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Apr 17

Vettel must race ‘Webber-spec’ exhaust in Bahrain

Sebastian Vettel’s 2012 struggle looks set to continue for now.

2012-04-14 - Red Bull Racing - Chinese Grand Prix - Mark Webber 990112012-04-13 - Red Bull Racing - Chinese Grand Prix - Sebastian Vettel 99012It has emerged that, despite the reigning back-to-back champion preferring the launch version of the RB8, Red Bull has decided that Vettel will drive the latest specification of the car’s exhaust layout in Bahrain this weekend. Read the rest of this entry »


Apr 05

Mercedes’ clever F-duct not easily copied – report

In the case of Sauber’s clever exhaust solution, Red Bull simply rolled out a copy in the days before the 2012 season.

2012-03-24 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Malaysian Grand Prix - Nico Rosberg 012012-03-24 - Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team - Malaysian Grand Prix - Michael Schumacher 02Writing in O Estado de S.Paulo, Brazilian correspondent Livio Oricchio said the Sauber philosophy makes ingenious use of something called the ‘Coanda effect’. Read the rest of this entry »


Mar 21

Mercedes suspects Red Bull using ‘illegal trick’ – report

Hot on the heels of the new F-duct controversy, Mercedes has turned the heat back onto Red Bull.

2012-03-17 - Australian Grand Prix 2012 Saturday #2 6312012-03-17 - Australian Grand Prix 2012 Saturday #5 093Amid complaints from rival teams including Red Bull about its innovative aerodynamic concept aboard the W03, Mercedes’ Ross Brawn admitted he sensed a diversionary tactic. Read the rest of this entry »


Mar 14

Cheating ‘peace’ may be short-lived – Lauda

The current peace in formula one may be short-lived.

Flagworld - F12010-05-16 - Red Bull Racing - Niki Lauda 02That is the view of Niki Lauda, referring to the relative quiet at present in terms of teams accusing their rivals of cheating. There have been rumblings about some teams’ interpretations of the new exhaust rules, while others led by Mercedes are reportedly experimenting with promising new F-duct solutions. Read the rest of this entry »


Nov 16

Pirelli says not to blame for Vettel tyre failure

As speculation swirls following Sebastian Vettel’s race-ending tyre problem in Abu Dhabi, supplier Pirelli ruled itself out as the cause.

2011-11-13 - Pirelli - Abu Dhabi 072011-11-13 - Pirelli - Abu Dhabi 11The Red Bull driver’s rear tyre suffered a sudden loss of air on the second corner of the opening lap, and the flailing rubber on the way back to the pits caused too much damage for him to return to the race.

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Jul 10

Red Bull chiefs threatened walkout over exhaust saga

For now, Red Bull has accepted the current situation ahead of more talks on Sunday morning

2011-07-09 - Red Bull Racing - Britain - Christian Horner - Martin Whitmarsh_resize2011-07-09 - Red Bull Racing - Britain - Mark Webber 5_resizeRed Bull chiefs threatened to boycott the British grand prix over the blown exhaust scandal, according to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. When it emerged that the team’s 50 per cent throttle concession was withdrawn before qualifying at Silverstone, Christian Horner was reportedly furious as he hopped between emergency meetings with FIA president Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone.

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Jul 09

DRS breach leads to rules clarification

Exhaust saga continues to blow at Silverstone

2011-06-11_11322011-06-11_1168cA vague regulation was cleared up at Silverstone after Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber were summoned by the stewards. The pair were seen using their ‘DRS’ adjustable rear wings during rainy Friday practice, even though the innovation cannot be used on a wet track.

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Jun 30

Clampdown to cost Red Bull five tenths – Horner

“How this affects us compared to the others, we will only see at Silverstone.”

