Dec 29

The WTCC champions of 2017

Here’s a quick reminder

The WTCC champions of 2017Thed Björk, Polestar Cyan Racing, Tom Chilton and Sébastien Loeb Racing were the big winners as the curtain came down on the FIA World Touring Car Championship in 2017. 

Thed Björk
What he did?
 Won the FIA World Touring Car Championship for Drivers with two wins, one pole and three fastest laps.

What he said? “To become the first ever Swedish racing world champion is something I have dreamt about since I started racing. This is by far the greatest moment of my racing career and a massive thank you to everyone in the team, they are as much world champions as I am.”

Polestar Cyan Racing
What it did?
 Beat Honda to the FIA World Touring Car Championship for Manufacturers thanks to victories by Björk, Nicky Catsburg and Néstor Girolami plus seven top scores in the Manufacturers Against the Clock team time trial.

What it said? Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Head of Motorsport at Polestar. “We entered the championship last year with a five-year plan to become world champions. We did it in just two years. We have exceeded all of our expectations and goals this season. Thed Björk has done an awesome job and is a worthy champion. The team has put down thousands and thousands of hours together to claim the world title, I can’t thank them enough. This is the proudest moment in the history of our team and I am so proud to be able to say that we are the world champions.”

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source:  fiawtcc.com