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Jul 16

Claire Williams insists the Grove based team is “committed” to Pastor Maldonado.

Williams ‘committed’ to Maldonado amid turmoil 

2013-06-09_1134Amid the British team’s performance struggle in 2013, it has been rumoured Maldonado could take his PDVSA sponsor millions to Lotus at the end of the season. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 17

New Williams ‘undriveable’ – Maldonado

It has been a nightmare start to Williams’ 2013 season.

2013-02-10 - Williams F1 - Jerez - Pastor Maldonado 022012-11-04 - Williams F1 - Abu Dhabi - Pastor Maldonado 03The deaths of Hugo Chavez and Ginny Williams were big commercial and personal blows for the famous British team, and now its new car has been denounced by Pastor Maldonado. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 15

Maldonado no longer certain Venezuela backing will flow

Pastor Maldonado has admitted he cannot be certain his F1 career will continue long after the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

2013-03-03 - Williams F1 - Barcelona - Pastor Maldonado 012012-09-02 - Williams F1 - Belgium - Pastor Maldonado 0Sponsoring Williams via the state-controlled PDVSA oil company, Chavez died of cancer last week and Maldonado rushed back to his native country before Australia for his funeral. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 08

Maldonado can survive without Chavez – Brundle

Pastor Maldonado can probably survive in formula one even without Hugo Chavez.

2013-02-10 - Williams F1 - Jerez - Pastor Maldonado 012012-11-15_0026That is the view of former F1 driver turned respected British television commentator Martin Brundle, whilst musing the consequences of the death of the late Venezuelan president. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 06

PDVSA deal ‘to continue’ after Chavez death – Williams

Williams on Wednesday played down fears the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez could hurt the British team.

PDVSA2013-02-10 - Williams F1 - Jerez - Pastor Maldonado 02Through 2012 Barcelona winner Pastor Maldonado, Oxfordshire based Williams is heavily sponsored by PDVSA, the state-controlled Venezuelan oil company. The deal has always been closely associated with Chavez, the controversial Venezuelan president who was personally involved in the promotion of Maldonado’s career. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 06

Maldonado’s future clouded after death of Hugo Chavez

State-sponsored F1 driver Pastor Maldonado’s future appears clouded, following the death of controversial Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

2013-02-19 - Williams F1 Team - Pastor Maldonado helmet (r)2013-03-03 - Williams F1 - Barcelona - Pastor Maldonado 01Backed by the state-controlled oil company PDVSA, the Williams driver expressed relief late last year when the socialist incumbent was re-elected for a new six year term. “Long live democracy!” Maldonado, who was a personal friend of the late Chavez, had exclaimed on Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 07

Maldonado prays for Chavez recovery, inauguration

State-sponsored F1 driver Pastor Maldonado on Sunday publicly prayed for the recovery of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

2012-11-15_00262012-11-04 - Williams F1 - Abu Dhabi - Pastor Maldonado 02Backed by the state-controlled oil company PDVSA, 27-year-old Maldonado expressed relief late last year when socialist incumbent Chavez was re-elected. “Long live democracy!” the Williams driver had exclaimed on Twitter. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 27

Maldonado marries in Venezuela

Williams driver Pastor Maldonado last Saturday married journalist Gabriele Tarkanyi in Canaima, Venezuela.

2012-06-09_02252012-11-15_0026International media reports said the event was attended only by the couple’s closest family and friends. Maria Gabriela Chavez, the daughter of Hugo Chavez, was slated to attend, but she is reportedly at her father’s side as the Venezuelan president recovers in Cuba from cancer surgery. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 11

Maldonado hopes to keep Williams seat

Pastor Maldonado has revealed he wants to stay at Williams in 2013.

2012-06-07_00072012-05-13 - Spanish Grand Prix 5 a736With his PDVSA backing and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez freshly re-elected, the Barcelona winner’s place at the great British team was considered firmly secure. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 10

Maldonado admits ‘chance’ of Williams switch

Pastor Maldonado has admitted there is “a chance” he will switch teams ahead of the 2013 season.

