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Jan 15

Dakar: Final victory for Coma and Al Attiyah

A triple victory to the Volkswagen Race Touareg

Nasser Al-Attiyah  20101030Nasser Al-Attiyah 2011-01-04On this last special stage of the Personal Dakar Argentina Chile, Marc Coma reached his third Dakar victory by keeping Cyril Despres under control. The easy route turned into a nightmare for “Chaleco” who lost a third place on the podium and in the standings to Helder Rodrigues due to mechanical breakdowns. In the car category, Nasser Al Attiyah gets his very first final victory in a Dakar way ahead of Giniel De Villiers. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 14

Carlos Sainz had to bounce back after his disappointments yesterday

Chagin intouchable

Vladimir Chagin 2010-01-14Dakar 2011 logoPride of place went to the trucks today, as they opened proceedings for the 12th day of the Personal Argentina Chile Dakar 2011. Like the day before, Chagin won to close in on his 7th title on the Dakar. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 13

Damaged limited for Coma

Unlimited damage for Carlos Sainz

Cyril Despres 2007 Dakar WinnerDakar 2011 logoThe 11th special of the Personal Argentina-Chile Dakar 2011, 370 km long and divided into two parts, smiled on Cyril Despres. The Frenchman’s objective was to regain ground on the bike category leader Marc Coma. With 2’12 lost by the Catalan to the Frenchman, in the end, the day could have been worse for Coma. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 12

Stage 10: Advantage Coma and Al Attiyah

The return to Argentine territory of the Personal Dakar  2011 turned out to be very complicated for the challengers

Dakar 2011 logoNasser Al Attiyah BMWDespite setting off behind Cyril Despres, his main rival for the bike title, Marc Coma took advantage of a major mistake by the Frenchman to put one hand on the trophy.On completion of the 10th stage, the Catalan now has a lead of 19′ over Despres as well as a third special stage victory. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 09

Dakar: A shortened 273 km special stage

Carlos Sainz now 21 minutes ahead of Peterhansel

Dakar 2011 logoFrancisco Lopez  Dakar 2011Chilean rider Francisco Lopez managed – with his Aprilia bike – to achieve best time for the first time this year, which brings him slightly closer to Coma and Despres. It is the third consecutive stage that escapes the two KTM riders… Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 07

Dakar: Carlos Sainz breaks away

On four wheels, Stephane Peterhansel’s momentum was halted by a series of punctures

Carlos Sainz 2011-01-05(2)Dakar 2011 logoHe now trails Carlos Sainz by almost 15 minutes in the general standings. A minor revolution shook the truck race with a victory for Ales Loprais, bringing to a close a series of 24 consecutive stage victories by the Kamaz team. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 16

Dakar: The 32nd edition is over

Grand slam for the Despres team and consecration for Sainz

Cyril Despres wins his third Dakar in Buenos Aires after a last stage won by his support rider Ruben Faria. In the car category, Carlos Sainz gets his first Dakar victory after resisting the ultimate attack by Al Attiyah, who wins the last stage for just 36’’. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 15

Dakar: Ullevalsteter nails one

Al-Attiyah is not letting go

Norwegian rider Pal-Anders Ullevalseter wins the Santa Rosa stage; it is his first Dakar stage victory in any Dakar. He also gets to second place in the general standings. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 14

Sticky: Dakar: Third special stage victory on the Dakar 2010 for Francisco Lopez

The countdown has started

With a third special stage victory on the Dakar 2010, Francisco Lopez has stolen a march in his combat with Pal-Anders Ullevalseter for 2nd place in the general standings, which are still dominated by Cyril Despres. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 13

BMW day on the Dakar

Plus summaries  of stage 11 by class

The Dakar bid Chile farewell after 7 special stages and said hello again to Argentina for a tough home straight leading to Buenos Aires. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 12

Dakar : Stage 10 – Just like at home for Coma

First 2010 stage victory for Carlo Sainz

Way behind in the general standings, Marc Coma used the last special stage in Chile, measuring 238 km, to add a line to his roll of honour in the form of a 3rd victory on the Dakar 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 08

Dakar: Despres is the boss

Before the day of rest that the Dakar will be spending in Antofagasta on the coast of the Pacific Ocean

Cyril Despres

Cyril Despres

Cyril Despres wins a stage in which Marc Coma has returned to being his fiercest contender in the overall standings. Some stages can represent – alone – several episodes of a race.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 07

Dakar: The film of stage number six

Coma still on a mission;”Peter” for glory

The many navigation mistakes of his contenders allowed Marc Coma to finish with the best time of the day in the bike category and to move up four places in the overall standings.  Moreover Italian rider Luca Manca, who was ranking ninth this morning in the overall standings, had to be evacuated from the track after a very serious fall in the early hours of the stage.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 05

Dakar: Gordon stays ninth overall after third stage in Dakar

French driver Peterhansel wins Stage 3, takes overall lead

France’s Stephane Peterhansel moved into the overall lead in the Dakar Rally after the BMW driver won the third stage in the car category on Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 04

Dakar: Despres steals the limelight, “Peter” raises the stakes (+result)

The third stage, marked by mechanical problems for Coma and Frétigné

As well as the withdrawal of Viladoms, was won by Cyril Despres, new leader in the general standings. He now boasts a lead of 10’03’’ over David Casteu. In the car category, Stéphane Peterhansel picked up his 52nd special stage victory on the Dakar and his 19th on four wheels. In the truck race, Vladimir Chagin won his third consecutive stage, picking up the 50th triumph of his career. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 01

Dakar: On your mark, set…GO (+map)

A total of 151 bikes, 25 quads, 134 cars and 52 trucks will be at the start

The technical and administrative scrutineering was completed by the end of the afternoon yesterday  for the drivers, riders and teams in the Dakar. Before hitting the trail, the contenders now have some time to enjoy their New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires before mingling with the crowds on the occasion of the start podium ceremony that will be held this afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 30

Dakar: It all starts at La Rural

The 32nd edition of the Dakar is already a reality for the first competitors

Mainly North and South Americans, who underwent scrutineering. After these three days of gathering and formalities the riders and crews will get to grips with the first stage on New Year’s Day. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 17

Sticky: Dakar 2009 is over! (+results)

Coma wins like a conqueror, De Villiers finishes with panache

Those used to the Dakar in Africa might still have in mind the last special stage ’just for the fun of it’ on the banks of Lake Rose which was not more than 100km long. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 17

Dakar: Cordoba to Buenos Aires for final leg of Dakar 2009

The adventure began on La Pampa

After having explored two veritable nation-continents, the competitors will find a more familiar type of landscape. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 16

Dakar: Summary of stage 13

First stage victory for Nani Roma for Mitsubishi

Pending validation by the race stewarts, Spaniard Nani Roma (Mitsubishi) has given the Japanese manufacturer its first stage victory on this 31st Dakar, which is also Nani’s first stage victory on four-wheels in a Dakar! Read the rest of this entry »

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