2011-06-10_01562011-06-11_1138Red Bull could lose up to five tenths of a second per lap when the exhaust blowing clampdown takes effect at Silverstone next weekend. But team boss Christian Horner has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons by saying on Austrian television Servus TV that, until now, the RB7 has only been benefitting from “cold blowing”, not the “hot” concept that is so effective when the drivers are off the throttle under braking and in corners. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 22

Red Bull preparing for blown exhaust ban – Marko

“Cars should be raced exactly as they qualified” – Charlie Whiting

2011-06-12_05452011-06-12_0544Red Bull’s preparations for the FIA clampdown on so-called ‘hot’ exhaust diffuser blowing are well advanced, Dr Helmut Marko has warned. Marko said on Austrian television Servus TV that he regards the clampdown as a move against Sebastian Vettel’s dominance, after Red Bull pioneered and perfected the technology for its RB7 car. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 12

Teams angry as FIA pushes ahead with exhaust ban

Charlie Whiting confirmed in Montreal that there will be limits on the innovations

2011-06-11_11512011-06-11_1168eRed Bull and Renault are angry after it emerged in Canada the FIA is pressing ahead with its clampdown on off-throttle exhaust blowing. It had earlier been reported that the governing body might be wavering due to some teams weakening their opposition to the technology, and engine manufacturers revealing they are worried the ban will affect reliability. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 07

Exhaust blow ban to cost Red Bull dearly – report

Dominant team Red Bull stands to lose a chunk of laptime if diffuser exhaust blowing is banned after Sunday’s Canadian grand prix.

2011-05-22 - Red Bull Racing - Spain - Lewis Hamilton - Sebastian Vettel2011-05-27 - Red Bull Racing - Monaco - Mark Webber 9The team’s engine supplier Renault argued for a delay of the ban until after Montreal on the grounds that, because of the basic architecture of the engine, it is a reliability issue. Read the rest of this entry »


May 21

Exhaust saga could become F1 protest scandal

Charlie Whiting admitted to reporters that the technology is in effect already illegal

2011-05-20 - AT&T Williams - Spain - Pastor Maldonado 022011-05-20 - Lotus Renault GP - Spain - Nick Heidfeld 03F1 threatened to burst into a new controversy on Saturday as the FIA moves against blown exhaust diffusers. The governing body intends to clamp down on the off-throttle blowing of exhausts within the next few races. But Charlie Whiting, the FIA technical delegate, admitted to reporters late on Friday that the technology is in effect already illegal, due to the wording of the regulations about driver-assisted aerodynamic aids. Read the rest of this entry »


May 07

New exhaust causes problems for Virgin’s Glock

Timo Glock has revealed that some of Virgin’s much-needed car upgrade has not worked as expected.

2011-04-16 - Marussia Virgin Racing - Timo Glock 032011-04-16 - Marussia Virgin Racing - Timo Glock 07At the wheel of the MVR-02 not featuring the bulk of the upgrade, teammate Jerome d’Ambrosio has been quicker all weekend in Turkey than the new car steered by German Glock. Read the rest of this entry »


Jul 07

Secret of Red Bull’s qualifying speed revealed?

This would increase downforce at slow speeds

2010-06-27 - Red Bull Racing - SEbastian Vettel 10A secret of Red Bull’s superior pace in the decisive Q3 phase of qualifying may have been revealed. Autosprint’s auto.it website reports that the team has a special electronic setting for the Renault engine that maintains a constant exhaust gas pressure. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 30

Mercedes must not give up on 2010 car – Rosberg

“We still have many opportunities for development”

2010-06-27 - Mercedes GP - Nico Rosberg 02Nico Rosberg is adamant the time is not right for Mercedes to give up on the 2010 world championship. The Brackley based team raced a major car upgrade in Valencia last weekend, including a Red Bull-style ‘blown rear diffuser’ and exhaust layout. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 23

McLaren confirms new exhaust to debut in Britain

McLaren confirmed reports a Red Bull-style exhaust layout will debut on the MP4-25 at Silverstone.

2010-06-13 - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton 05Several teams are embarking upon a similar approach, with designers working to install low-mounted exhausts that allow air to flow more efficiently into the double diffuser. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 22

Ferrari confirms McLaren’s Pat Fry joining team

Ferrari confirms new exhaust layout for 2010 car

2010-06-11-0470Ferrari on Tuesday confirmed reports that Pat Fry is joining the famous Italian team. It emerged at the weekend that the 46-year-old Briton, who until recently was heading McLaren’s 2011 car project as long-time joint chief engineer, was linked with a move to the Maranello based squad. Read the rest of this entry »


Jan 30

Ferrari modify illegal exhaust design

Controversial design complied with the original 2009 regulations

Ferrari has now modified the rear exhaust outlets of its new F60 single seater, after rivals expressed concern about the launch design’s legality.

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