Nov 22

Dakar: A shared passion for adventure…

Who can’t see the connection between Nasser Al Attiyah and the Marreau brothers?

File:Dakar Rally.jpgbetween Toby Price and Gaston Rahier; Ari Vatanen and Kevin Benavides; Stéphane Peterhansel and Albert de Monaco; Robby Gordon and Johnny Halliday?

We could go on adding names to the list if we pored through the archives of the Dakar rally, and indeed, we again took exquisite pleasure in reliving some of the tales of the past as a prelude to this 40th edition.

The photos, facial expressions, rankings and written accounts that bear witness to the story of the Dakar rally all point to one constant truth: the men and women who decide to be part of this unique experience, regardless of their background, all share the same vision of adventure. The Dakar is about pushing yourself to the limits, the same passion shines through in the eyes of all those who embark on this voyage of discovery, and the magical appeal of the victory podium—whether it stands on the banks of Lake Retba or at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Valparaiso—sparked the same dreams of glory for drivers in the 1980s as for their 21st century counterparts.

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