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Formula One teams Brazilian Grand Prix free practice report

Brazilian Grand Prix Formula One free practice report

150x80-flagworldf1Today’s report from Formula One teams & drivers at Interlagos.


Formula One teams Brazilian Grand Prix free practice results

1 Hamilton Mercedes 1:09.515 138.661 mph
2 Bottas Mercedes 1:09.563 0.048
3 Ricciardo Red Bull 1:09.743 0.228
4 Vettel Ferrari 1:09.875 0.360
5 Verstappen Red Bull 1:09.886 0.371
6 Raikkonen Ferrari 1:10.117 0.602
7 Ocon Force India 1:10.306 0.791
8 Massa Williams 1:10.373 0.858
9 Hulkenberg Renault 1:10.396 0.881
10 Alonso McLaren 1:10.655 1.140
11 Sainz Renault 1:10.685 1.170
12 Perez Force India 1:10.695 1.180
13 Vandoorne McLaren 1:10.902 1.387
14 Stroll Williams 1:11.064 1.549
15 Grosjean Haas 1:11.300 1.785
16 Gasly Toro Rosso 1:11.422 1.907
17 Hartley Toro Rosso 1:11.821 2.306
18 Wehrlein Sauber 1:11.857 2.342
19 Ericsson Sauber 1:11.989 2.474
20 Magnussen Haas 1:12.417 2.902

01 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix – Friday

Silver Arrows top the time sheets in both practice session in São Paulo

  • Lewis finished the morning session in P1 with Valtteri in P2
  • The order remained the same in the afternoon session, with half a tenth between them
  • In FP1, Lewis ran the Medium (install), Soft and SuperSoft compound tyres, with Valtteri running Soft and SuperSoft
  • Both drivers then used the Soft and SuperSoft compound tyres in FP2
Driver Chassis No. P1 P2
Lewis Hamilton F1 W08 EQ Power+/05 36 Laps 1:09.202 P1 42 Laps 1:09.515 P1
Valtteri Bottas F1 W08 EQ Power+/03 43 Laps 1:09.329 P2 45 Laps 1:09.563 P2

Lewis Hamilton
It’s been a good day. It was pretty exciting to come to the track with the cars being so much faster this year. It’s physically more demanding than before which is great and it’s obviously quite warm out there today. We got through the long runs and the short runs; unfortunately, the tyres don’t really last very long, so you only get one or two laps on the short runs. Overall, we got through what we needed to do. We’re in a decent position but I think it could be quite close.

Valtteri Bottas
I think it was a positive day for us. Initially in Practice 1 we did some aero tests, looking at some things we can improve for next year. We now have some data to analyse from that. Otherwise, I think both the short runs and the long runs in both sessions looked positive for us as a team, so we have a good starting point for the weekend. Still, we were a little bit struggling to get the set-up right for each corner of the circuit. However, I was really enjoying this track and I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Andrew Shovlin
We had quite a big programme this morning looking at some development items for 2018. We had been putting off that work while we were still fighting for the championships, so it was very good to get that done. We have collected a lot of good data from those tests which will all feed into the development programme for the W09. The weather forecast looked like we might lose some running with the rain today but it was great that it stayed dry. It was really good to get some long run work done in the hot conditions both in FP1 and FP2 as it looks like we will have similar track conditions on Sunday. Overall, the cars are working well but it’s been tricky today in the windy conditions and both drivers struggled to put their lap together on the super-softs. There are a few areas that we need to work to improve the car but it’s been a solid start to the weekend and we’re looking forward to a good fight with the Red Bulls and Ferraris.

source: mercedesamgf1.com2017 photo album

01 - Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing

10 NOVEMBER 2017



  • First Practice Session: 1:09.828 Position: 5, Laps: 38
  • Second Practice Session: 1:09.743 Position: 3, Laps: 37

“I’m pretty happy with Friday. For what we’ve got here we looked competitive. The long runs looked okay but the Mercs looked really strong. We can definitely find a little bit more for tomorrow but I don’t think we’re far off and we don’t have to make many changes tonight. It’s never a circuit where we have dominated in the past so to be close to Ferrari and at least in the fight with them seems positive. I’d like some rain for Qualifying tomorrow and I can try and fight for pole. I know if I get it I won’t start there because of my penalty, but anyway it would be good to start 11th for the race. That’s my target.”


