and find out.

New for 2017, the popular and sporty Camry XSE V6 is enhanced with extra safety features, which includes a Pre-Collision System, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert and Automatic High Beam technologies. Meantime, the Camry SE offers extra cold-weather comfort with the addition of heated front seats as standard.

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Jul 28

Road Test: 2016 Kia Optima SXL

Road Test: 2016 Kia Optima SXL
Text & Images: Iain Shankland
Iain Shankland,

Warning: If you consider yourself an average driver – move on, nothing to see here… go read about the latest Buick. If you love cars. Love to drive them – then THIS is the car for you! Only REAL drivers should consider the 2016 Kia Optima… wannabes need not apply.

Many automakers go over-the-top when describing their new vehicles. Kia is no different when describing the All-new Optima:Performance comes in many forms. It’s the fun and exhilaration you feel when you use available paddle shifters for the first time.” But believe it or not – they weren’t just spewing hyperbole – it’s true!! The 2016 Optima IS fun and exhilarating to drive. You just want to go out and drive – anywhere, doesn’t matter, just drive. This car is “switched ON” all the time, until you hit the Econo button, then it becomes a regular average car. Hit the ‘Sport” setting and it dials everything up to ELEVEN… hold on and watch out for the cops!! Read the rest of this entry »

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