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Mar 20

“Let’s get rid of Bernie’s history”

“I can’t do anything. Even the staff have been told they shouldn’t talk to me”

“Let’s get rid of Bernie’s history”Bernie Ecclestone says Liberty Media is trying to end his era of Formula 1 reign as quickly as possible but the former chief confirms he won’t completely be out of the picture this year. Read the rest of this entry »


May 25

McLaren set to offer Hamilton $150m – reports

McLaren is offering Lewis Hamilton a lucrative new contract for 2013 and beyond, British newspapers are reporting from Monaco.

2012-05-12 - Spanish Grand Prix b 03222012-05-12 - Spanish Grand Prix b 0714The stories – in all the major dailies including the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Express, the Star, the Sun, the Mirror and the Times – consistently contradicted an earlier rumour that Hamilton might need to take a pay-cut if he wants to stay with the British team beyond this year. The Guardian said McLaren has in fact put a five-year, $150 million contract on the table, which combined with bonuses might mean Hamilton overtakes Fernando Alonso as F1’s highest paid driver. Read the rest of this entry »