  • First Practice session: 1:09.750, Position: 4, Laps: 31
  • Second Practice Session: 1:09.886 Position: 5, Laps: 38

“My Friday has been ok. It could have been a bit better and we still need to improve the balance, but in general it was a decent practice day. I was struggling for grip this morning and we managed to improve that a bit this afternoon but there is still more work to be done. On the short run it was not ideal on the Supersoft but we are not too far off on the long runs. Of course I always want to go faster and Mercedes are quicker than us at the moment. We need to make improvements before tomorrow because we know that in Qualifying they will step up their engine. I think we need to be at least the same speed or faster than Mercedes in the final practice to have a chance of getting on the front row of the grid.”


The Big Short

Interlagos might be little but, thanks to elevation changes, good overtaking opportunities and weird weather, its attraction as a race venue is large. Indeed, F1’s shortest permanent venue is proof positive that good things come in small packages. Here’s a few other pocket rockets…

  1. Martinsville Speedway – While Interlagos is 4.309 km, and thus the shortest permanent facility on our calendar, the shortest track used by NASCAR for Cup races is Martinsville Speedway. The teeny, tiny oval, founded in 1947 by the late H Clay Earles, is just 0.526 miles (0.847 km long). Despite its miniscule size compared with series behemoths such as 2.5-mile Indianapolis and the biggest of all Cup ovals 2.66-mile Talladega Superspeedway, Martinsville is the only track to have hosted Cup Series races every year since the division’s inception in 1949.
  2. The Mayfly – While bowhead whales can live to around 200 years and Ming the sea clam is in the record books as the longest lived animal ever recorded at 507 years old upon its death in 2006, the poor mayfly has the shortest lifespan of any animal on Earth at just 24 hours. The little creatures spend most of that time as nymphs before maturing and then their sole purpose is reproduction. A life well lived.
  3. Neutrino speeds – In 2011, particle physicists from the HW Wills Physics Laboratory in Bristol and the Indian Institute of Technology were stunned when they discovered that neutrinos could apparently travel faster than light, breaking the universal speed limit proposed by Einstein. They were later proved wrong but the abstract (the summary) of their extraordinary findings and the reasons for them did claim a place in the annals of science as the shortest ever. After positing the title question as “Can apparent superluminal neutrino speeds be explained as a quantum weak measurement?” their abstract succinctly delivered the answer, “probably not.”
  4. Westray to Papa Westray – For most, the easiest way to get between these two islands in Scotland’s Orkney chain is to take the short – very short – flight between the two land masses. Clocking in at 80 seconds, the hop from island to island (which are separated by just 1.7 miles) is the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world. Scottish airline Loganair has been flying the route since 1967 and charges around £20 or US$26 for the service.
  5. Earache Records – in 2013, to celebrate Record Store Day, heavy metal label Earache Records released the world’s shortest album. The record, pressed on 5-inch vinyl but presented on a gatefold 12-inch sleeve, is just 83 seconds long. It does, however, contains gems such as what some suggest is s the world’s shortest song, the 1.9s-long ‘You Suffer’ by Napalm Death. The longest track on the record is ‘Street Sweeper’ by the wonderful Insect Warfare.

source: redbullracing.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Brazilian Grand Prix – Making the best of a dry Friday

Seb and Kimi just under the 50-lap mark

Interlagos – Both practice sessions at the Autodromo Carlos Pace turned out to be quite uneventful, as despite the ever-present threat of rain, drivers only had to contend with a few intermittent and harmless drops during FP2. Scuderia Ferrari drivers jumped at the opportunity to rack up the laps of the 4.3 Km circuit, working mostly in preparation for Sunday’s race, which is supposed to be run in dry conditions. Sebastian covered 48 laps and Kimi 45.

“I think that in the end we ran more than what we expected as it didn’t rain”, Seb commented. “It was nice to be able to do a lot of laps today. We need to find the right balance and this should help us get the pace for the qualifying session and the race, but I still think it won’t be easy to defeat our main competitors. We’ll see where we get tomorrow”.

