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Nov 14

Perez and McLaren announce split

Martin Whitmarsh described Perez’s departing statement as “kind and gracious”.

2013-06-09_0551After accusing McLaren of lacking “organisation and humility” in 2013, Sergio Perez has announced he is leaving the British team. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 25

The Williams F1 Team is celebrating a landmark achievement this weekend at the British Grand Prix – reaching 600 races in Formula One.

Williams celebrates 600 races at the British Grand Prix

2013-06-09_1134Founded in 1977 by Frank Williams and Patrick Head, Williams has secured 297 podiums, 114 race wins and 16 World Championship titles over the past 36 years.

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Feb 22

Rosberg sure Mercedes can be race winner in 2013

Nico Rosberg thinks Mercedes’ 2013 car is a potential winner.

2013-02-04 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Jerez - Nico Rosberg (5)2013-02-04 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Jerez - Nico Rosberg (8)The German won last April’s Chinese grand prix, but thereafter the Brackley based team suffered a collapse in car development and fell badly off the pace. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 14

Rosberg says one F1 driver smokes cigarettes

According to Nico Rosberg, a current formula one driver smokes cigarettes.

2012-10-14 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Korea - Nico Rosberg 052012-11-03 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Abu Dhabi - Nico Rosberg 03The conversation of smoking come up when Rosberg was recalling the last time F1 visited Texas. The Mercedes driver’s father, the inimitable ‘Flying Finn’ Keke Rosberg, won that 1984 race in Dallas. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 18

Williams F1 host exclusive Partner Day at Silverstone

The Williams F1 Team hosted an action packed Partner Day at Silverstone yesterday as a way of paying tribute to its loyal stable of partners.

_79p5657_news_list09 - Williams F1The event was a chance for friends of Williams F1 to enjoy an exclusive day of access all areas activities and for team personnel to personally thank them for their continued support. It was hosted in Silverstone’s new Wing Complex overlooking the International Pits straight, with guests treated to a drive around the famous circuit in a Renault Sports car by the team’s drivers, a pit-stop challenge, and a full-size Formula One car simulator challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 11

Analysis – 2012 ‘lottery’ set to end now?

Seven so far, so why not eight?

2012-06-10_0761Flagworld - F1The world of formula one on Monday was contemplating the likelihood that a once-predictable sport has now become a race-by-race quest for all new and different winners.

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Feb 29

Rosberg admits father opposed to Ferrari move

Nico Rosberg has revealed that his famous father was adamant he should stick with Mercedes for the future.

2012-02-24 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Nico Rosberg 032012-02-24 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Nico Rosberg 00Last year, amid rumours Ferrari was considering dropping Felipe Massa, paddock banter said Rosberg was the main contender to be Fernando Alonso’s next teammate. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 22

Toro Rosso’s driver shakeup too late – Keke Rosberg

Jaime Alguersuari has told his fans he “will return” to formula one despite not having a seat on the 2012 grid.

discussion-01-2008-09-2808 - Scuderia Toro RossoAlong with Sebastien Buemi, who moved to Red Bull’s reserve role, Spaniard Alguersuari was dumped by the energy drink company’s rookie team Toro Rosso. A Barcelona native, the 21-year-old’s fans showed their support by displaying banners as the Circuit de Catalunya test began on Tuesday.

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Feb 21

2012 cars ‘not ugly’ insists Alan Jones

Amid all the ‘ugly’ talk, Alan Jones doesn’t mind the look of F1’s field of 2012.

2011-03-26 - Red Bull Racing - Australia - Sir Jack Brabham - Mark Webber - Alan Jones2011-10-09 - Pirelli - Japan - Paul Hembery 01With McLaren the notable exception, every team has incorporated an awkward ‘step’ into its nose design as the optimum solution to new FIA rules. Paul Hembery, Pirelli’s motor sport director, recently decried the look as “pig ugly”.

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Feb 21

Economic situation saved Massa’s seat – Keke Rosberg

Felipe Massa may have kept his seat at Ferrari for economic reasons.

2012-02-03 - Scuderia Ferrari - F2012 launch Felipe Massa - Fernando Alonso 3Felipe Massa Ferrari suit 2012That is the view of Keke Rosberg, the 1982 world champion and father of Mercedes race driver Nico. Keke’s Finnish countryman Mika Salo, a former Ferrari driver, told MTV3 last week he was “surprised” Brazilian Massa kept his seat for 2012 after two consecutively poor seasons.

