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Flagworld.com : World-class motorsports coverage, news, photos, videos and results.

Flagworld delivers “direct from the track” reporting that includes photos from motorsport events around the world, unique perspectives from a network of sources and a focus on Canadian racing teams.

Publishing on the Internet since 1995, Flagworld.com is a prime motorsport news source for racing fans in Canada and around the world. Flagworld’s team of dedicated racing writers, contributors and photographers delivers a wide variety of news and photo albums about Formula One, Indy Car, GP2 Series, endurance races, NASCAR, MotoGP, rallies and much more.





  • 20th year on the web








  • Partnership with Auto123: Every article and photo archived in the Racing section for that period where produced by Flagworld.


  • Flagworld expands it’s portfolio to over 50 websites.


  • Flagworld becomes a Federal Corporation. Flagworld manages Jacques Villeneuve, Patrick Carpentier and Bertrand Godin websites. The company’s mission is to promote Canadians elite racers and motorsport in general on the web.


  • After the introduction of a first website FirstContact, a tribute to Gilles Villeneuve, Michel Flageole comes to an agreement with the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum management to realize a multi-language official website to promote the Museum on the Web.



Michel Flageole, Flagworld president

During the seventies, Michel was a rally driver and regional champion of the discipline in Quebec . He was introduced to Formula One Racing when he became “Pit Exit Man” for the first edition of the Canadian Grand-Prix in Montreal in 1978 at the track now known as Le Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

During this first experience at Formula One, Michel had the opportunity to become close to a certain Gilles Villeneuve and witness his first victory in Formula One. He was hooked!

Son of a career journalist at a younger age, Flag was already very curious and interested in communication. When the opportunity arrived in 1995 with the World Wide Web taking shape, he jumped in the parade.This became a “world wide” opportunity he was not goingto miss!

It is in December of 1995, to honor his lost friend from Berthierville (Qubec) that he created his very first website (FirstContact.com) and later the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum official website that Flagworld.com continued to host and maintain until summer of 2007.

Today, Flag is still very active to maintain high quality content toward the continued success of Flagworld on the web..

Dany Flageole, Flagworld vice-president

At a very early age, word is that Dany Flageole was introduced to racers and the racing world.

The legend says that “Vroum-Vroum” were his very first words.

His father Michel, proud of his son, drags him along from race to race and introduces him to racers and the racing world. Over the years and as soon as he was of the legal age to work track side, Dany made his own place in pit lanes and tracks as a race flagger and photographer.

Nowadays, he attends racing events as the Canadian Grand Prix, The Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres, Challenge sur glace Continental and much more. He is now a member of the officials at the Start-Finish group in racing events when he is not in pit lane or trackside with his photographic equipment shooting for Flagworld.

As an active partner in Flagworld Communications Inc. this is the perfect opportunity to go full throttle on his passions: Computer science, Auto and Bike Racing and Photography.

Jacqueline Guérin, secretary-treasurer