“It’s only a Friday”, said Kimi, “and as always, we keep trying different things to learn from them. The tires will play a key role here as usual, the performance will depend on how they work and how long they will last. I felt some vibrations at the beginning of my stint, but that’s quite normal to have sometimes in the car: usually it comes from tires and different sets. We don’t know what the temperatures will be over the rest of the weekend, but we cannot change them anyway and it will be the same for everybody”.

The third and final practice session will start tomorrow at 11 AM local time. There is a high chance of showers.

source: formula1.ferrari.com2017 photo album

Sahara Force India pink logo.jpg

Sahara Force India F1 Team

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix: Practice Report


FP1 1:10.454 P9 26 laps
FP2 1:10.306 P7 49 laps

Esteban: “I’m happy with today. This morning the car was not at its best, but we made a massive step forward during second practice. The car feels much better now – close to where it should be, so it’s another good job by the team who made the correct decisions during the day. We need to keep improving ahead of tomorrow and hopefully we can be in our usual position for qualifying. It was very tough physically today because it’s very hot and humid – a bit like Singapore. I wasn’t expecting this and it was one of the toughest days in the car this year.”


FP1 Did not take part
FP2 1:10.695 P12 43 laps

Sergio: “I only drove this afternoon so there was a lot of work to squeeze into one session. It wasn’t easy to make the balance adjustments because of the tyre degradation during the session, but the team has collected a lot of good information and this will help us take a good direction tomorrow.”


FP1 1:11.047 P12 29 laps
FP2 Did not take part

George: “First and foremost I want to thank Force India because I really enjoyed today. It’s something I have been working towards for a long time and even though it feels normal right now, it’s a surreal feeling to know I have been driving in a race weekend. It’s a huge step up for me, but I have been prepared as well as I could be: I have done days in the simulator with both Mercedes and Force India and I feel that, after my days at the test in Budapest, this was the next step. I didn’t know the car or the circuit and I wanted to learn as much as I could to review and take to Abu Dhabi, a track I know. We did some aero running early in the session, then some proper runs to change the set-up to my liking. All tyre compounds felt good and I got up to speed quickly. I was very happy with the car. The final half of the session was quite difficult: I was still doing fast laps while others were doing longer runs: it’s a short circuit and it’s difficult to find space. You end up compromising your warm-up procedures because you’re looking in the mirrors all the time, but it’s something from which I learnt a lot.”


“As we expected, this turned out to be part winter testing day, part regular Friday, especially in FP1, with a very comprehensive plan split between the cars. George performed admirably, especially considering he had never driven our car or at Interlagos. As we expected after his good work in the simulator, he slotted straight in with the team. In FP2 we moved more towards a standard Friday, but with Sergio having to play catch-up after sitting out the morning session. We gathered a lot of data today, but now we have to put all our test items aside and concentrate on our regular race weekend. As always here, the margins are very tight and every tenth makes a big difference. Having a good Saturday puts you in a good place for Sunday, so that’s where we will focus now.”

source: forceindiaf1.com2017 photo album

Williams Martini Racing logo.jpg

Williams Martini Racing

Brazilian Grand Prix Practice

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: It’s been a good day here in Brazil with some fantastic weather, which is great considering rain was predicted. We got a lot of work done on both sides of the garage, with all of our homework, particularly on tyres, achieved. Our pace looks reasonably competitive, but it’s close here as usual in the midfield. It’s a very short lap around here so a tenth is quite a big percentage of the whole lap time, so we’ll have to work very carefully overnight to fine tune the car and make sure we can get those valuable grid spots tomorrow afternoon. Felipe looked particularly strong around here today, so hopefully that’s a good sign of a great weekend for him for his final home race.

Felipe Massa: It was a good Friday. We managed to do some good lap times, and I think our long run pace is similar to many of the cars we are fighting. It will be a difficult fight in front of us, but we will try everything we can.