2012-07-21 - Williams F1 - Germany - Pastor Maldonado2012-06-09_0225Days ago, before Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was re-elected by his countrymen, the lucratively PDVSA-backed Maldonado answered “we’ll see” when asked if he will still be a Williams driver next season. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 08

Relief for Maldonado as supporter Chavez re-elected

F1 insiders had a keen eye on Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday.

2012-06-09_02252011-06-26 - AT&T Williams - Spain - Pastor Maldonado - 01The sport’s main focus was, of course, in Japan, where Pastor Maldonado was racing his PDVSA-branded Williams around Suzuka. Read the rest of this entry »

May 17

Maldonado a future champ, not ‘pay driver’ – Williams

Last Sunday proved that Pastor Maldonado is no mere ‘pay driver’.

2012-05-13 - Spanish Grand Prix 5 a7362012-05-13 - Spanish Grand Prix 5 a716“If he was a fool, he would not be with us, no matter how much money he brings,” Sir Frank Williams is quoted by Brazil’s Globo Esporte. Venezuelan Maldonado, whose links to the state owned oil company PDVSA and president Hugo Chavez controversially deliver many millions to Williams’ Oxfordshire based team, became F1′s fifth different winner of 2012 last weekend in Spain. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 16

Invoice shows Williams’ PDVSA deal worth $46m

Maldonado is backed directly by PDVSA, and is famously close to Venezuela’s controversial president Hugo Chavez.

PDVSA2012-02-07 - Williams F1 - FW34 launch 03A leaked invoice suggests PDVSA, the state owned Venezuelan oil company, is paying a staggering US$46 million for its sponsorship of the Williams team in 2012. Despite its authenticity having not been confirmed, the invoice from Williams – includes the Oxfordshire based team’s correct Barclays bank account – requests the full amount in pounds sterling.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 19

Maldonado trusts Williams to make ‘much better’ car

Pastor Maldonado trusts he will enjoy a better car for his second season in formula one.

2011-07-30 - AT&T Williams - Hungary - Pastor Maldonado 012011-10-14 - AT&T Williams - Korea - Pastor Maldonado 02The 2010 GP2 champion, whose sponsors now pay handsomely for his F1 race seat, made his debut alongside Rubens Barrichello and scored one of Williams’ five points last year.

Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 12

Maldonado set for second F1 season with Williams

“I am sure Pastor will be in one car” – Sir Frank Williams

2011-10-29 - AT&T Williams - India - Pastor Maldonado 032011-08-28 - AT&T Williams - Belgium - Pastor Maldonado 02Amid all the speculation about the identity of his 2012 teammate, it seems clear that Pastor Maldonado can relax about keeping his race seat at Williams.

Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 17

Williams confirms PDVSA sponsor deal

Williams has finally confirmed the new sponsorship deal with state-owned Venezuelan oil company PDVSA.

2010-12-02 - Williams - Pastor MaldonadoPDVSAActually, the country’s president Hugo Chavez announced the backing of the British team more than a month ago, because the new GP2 champion needed “a lot of money” to enter formula one. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 05

GP2 champ Maldonado lost Sauber seat battle to Perez

“Peter Sauber does not like inexperienced drivers who commit many mistakes.”

Pastor Maldonado, the new GP2 champion, had hoped to secure the Sauber race seat alongside Kamui Kobayashi for 2011. The 25-year-old is managed by Nicolas Todt and backed by Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA and even the South American country’s president Hugo Chavez. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 25

Venezuela backing Maldonado for F1 race seat

Maldonado backed by Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA.

GP2 championship leader Pastor Maldonado claims Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez wants him to debut in formula one. The well-sponsored 25-year-old has been linked with F1 seats several times, including when he was close to inking a deal with the hopeful Serbian outfit Stefan GP. Read the rest of this entry »

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