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Formula One teams Mexican Grand Prix qualifying report

Mexican Grand Prix Formula One qualifying report

150x80-flagworldf1Today’s report from Formula One teams & drivers in Mexico.

Formula One teams Mexican Grand Prix qualifying results

1 Vettel Ferrari 1:16.488 125.874 mph
2 Verstappen Red Bull 1:16.574 0.086
3 Hamilton Mercedes 1:16.934 0.446
4 Bottas Mercedes 1:16.958 0.470
5 Raikkonen Ferrari 1:17.238 0.750
6 Ocon Force India 1:17.437 0.949
7 Ricciardo Red Bull 1:17.447 0.959
8 Hulkenberg Renault 1:17.466 0.978
9 Sainz Renault 1:17.794 1.306
10 Perez Force India 1:17.807 1.319
11 Massa Williams 1:18.099
12 Stroll Williams 1:19.159
13 Hartley Toro Rosso No Time
14 Alonso McLaren No Time
15 Vandoorne McLaren No Time
16 Ericsson Sauber 1:19.176
17 Wehrlein Sauber 1:19.333
18 Magnussen Haas 1:19.443
19 Grosjean Haas 1:19.473
20 Gasly Toro Rosso No Time
01 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

2017 Mexico Grand Prix – Saturday

Silver Arrows to start Mexico Grand Prix from second row

  • Silver Arrows to start Mexico Grand Prix from second row
  • Both drivers completed one run on the Ultasoft compound tyres in Q1, and two runs in both Q2 and Q3
Driver P3 Q1 Q2 Q3
Lewis Hamilton P2 P1 1:17.518 7 Laps P3 1:17.035 7 Laps P3 1:16.934 7 Laps
Valtteri Bottas P4 P2 1:17.578 5 Laps P4 1:17.161 7 Laps P4 1:16.958 5 Laps

Lewis Hamilton
Pole position was the goal today, but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a difficult session and I think it was a difficult weekend overall. It is very slippery here; and some of the issues we have with the car are a little bit highlighted by that. I gave it everything I had, but the gap to the front was too big. Our long run pace is definitely better than our qualifying pace, so I’m not worried about that. But you need a big delta to overtake here, so track position is important. It is a long way down to Turn 1, so we should have some fun tomorrow. I’m hoping I’m able to move forward at the start. Afterwards it should be a one-stop strategy. The crowd looks incredible, there’s a lot of energy. It’s such a spectacle from above; I saw the camera from the helicopter. So winning here on Mexican soil would be pretty neat.

Valtteri Bottas
Our qualifying wasn’t good enough; we thought we could fight for the pole. We definitely struggled a bit compared to at least one of the Ferraris and one of the Red Bulls, for some reason they found quite a bit of lap time for Q3. The incident with Max ruined my first lap in Q3; I just couldn’t get back to the normal line for braking. However, I’m still optimistic for the race. We had good long runs yesterday and we’ll have a strong car tomorrow. As a team, we’re starting from the second row, and it’s such a long run into Turn 1 here. Hopefully we can have a good start and use the slipstream to our advantage. It should be an interesting race.

Toto Wolff
First of all, congratulations to Sebastian on a very impressive pole position. We have locked out the second row this afternoon and, to be honest, I’m reasonably satisfied with that. We knew that it would be difficult for us here, running at a high downforce circuit, so the result is okay with that in mind; it feels like we have taken a step forward in these conditions compared to recent races. There were big gaps between team-mates today so it is nice to see our drivers so close together, especially as Valtteri only had one opportunity to set a time in Q3. That shows he is bouncing back in the right way from a difficult run of races. Now we have to look forward to a long race tomorrow. Lewis had a promising long run during second practice, so there are still plenty of opportunities open for us to take.

