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Sep 29

Singapore-gate ‘Witness X’ identity revealed

Witness X was in fact Alan Permane, currently chief race engineer

The identity of the hitherto mysterious ‘Witness X’ has been revealed by a British newspaper, with the fourth member of Renault F1 privy to the ‘Singapore-gate’ conspiracy widely held to have provided the vital evidence that earned Flavio Briatore a lifetime ban from all FIA-sanctioned motorsport. Read the rest of this entry »


Sep 23

‘Witness X’ sealed ousted Briatore’s fate

Briatore was invited to crash-gate hearing – FIA

2009-01-19 - Devoilement de la Renault R29 1746A mystery Renault F1 employee, described by the World Motor Sport Council as ‘witness X’ and by the French team as ‘the whistle blower’, sealed the outcome of the crash-gate scandal. Read the rest of this entry »