Lance Stroll: My day was alright. It was my first time here so I was getting used to the track and doing the runs. I have things to work on, like always, but that is okay. The positives are the car is feeling quite competitive, and it is just about putting everything together and we have the time to do that tonight and tomorrow. We got quite compromised in FP2 with some traffic so I didn’t do a perfect lap. We have been competitive in the rain so if we have that tomorrow for qualifying it is not a problem.

source: williamsf1.com2017 photo album

05 - McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix – free practice

 “More to find from both cars”

McLaren Honda kicked off its Brazilian Grand Prix weekend in warm sunshine after the threat of afternoon rain subsided.

Neither driver was completely happy with the balance and drivability of their MCL32s, each ending the day with a degree of head-scratching after the car proved reluctant to fall into its regular sweet-spot.

Fernando encountered a small PU issue at the start of the afternoon session, choosing to stop in the pit-lane as a precaution. The issue was promptly resolved by his mechanics with minimal delay to his run-plan.

Armed with plenty of data, our engineers will chew through the numbers this evening in a bid to get us back on track for tomorrow.
The drivers

Fernando Alonso

FA14  MCL32-05
FP1 1m10.476s (+1.274s) 24 laps 10th
FP2 1m10.655s (+1.140s) 31 laps 10th

“Today was more difficult than we’d expected. We had some problems in the first session, then a PU pressure issue in the second session. We lost some valuable track time, and in the end we didn’t manage to complete our programme. We tried to carry out the priority items on our run-plan, and we’re more or less happy with the outcome.

“There’s still a little more to come from the car tomorrow – some tuning on the set-up – so we’ll see what we can do. Times are very close here, and if it stays dry making it into Q3 is going to be tight. We’ll have more chance if it rains.”

Stoffel vandoorne

#SV2  MCL32-04
FP1 1m10.402s (+1.200s) 26 laps 8th
FP2 1m10.902s (+1.387s) 38 laps 13th

“Today was a very positive day. FP1 was my first session driving here at Interlagos. We’ve brought a new upgraded aero package for my car this weekend so we started FP1 learning about and understanding that, which generally went very well.

“FP2 was maybe a little bit more difficult – we tried some different settings and made some changes that weren’t necessarily in the right direction. However, our long-run performance was extremely positive – one of our strongest of the year so far I would say.

“Everything is looking good for the race. We still need to put everything together tomorrow, but a good qualifying would put us in a strong position for Sunday.”

The management 

Eric Boullier


“With the threat of wet weather hanging over the afternoon, we were keen to press on with our Friday programme just in case the rains fell during one of the sessions.

“Happily, we were able to run all day without the weather closing in, and rattled through a busy and intensive session as we continue to trial components and ideas that we can take forward onto next year’s car.

“Neither Fernando nor Stoffel ended the day really completely with the balance of their car, so we’ve got a bit of work to do tonight to get a consistent handle on the car’s sweet-spot. Fernando, too, had a small issue in FP2 that delayed his progress.

“On the face of it, this wasn’t a bad day, but there’s definitely a little bit more to come from us.”



“Despite the rain forecast for Friday, we finished both practice sessions with dry conditions. Overall, it was a smooth day and we completed our scheduled programmes.

“From the PU point of view, although we found a small issue with Fernando’s car during FP2, we managed to fix it quickly, thanks to a great job from our mechanics. Other than this, we were able to finish all the sessions without any major concerns.

“We will continue to proceed with our set-up in tomorrow’s FP3 session, as we think there are more improvements to find from both cars.

“Tomorrow’s running could be tricky, due to the high temperatures and sudden rain. We will remain focused on qualifying, as this is the circuit where we would look to get both cars into Q3.”

source: mclaren.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Toro Rosso logo

Scuderia Toro Rosso


Pierre Gasly (STR12-01, Car 10)

  • First Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:14.034, pos. 19th, 5 laps
  • Second Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:11.422, pos. 16th, 44 laps

“A pretty good afternoon after a tough beginning of the day. This morning of course was not great for us with the engine issue, I had only one timed lap and Brendon none, so we didn’t learn much – for me about the track and for the rest of the team about the car and setup… it wasn’t ideal! I managed to do many laps in FP2 which was good, a short run on softs and super softs, and then long runs on the second part of the session so I think it was really good. We finally could seize the potential of the car and work towards qualifying and the race on Sunday. At least we have many things to analyse tonight and to work and improve on for tomorrow.“

Brendon Hartley (STR12-04, Car 28)

  • First Practice Session
  • Best lap: no time, pos. 20th, 2 laps
  • Second Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:11.821, pos. 17th, 54 laps

“A tricky start to the day and the weekend… We missed FP1 because of an engine issue. In this afternoon’s FP2 it took me a couple of laps to get back up to speed after driving a different car for a few weekends in a row! In the end we were able to complete plenty of laps – I was the driver that did the most this session – and we made some good progress. We now still have some time to find for tomorrow and that’s what we will work on tonight.”

