Jan 31

Mansell: McLaren’s struggles show ‘something wrong’ with F1

“We’ve got a backlog of drivers wanting to come into F1, we need more manufacturers, at least 26 cars”

1981_12NigelMansellLotus-Cosworth11992 world champion Nigel Mansell believes there is “something wrong” with Formula 1 when teams such as McLaren are unable to be competitive, calling on Liberty Media to make the series more evenly-matched and balanced.

Liberty is known to be reviewing the imbalance in the performance of teams in F1 following Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull’s domination through 2017, with ideas such as a cost cap and a redistribution of prize money under consideration.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Mansell stressed the need for more manufacturers to be added to the F1 grid, but feared it may prove difficult if the likes of McLaren and Honda – who finished last year’s constructors’ championship ninth in the last year of their partnership – could not be competitive.

“We’ve got a backlog of great drivers wanting to come into Formula 1 and we need more manufacturers with at least 26 cars on the grid,” Mansell said.

“Hopefully Liberty are going to get some new regulations that everyone will embrace and there will be a more level playing field where people can be competitive.

“There is something wrong with any sport when you have, as a good or bad example, an incredible team like McLaren who have won so many world championships and an incredible manufacturer of engines like Honda, they couldn’t get it together.

“It shouldn’t be that difficult.”

McLaren and Honda cut ties at the end of the 2017 season following three difficult years together, opting to link up with Renault and Toro Rosso respectively for the new season.

source: crash.net