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Sep 02

Engineer claims some breached August shutdown pact

“The restrictions (of the shutdown) were very vague, and cheating very simple.”

Flagworld - F12011-05-07 - Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro - Turkey - Fernando Alonso 5An unnamed engineer has alleged that some teams broke the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ governing the factory shutdowns during F1’s recent August break. Read the rest of this entry »


Jan 13

Reporters scold foul-mannered Alonso

Ferrari to decide Massa’s future by mid-2012

Felipe Massa Ferrari suit 2012Fernando Alonso Ferrari suit 2012International reporters have scolded Fernando Alonso for his palpable bad mood during media activities at Ferrari’s pre-season event in the Italian Dolomites.

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May 09

Vettel crash provides front wing flex clue – report

Red Bull’s Easter KERS fix worked – drivers

2011-05-07 - Red Bull Racing - Turkey - Mark Webber 82011-05-07 - Red Bull Racing - Turkey - Sebastian Vettel 1According to one F1 correspondent, Sebastian Vettel’s slippery slide into the wall on Friday revealed a hidden secret of his dominant Red Bull car. The team’s rivals are yet to uncover the mystery of how the RB7 passes the ever-stricter flexibility tests whilst the front wing still so obviously bends towards the track. Read the rest of this entry »