Jonathan Eddolls (Chief Race Engineer)

“Obviously it was a very difficult FP1 for the team again, we came in knowing we would need to take some engine penalties for MGU-Hs, which we did. Unfortunately, the new MGU-H on Pierre’s car failed early on while the issue on the other car looked more catastrophic than it was. It was something quite simple in the engine, where it smoked badly which everyone saw but we were able to fix it with no further issues. Both cars went out pretty much at the start of FP2, so the mechanics did a fantastic job, given there was a complete engine swap on one and an engine strip and rebuild on the other…so really well done to get them out. We were a bit on the back foot, obviously we lost a lot of time in the morning where we were going to be testing mechanical and aero items, so we pushed some of that to FP2 across both cars. The other priority in FP2 was focusing on giving both drivers lots of laps with the aim of getting comfortable in the car and turning the balance to suit. That was the target but they are still not 100% happy with the car so there’s still some work for us to do tonight. We carried out the normal qualifying preparation and high fuel long runs, and the focus will be to analyse all of the data tonight and try to improve the balance and performance for tomorrow.”

source: scuderiatororosso.com2017 photo album

11 - Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 Team


Event:  Free Practice 1 and Free Practice 2 (FP1 and FP2)

Date:  Friday, Nov. 10

Location:  Autódromo José Carlos Pace in São Paulo

Layout:  4.309-kilometer (2.677-mile), 15-turn circuit

FP1 Weather:  Sunny

FP1 Air Temps:  24.5-27.2 degrees Celsius (76.1-81 degrees Fahrenheit)

FP1 Track Temps:  38.5-50 degrees Celsius (101.3-122 degrees Fahrenheit)

FP2 Weather:  Partly cloudy

FP2 Air Temps:  29.4-31.4 degrees Celsius (84.9-88.5 degrees Fahrenheit)

FP2 Track Temps:  42.5-54.7 degrees Celsius (108.5-130.5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Drivers:  Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and Antonio Giovinazzi

FP1 Rundown

Grosjean:  13th quick (1:11.188), 29 laps completed

Magnussen:  14th quick (1:11.463), 30 laps completed

Fastest Driver:  Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes (1:09.202)

Most Laps:  Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes (43 laps)

FP2 Rundown

Grosjean:  15th quick (1:11.300), 39 laps completed

Giovinazzi:  20th quick (1:12.417), 37 laps completed

Fastest Driver:  Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes (1:09.515)

Most Laps:  Brendon Hartley of Toro Rosso (54 laps)


The penultimate round of the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship began with practice Friday at Autódromo José Carlos Pace in São Paulo as teams prepared for the Brazilian Grand Prix Sunday.


Two 90-minute sessions – FP1 and FP2 – on the 4.309-kilometer (2.677-mile), 15-turn track were run under mostly sunny and warm conditions, with Antonio Giovinazzi joining Haas F1 Team’s regular drivers, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, in FP2.


With FP1 potentially being the only session of the day without the threat of rain, the decision was made to switch Giovinazzi’s planned FP1 stint to FP2, affording Magnussen valuable dry track time while ensuring Giovinazzi would get his sixth planned practice outing with Haas F1 Team.


Grosjean and Magnussen subsequently attacked the undulating circuit, logging 29 and 30 laps, respectively, in FP1. The duo ran an identical program, beginning the session on the Pirelli P Zero Yellow soft tire before switching to the grippier Red supersoft compound.


Grosjean set the 13th quickest time in FP1 with a 1:11.188 on his 14th lap. Magnussen followed in 14th with a 1:11.463, also earned on his 14th lap. Both drivers set their quick times utilizing Red supersofts.