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Feb 20

Keke Rosberg tips Caterham to step up in 2012

1982 world champion Keke Rosberg has tipped Caterham to take a “step forward” in 2012.

10 - Team Caterhamdiscussion-01-2008-09-28But the Finn, whose son is the Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg, also said Heikki Kovalainen’s team could face a speed-bump in the form of its scheduled factory move. “That will be a big distraction,” Rosberg, 63, told the MTV3 broadcaster.

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Feb 10

Jerez paddock impressed with 2012 Lotus car

After step noses and clever exhausts, the latest buzzword in the Jerez paddock is ‘Lotus’.

2012-02-07 - Lotus F1 Team - E20 - Jerez - Kimi Raikkonen 042012-02-05 - Lotus F1 Team - Romain Grosjean - Jerome DAmbrosio Kimi Raikkonen - Eric Boullier -  01The former Renault team is turning heads with its new black and gold E20 car, which has been consistently the quickest 2012 car throughout the opening test of the pre-season. “I am one of the happiest guys in the world right now,” said Romain Grosjean on Thursday after easily outpacing Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel.

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Feb 09

Hakkinen manager Coton to handle Hamilton now

Lewis Hamilton has a new day-to-day manager, British newspapers have revealed.

Hakkinenautographs24902011-10-29 - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - India - Lewis Hamilton 10As his on and off-track woes worsened last year, the 2008 world champion insisted he was happy with his management team headed by pop industry agent Simon Fuller.

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Jan 17

Long Williams stint ‘not ideal’ admits Rosberg

Nico Rosberg has admitted his four-year tenure at Williams was “not ideal”.

2011-10-14 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Korea - Nico Rosberg 022011-10-14 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Korea - Nico Rosberg 04At the age of 20, the German made his formula one debut with the famous British team in 2006, leaving only for Mercedes GP four full seasons later. This year, he will spend a third consecutive season as the great Michael Schumacher’s highly respected teammate, while still looking to add a single race victory to his tally of now more than 100 grand prix starts.

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Jan 04

Famous son Rosberg now own man in F1

Nico Rosberg, once chiefly described as the son of 1982 world champion Keke, insists he is now his own man.

2011-11-26 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Brazil - Nico Rosberg 04 2011-11-26 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Brazil - Nico Rosberg 03As a teenager, while he charged towards F1 as GP2 champion six years ago, Rosberg’s career was guided by his father, the tough ‘Flying Finn’ who once managed Mika Hakkinen.

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Nov 11

Rosberg happy to stay patient with Mercedes

Mercedes aims to give Nico Rosberg a winning car soon, but the German is also learning to be patient.

2011-10-14 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Korea - Nico Rosberg 022011-10-14 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Korea - Nico Rosberg 04Now with more than 100 grands prix behind him, the 26-year-old is yet to record a single race victory and he has now re-signed with Mercedes for at least the next two or three seasons.

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Aug 26

Rosberg – fonder F1 memories of Hakkinen over Schu

“Mika was actually in F1 earlier than Michael and I remember Mika better.”

2011-07-30 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Hungary - Nico Rosberg 032011-07-09 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Britain - Nico Rosberg 07With the F1 paddock focused on the 20th anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s grand prix debut, his current teammate Nico Rosberg has revealed he has different early memories of the sport.

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Jul 04

Williams Renault legendary partnership revived for 2012

Renault Sport F1 and Williams F1 are delighted to announce a long-term chassis-engine partnership.
Q&A with Adam Parr Chariman, Williams F1
Williams switches to Renault power for 2012

2011-07-04 - AT&T Williams -Renault Sport F1 (5)2011-07-04 - AT&T Williams -Renault Sport F1 (4)Renault Sport F1, the F1 division of Renault, will supply AT&T Williams with its championship-winning V8 power units for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. In addition to the supply of its Formula One engines, the newly-formed alliance includes several other exciting business and marketing opportunities, with a view to continuing after the introduction of the new, energy efficient, turbocharged V6 engines arrive in the sport in 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

May 24

Rosberg ‘on par with Vettel’ – Berger

Sebastian Vettel is a brilliant driver and his countryman Nico Rosberg is in the same league.

2011-05-20 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Spain - Nico Rosberg 082011-05-20 - Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team - Spain - Nico Rosberg 03That is the view of Gerhard Berger, who watched Vettel’s first grand prix win in 2008 as the team co-owner on the Toro Rosso pitwall. “He is a killer,” the great Austrian told Bild newspaper, “and his great advantage is he doesn’t look like it.  He looks like a nice young man from your neighbourhood.” Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 17

Kovalainen tips Red Bull to dominate in 2011

Heikki Kovalainen believes Red Bull look set to continue their formula one dominance in 2011.

