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Apr 14

Lotus now considering ‘super-dooper-DRS’

Lotus backs Sauber over budget cap proposal

2012-03-24 - Lotus F1 Team - Malaysian Grand Prix - Kimi Raikkonen 022012-03-17 - Australian Grand Prix 2012 Saturday #5 073The real motive for Lotus’ protest against the Mercedes ‘double-DRS’ may be emerging. A rumour in the Shanghai paddock is that the former Renault team, despite apparently pushing the FIA to ban the concept, could be planning an even more radical version of the aerodynamic-stalling idea. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 25

Now Ferrari joins ‘anti W-duct’ war

Costa says Ferrari lacked ‘style’ over sacking

2012-03-24 - Scuderia Ferrari - Malaysian Grand Prix - Fernando Alonso 02

2012-03-24 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Malaysian Grand Prix - 02A third major team has joined the crusade against Mercedes’ so-nicknamed ‘W-duct’ innovation. Until now, only Red Bull and Lotus were pushing hard for the FIA to ban the drag-reducing system that Britain’s Sky television is calling ‘Super-dooper DRS’. Read the rest of this entry »