Fastest in FP1 was the Mercedes duo of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Hamilton earned the top spot with a lap of 1:09.202, which was .127 of a second faster than Bottas and .620 of a second better than the previous track record – a 1:09.822 set by Rubens Barrichello in a Ferrari during qualifying for the 2004 Brazilian Grand Prix.


Giovinazzi, the third driver for Scuderia Ferrari, took the wheel of the Haas VF-17 in FP2. The 23-year-old from Martina Franca, Italy, ran a total of 37 laps, the best being a 1:12.417 on his 17th lap that put him 20th overall. Giovinazzi ran exclusively on the Yellow soft tire.


Grosjean ran 39 laps in FP2 with a quick time of 1:11.300 on his 24th tour that placed him 15th. Grosjean began FP2 on the Yellow soft tire and switched to Red supersofts after 18 laps. He then returned to the softs for an eight-lap drive at the end of the session.


Hamilton and Bottas continued to lead the way in FP2. Hamilton’s fast lap of 1:09.515 was .048 of a second better than second-best Bottas.


Between the two sessions, Haas F1 Team ran a total of 135 laps – 68 by Grosjean, 30 by Magnussen and 37 by Giovinazzi.

Romain Grosjean, driver #8

“It was a decent Friday. We got a lot of mileage and we tried a few things on the car. The morning wasn’t too bad, but the afternoon we didn’t go very fast. Anyway, it was good that we had a dry Friday when everyone was thinking it would be wet. I’ve always loved driving here and did the best we could today.”

Kevin Magnussen, driver #20

“Not too bad in FP1, but we still need to sort a few things on the systems and the balance. I had four laps on the supersofts with nearly the same lap time, but it should be a one-lap tire for qualifying. Antonio ran a kind of FP1 program in the afternoon. I shared my thoughts with him and we tried to benefit from each other.”

Antonio Giovinazzi FP1 Driver

“It’s a good feeling to be back in the car and to help the team again with a lot of laps. It was a difficult Friday, swapping from FP1 to FP2, but in the end we did a lot of laps and some high-fuel running. We did a few things different to what I’ve done before, so I’m happy with that. Again, thanks to the team for the opportunity.”

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal

“A busy day. We got a lot done today. We swapped drivers in the morning, between FP1 and FP2, with Antonio doing FP2 and Kevin doing FP1. We got a lot of data. We need to find a little bit more speed for tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get better. The guys are looking at it all now. Otherwise, it was quite a calm day by Haas standards. No big drama, but a little bit of speed is missing.”

Next up

Drivers have one more practice session on Saturday (11:00-12:00) before qualifying starts at 14:00. Qualifying consists of three rounds, with the 15 fastest drivers from Q1 moving on to Q2. Then, the 10 fastest drivers from Q2 advance to Q3 where they’ll battle for the pole.

source: haasf1team.com2017 photo album

Renault Sport Formula One Team logo

Renault Sport Formula One Team

2017 Formula 1 Heineken Brazilian Grand Prix, Friday

Renault Sport Formula One Team ended the first day of the Brazilian Grand Prix – Formula 1 Grande Prêmio Heineken do Brazil – with Nico Hülkenberg leading the charge for the team with the ninth fastest time, a 1min 10.396secs. After being faster than his team-mate in the morning, Carlos Sainz ended the day two positions off Nico with the eleventh fastest time in the afternoon. Both drivers enjoyed trouble free uninterrupted sessions today.

Alan Permane, Sporting Director – Technical programme notes
• In FP1, both drivers used Pirelli’s Medium (white) and Supersoft (red) tyres.
• In FP2, Carlos and Nico ran with the Soft (yellow) and Supersoft tyres.

What we learned today:
• We have a little more pace to come.

Nico Hülkenberg, #27, R.S.17-04
Free practice 1: P16, 1:11.608, 35 laps
Free practice 2: P9, 1:10.396, 39 laps

Nico: “We got some good laps in through both sessions to identify where we need to make progress, but the car’s not a million miles away from where it needs to be. It’s always great to lap Interlagos and I’ve always got a good vibe here. We ended the day in the top ten; tomorrow’s job is to see how much further up the grid we can get.”