2011-02-13 - Team Lotus - Jerez - Heikki Kovalainen 062011-02-13 - Team Lotus - Jerez - Heikki Kovalainen 04cAlthough Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber did not set too many headline times at Valencia and Jerez, Team Lotus driver Kovalainen said the underlying speed of the new RB7 car was apparent. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 06

Cosworth is celebrating a memorable pole position with AT&T Williams

Following Nico Hülkenberg’s impressive pole-position in Brazil

2010-11-06 - AT&T Williams - Nico Hulkenberg 05

2010-11-06 - F1- Interlagos - Sao Paulo - BrazilThis result marks the first pole position performance for the 2.4 litre V8 Cosworth CA2010 engine since Cosworth’s return to Formula One this season after a three year absence as an engine supplier. Hülkenberg’s pole position was supported by a strong run to sixth position by team mate Rubens Barrichello. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 14

Rosberg thinks dominance not fully recognised

Praise from Jordan as Schumacher urges team unity

2010-09-26 - Mercedes GP - Nico Rosberg 032010-10-10 - Mercedes GP - Michael Schumacher 01Nico Rosberg does not think his dominance within the Mercedes team this year has been well enough recognised. Indeed, the focus of attention at the Brackley based squad in 2010 has been Michael Schumacher’s difficult return to the sport. Read the rest of this entry »

May 15

FIA sets maximum laptime for quali slow laps

Dark clouds above Monaco on Saturday

Flagworld - FIAThe FIA has told drivers to keep driving quickly when they are not on flying laps this weekend in Monaco. The news is reportedly a response to fears the 24-car field, including six very slow cars, will lead to traffic chaos in the initial 20-minute Q1 qualifying session. Read the rest of this entry »

May 14

Keke Rosberg insists no problem with Schumacher

Keke Rosberg has shied away from rekindling his earlier attack on Michael Schumacher.

2010-05-08 - Mercedes GP - Michael Schumacher 01At Monaco earlier this week, elements of the media stirred up the old controversy sparked by the seven time world champion parking his Ferrari at Rascasse to prevent Fernando Alonso from securing pole position. Read the rest of this entry »

May 03

Schu motivated as more rumours predict comeback collapse

Rosberg ‘close’ to maiden F1 win – Brawn

2010-03-14 - Mercedes GP - Nico Rosberg - Michael SchumacherSpeculation about Michael Schumacher’s mood continues to rise, but the seven time world champion insists he is “extremely motivated” ahead of the fifth race of his 2010 comeback. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 04

Rosberg insists Schumacher not faster

“Hard to say.” -Rosberg

2010-02-13 - Mercedes GP - Nicolas Rosberg  11Nico Rosberg has refused to acknowledge that Michael Schumacher outpaced him throughout February’s winter tests.The 24-year-old German, who in his four seasons on the grid so far has recorded just two podiums, is this year teamed at Mercedes GP with Schumacher, the most successful formula one driver of all time.

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Mar 02

Two F1 champions to miss 2010 season opener

Two living world champions look set to be missing at next weekend’s F1 season opener in Bahrain.

1981_00hF1_1Last month, the race’s organisers announced that all twenty living title winners would attend as part of the sport’s 60th anniversary celebrations. If Jacques Villeneuve is driving for the hopeful Stefan GP, the 2010 grid will already be boasting five of the champions, including Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and 2009 winner Jenson Button. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 26

Schumacher bites back during media questioning

Members of the press tested Michael Schumacher’s patience on Monday.

2010-01-25 - MERCEDES GP PETRONAS TEAM - Michael Schumacher - Vitaly KlitschkoWearing silver overalls for the first time at the launch of Mercedes GP’s 2010 livery, one journalist risked the German’s ire by bringing up the infamous Rascasse controversy of 2006. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 05

Rosberg to drive on opening day of tests

Nico Rosberg is the latest F1 driver to confirm he will test on the opening day of the 2010 pre-season.

2009-11-16 - Nico Rosberg 01Most teams are expected to attend the group test at Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit, and it has emerged that major players including McLaren, Ferrari and Rosberg’s teammate Michael Schumacher will be among those in action. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 18

2010 Atlantic Championship series-sanctioned test

Set for Jan. 22-24 at Sebring

The first series-sanctioned on-track activity for the 2010 Cooper Tires Presents The Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda is set for Sebring International Raceway from January 22-24, series officials announced today. Read the rest of this entry »

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