Nov 10

Jack Aitken: “Second is the difference between winning and losing”

The title contender discusses his season in the big interview

When you talk to Jack Aitken you’re never entirely sure which version you’re going to get: the cheeky chappie Jack or the competitive, driven Aitken.

Self-described as an Anglo-Korean racing driver from London, the ART driver thrives on combining two disparate components into one stronger unit and, if you hang around for long enough, the various sides of him will make an appearance in any given conversation, to the benefit of all.

Open a conversation with Aitken as we did, in Jerez on the Thursday before the penultimate round of the season and with the championship battle still open, with admission that it’s hard to know where to start on a feature that won’t appear until after the weekend’s racing is complete, and he jumped in immediately with “well I’ll have poled it and won both races, obviously!” before breaking into his usual easy laugh.

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source:  GP3Series.com