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Oct 18

Durango admits NASCAR foray more likely than F1

“If we can do it in 2011, fine.  Otherwise we will go on working on it”

2010-08-29_0376Ivone Pinton - DurangoThe plans for a formula one team are reportedly still alive, but Villeneuve/Durango is now more likely to turn its attention to NASCAR. Read the rest of this entry »


Sep 30

Toro Rosso sale rumours increase

The Italian report said there are several potential buyers, including Villeneuve/Durango

Rumours that the Faenza based formula one team Toro Rosso is for sale are gathering pace. Last week, we reported speculation that Red Bull mogul Dietrich Mateschitz wants to sell his second F1 outfit. Read the rest of this entry »


Sep 25

Villeneuve likely to switch sights to NASCAR

Villeneuve also responded to the speculation on Friday

With one swift retort, Colin Kolles extinguished rumours that the Jacques Villeneuve/Durango venture might be rescued by struggling F1 team HRT. After the alliance missed out on the 13th team entry for 2011, 1997 world champion Villeneuve said another potential route onto next year’s grid was to buy an existing outfit. Read the rest of this entry »


Sep 20

FIA team selection process ‘too slow’ for Stefan GP

“Too late to go in and design a car for next year”. – Stefanovic

Stefan GPStefan GP pulled out of the running for the 13th team entry for 2011 because the FIA’s selection process was too slow. That is the view of Zoran Stefanovic, who after missing out on a place on this year’s grid vowed to try again for the 2011 season. Read the rest of this entry »


Sep 08

FIA still to decide on 13th team spot – Villeneuve

“Their analytical work is ongoing — that’s all we know” – Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve is not confirming reports that the FIA intends to leave the 13th team spot vacant for the 2011 season. The 1997 world champion, in collaboration with Italian racing team Durango, is in the running along with Spain’s Epsilon Euskadi for the last place on next year’s grid. Read the rest of this entry »


Sep 07

FIA to leave 13th team spot vacant in 2011

More details emerge about F1’s new shape for 2013

Flagworld - FIAAccording to emerging rumours, the FIA has decided to leave the 13th team position vacant for the 2011 season. It is believed that Epsilon Euskadi, and the Villeneuve/Durango alliance, were the only two contenders to make their grand prix debuts next year. Read the rest of this entry »


Aug 12

Villeneuve back in Europe as FIA considers 13th team

“I’m really proud of our bid” – Villeneuve

2010-07-11-0085After a stint working on his NASCAR plans, Jacques Villeneuve has returned this week to the other side of the Atlantic to focus on setting up his own F1 team. While also trying to land a full-time seat in America’s premier series, the 1997 world champion is collaborating with the Italian former GP2 outfit Durango in a bid to fill the 13th and final place on the 2011 formula one grid. Read the rest of this entry »


Aug 11

Epsilon Euskadi eager for FIA’s 13th team decision

FIA’s decision about the 13th team entry is due late this month.

Epsilon EuskadiJoan Villadelprat is eager for the FIA to make its decision about the identity of F1’s thirteenth team for 2011. The formula one veteran, who has worked at Tyrrell, McLaren, Ferrari, Benetton and Prost, is now pushing to bring his own Le Mans prototype and junior single seaters team Epsilon Euskadi onto the grid. Read the rest of this entry »


Aug 10

FIA wants no more USF1 ‘fiascos’ – Villeneuve

He said his plans for Villeneuve/Durango have been in motion for a year.

2010-08-06-0007Jacques Villeneuve has admitted that his efforts to establish a new formula one team in 2011 may be shot down by the FIA. The 1997 world champion is collaborating with the Italian former GP2 team Durango for the final and 13th entry next year, reportedly in competition with fellow hopefuls Epsilon Euskadi and Stefan GP. Read the rest of this entry »


Aug 05

Epsilon Euskadi begins testing F1 car in wind tunnel

Rinland said Epsilon Euskadi has not even begun to think about a driver lineup.

Epsilon EuskadiHopeful Spanish outfit Epsilon Euskadi has begun wind tunnel testing a scale model of its 2011 formula one car. The Azkoitia based team, involved in single seater categories as well as Le Mans with a prototype car, has applied to fill the 13th F1 team entry for next year. Read the rest of this entry »


Aug 04

FIA to meet with hopeful 13th teams next week

F1’s governing body is pushing ahead with the selection process to fill the final spot on the 2011 grid.

2010-08-01 - Red Bull Racing 3Amid reports the FIA might prefer to keep the space open for now, F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has made it clear he would even be happy if one or two of this season’s new teams do not survive beyond 2010. Read the rest of this entry »


Jul 28

F1 could lose up to two teams – Ecclestone

“The bottom line is they haven’t really and truly given us value for being there”

2010-06-12_0629“One or two” of F1’s existing twelve teams might bow out of formula one before November’s Abu Dhabi finale, Bernie Ecclestone has warned. “I think there are a couple of teams in formula one who really shouldn’t be there.  They are a bit out of their depth at the moment,” he said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. Read the rest of this entry »


Jul 20

Colonel Gaddafi’s son linked with Villeneuve/Durango

13th team place may not be filled in 2011

Eric Huot BelangerOne of Jacques Villeneuve’s potential team investors is reportedly the son of the Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi. 37-year-old Al-Saadi al-Gaddafi, known as a businessman and professional football player, is backing Villeneuve and Italian racing team Durango’s bid for the 13th place on the 2011 grid, according to Italiaracing. Read the rest of this entry »