Carlos Sainz, #55, R.S.17-01
Free practice 1: P15, 1:11.467, 32 laps
Free practice 2: P11, 1:10.685, 42 laps

Carlos: “It was a positive day for me as every time I went out in the car I felt we had made progress and I gained more confidence with the car. It was good that we didn’t see any rain in the afternoon as I was able to complete my full programme. We were able to get faster through the day and I think there’s more to come tomorrow.”

Nick Chester, Technical Director, Chassis: “It was a fairly standard Friday for us. We had a number of assessments to run in FP1 relating to our 2018 design, so we ran conservatively in that session. FP2 was more about this weekend, so the times there are more representative of our relative pace here. Car balance is reasonable but we are working in a few areas to try and unlock a little more speed. On the whole, a pretty good day and we’re hopeful of a little better tomorrow.”

source: renaultsport.com2017 photo album

Sauber F1 Team logo

Sauber F1 Team

Formula One Heineken Brazilian Grand Prix – Practice – Friday

Weather: sunny/cloudy and dry, 25-31°C air, 39-55°C track

During the first practice session ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc completed his fourth practice session for the Sauber F1 Team, during which he also tested the halo system for the first time. Pascal Wehrlein took over the cockpit of the Sauber C36-Ferrari in the afternoon. Marcus Ericsson had to cut his second free practice session short after touching the wall in turn 11.

Charles Leclerc (car number 37):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassi 04/Ferrari)
1st practice: 17th / 1:11.802 min (32 laps)
“I enjoyed today’s practice session very much. First of all, it was nice to return to a familiar track which I have driven on last year. My knowledge of the car and the procedures has been improving over the past few weeks. I have learned a lot and I feel more and more confident in the car each time I have the opportunity to drive it. Today was my first practice session this year to have taken place in completely dry conditions. We were able to run through our planned programme and to collect some useful data. Overall, it has been a great experience.”

Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari)
1st practice: 18th / 1:11.898 min (28 laps) / 2nd practice: 19th / 1:11.989 min (17 laps)
“My morning session was a bit compromised as we had an issue on the front right tyre. Unfortunately, I lost some running time there. However, the car felt quite good overall. FP2 started off well, but, unfortunately, I lost the car on my first push lap, and touched the wall slightly. That was enough to cause some damage. It was a bit of a messy day, but all in all I felt comfortable with the balance of the car, which is positve for the rest of the weekend.”

Pascal Wehrlein (car number 94):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
2nd practice: 18th / 1:11.857 min (43 laps)
“After missing out on FP1, it was important for me to collect good mileage in the afternoon. In terms of our programme, we focused on short and long runs in the afternoon, in order to prepare for the rest of the weekend. Moving forward, we have some work to do regarding set-up of the car. Overall, the day went well.”

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Brazilian Grand Prix Practice Sessions

  • Mercedes Driver Lewis Hamilton Tops Both Sessions In Brazil With Best Time Of The Day Set In Fp1
  • All-Time Interlagos Lap Record Broken, With Fastest Time More Than 1.5 Seconds Quicker Than Last Year’s Pole
  • Around 0.6 Seconds Separate Soft From Supersoft On The Second-Shortest Lap Of The Year

Friday free practice was as expected at Interlagos, despite relatively inconsistent track conditions and asphalt temperatures that peaked at a moderate 44 degrees centigrade in the afternoon. Nonetheless, the all-time lap record (1m09.822s set in 2004) was already broken during the first part of FP1 using the soft tyre, before being lowered further with the supersoft. The soft was the same compound that also set fastest time in FP1 one year ago, providing a direct comparison. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton led both sessions today, during which the soft and the supersoft compounds were mainly used, which are separated by around 0.6 seconds.


“There were no real surprises today, just a little bit of front-left blistering. Again, we saw the all-time lap record lowered, with the soft tyre as well as the supersoft. Most of the drivers were able to beat last year’s pole time, which shows just how much progress has been made with the latest generation of cars and wider tyres. As usual for Brazil, the weather outlook remains uncertain for tomorrow, with a few drops of rain in FP2, but not enough to run on anything other than slicks.”

source: pirelli.com2017 photo album

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