James Allison
Although we felt that we were in the hunt heading into qualifying, we found ourselves on the back foot in all three sessions with a car that was not quite on the same pace as the Red Bull and Ferrari. Nonetheless, Lewis and Valtteri did a strong job to put both cars on the second row of the grid. It was disappointing for Valtteri that he lost his best lap in Q3 as a result of being blocked but we know from our practice running, and from Lewis in particular, that the long run performance looks very strong. There will be all manner of opportunity tomorrow to make good on the disappointment of today.

source: mercedesamgf1.com2017 photo album

01 - Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing


MAX VERSTAPPEN, Position: 2nd, 1:16.574 (Practice 3 – Position: 1st, 1:17.113)

“Another front row qualification so I am pretty satisfied with today’s result. Q2 was really good but somehow we lost a bit in Q3 with the tyres, I couldn’t get them to work and struggled for grip. I would say the Q3 lap was better but I just didn’t have the grip from the previous session. The plan was to abort the first lap in both sessions and use that as a build lap. At the end of the day we are still second and on the front row so no big issue. It is always nice to get a pole position but winning the race is more important. I am confident in the race pace of the car and that we can achieve a good result but we still have to show this tomorrow. Starting on the front row with such a long run into Turn 1 means we can hopefully get away well and ahead. We are usually quicker in the race than Qualifying so I am excited for tomorrow.”

DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 7th, 1:17.447 (Practice 3 – Position 5th, 1:17.361)

“We have been strong all weekend but in Qualifying we just didn’t have any grip. I topped the times in FP2 and Max did the same this morning so we didn’t really touch the car from yesterday, but every time I left the pits today I just had no grip. We tried experimenting in Q3 and doing an extra warm-up lap to try and give the tyres something extra, but it seemed that the grip I had when I left the box, was the grip I had until the end of each run. Sometimes you get one set of tyres that you can’t turn on or warm up properly and you might lose some time, but every run it seemed to be the same story. This morning the track was really cold and we were still able to post a time on the first lap, so it should have been a breeze to get the tyres up to temperature this afternoon. If we can get the car back to what we had before Qualifying then I think we can still fight for a podium tomorrow, but this is confusing and we really need to understand what happened in the last hour.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “A really exciting Qualifying in the last session with different options taken in preparing for the timed laps. Max did a build lap on his first run and produced a fantastic lap time. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to improve on it on the second run, and Sebastian just snuck ahead by eight hundredths of a second, nonetheless starting the Mexican Grand Prix on the front row of the grid is a good place to be. Daniel struggled in the low-speed corners comparatively so we need to have a look at that, but we know he’s a great overtaker and he’ll be fighting hard tomorrow.


Luck of the Draw

Everyone likes to say there’s no such thing as luck in F1 and that outcomes are the result of deep research, intense analysis and careful strategising. As our new quiz reveals that’s a complete load of old rubbish. We present our team personnel with a set of 50 questions, the order of which shifts with each race, they choose 10 and have to answer them, no matter what. Tough, easy, personal and just plain weird, what they get is down to the luck of the draw. This race’s lucky dipper is mechanic Oscar González.

  1. When were you were happiest?

One of my best moments was when I got the job at Red Bull Racing, actually, because Formula One was always my dream. I’ve done F1 before Red Bull but doing it with a top team is great. I was with HRT before, so this is a bit different! It was a long process to get this job. I started here at the end of 2013. It was a three-month process to get the job, with three interviews, and it was a bit of a relief when I got it. I’m from Spain, so I had to move to the UK, which was a big change – country, language culture, everything. But I’m really loving it at the moment.

  1. Aside from property what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?

Bikes. I’m a big fan of mountain bikes. Sure, I’ve bought car, but the things that hurt the most are bikes because they are very expensive. I’ve got three right now, all around five grand each. I’ve got two full-suspension bikes and the last one I bought was a hardtail. I love downhill more than anything. Wales is great for that. Otherwise I spend time in the Alps, Madeira  – dream places to ride.

  1. Who was the last person to call you on your phone?

It was my mum, a couple of days ago. My mother lives in Spain obviously. I didn’t text her or anything for the last few days so she called me to find out where I am!

