Nov 17

Formula V8 3.5: World Series Formula V8 3.5 switches-off the lights for 2018

This huge success has been achieved thanks to the emotional spirit of a single concept: “the power of dreams”.

WORLD SERIES FORMULA V8 3.5 SWITCHES-OFF THE LIGHTS FOR 2018The continuous and alarming drop in the number of driver entries in the main European single-seater series has forced World Series Formula V8 3.5 to withdraw from the 2018 season racing calendar.

However, and according to the figures achieved so far, we at RPM-MKTG are very proud of being the promoters of the most successful single-seater series in the last 20 years.

Starting with the brand-new Formula Nissan in 1998, our commitment and goals went much bigger as Formula Renault 3.5 Series was created in 2005. As a result, 25 drivers have reached the pinnacle of motorsport -that is, Formula One- in this era. Stars such as Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo are some of them.

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source: worldseriesv8.com