  1. What’s the thing you most love about Formula One?

For sure, not Fridays! I guess winning. The best, for me, was last year in Barcelona – home race for me, first race for Max in the team, not expected at all, so sweet, very sweet.

  1. What’s your favourite word?

I don’t know about word but lately we have a running joke in the garage that when anyone is being a bit quiet people just say “good chat”. Those are the most common words I hear at the moment.

  1. What was the last gift you gave someone?

A couple of t-shirts from Red Bull Racing for a friend from Argentina who travelled all the way to Austin for the last race.

  1. What was the last book you read?

I don’t remember the name, I think it was called Mount Kenya and it was my first book in English. It’s about a prison in Kenya, where a couple of prisoners are looking at the mountains around them and decide to escape just to climb the mountains and then go back to jail. Interesting. [We think the book is called No Picnic on Mount Kenya by Italian author Felice Benuzzi].

  1. What’s the worst job you’ve ever done?

I used to love rallying until I worked in it! I really love it, but if it’s snowing you’re working in the snow, if it’s raining you’re out in that and if it’s really hot you’re boiling. We have way more facilities in circuit racing. I did one year of rallying and that was it. I was with Ford in the World Rally Championship in the year between HRT and Red Bull. I loved it, but this is much better.

  1. What’s the best meal in the world?

Meat, definitely, any kind of steak. So I’m happy to be here in Mexico. We did a couple of steak restaurants here in Mexico City and they were really good.

  1. Could you do another job?

No, definitely not. I love it so much and I think you can see that by me moving to England, learning another language, all of that. It was hard at the beginning, at least for me, to leave friends and family behind, but I did it because I love this job so much. I don’t see myself doing another job… or working with another team – write that down!

source: redbullracing.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Mexican Grand Prix – “We deserved it”

Seb takes Ferrari’s 5th pole this year, showing that the team never gives up

A perfectly executed last run by Sebastian secured him his fourth pole position this year, the fifth for Scuderia Ferrari in 2017. The fact that they are more or less equally spread along the season shows that the team has not lost its focus and it’s determined to fight to the very end. Unfortunately, Kimi, did not manage to put together a perfect lap of the 4.3 Km Mexican track and ended up fifth best.

“Obviously I am really happy”, Seb said. “I had a perfect lap in the end, even if the track here is difficult and very slippery. It is easy to make mistakes going over the limit here. But I thought to myself that if I could get T1 right, then I’d have a better chance. The last sector was also tricky because you know how easily you can go wide and lose a lot of time, but I managed to push and stay clean. So, I am really happy, especially because other cars were close and it’s nice to hold everybody off. Yesterday the car was not where we wanted to be, but today everything was ok, and I think tomorrow we’ll be quick enough. Let’s see what happens at the start and after that we should have a good race. I know it’s a long way to Turn 1, but overall I am confident because our starts are good. Last weekend it was tough for the whole team because it went through of a lot of work and a lot of changes. This weekend has been better, I think we deserved to get the result today and hope to have a great race tomorrow!” 

“It was a pretty difficult qualifying” was Kimi’s comment “and the result is far from ideal. I struggled to put a decent lap together, I was lacking grip and made mistakes here and there. In some moments it felt good, in others not so, it was very easy to make a mistake. Every time I tried to push a bit more the front end seemed to lock up, especially in the last sector. In Q3 I only tried to get a lap time without any big issues, to be able to get somewhere, but I knew I was slow. Tomorrow is another day, I’m sure it will be better. It’s hard to predict what will happen, but as long as we get a good feeling and the tires are working well we should be ok. Hopefully we’ll make a good start and then see what happens in the straight and in the first corner. We’ll try to stay out of trouble and be in a strong position after that”.

source: formula1.ferrari.com2017 photo album

Sahara Force India pink logo.jpg

Sahara Force India F1 Team

2017 Mexican Grand Prix: Qualifying Report

Sahara Force India showed strongly in Mexico as Esteban Ocon qualified in sixth place ahead of Sergio Perez in tenth.


Q1 1:18.336
Q2 1:17.827
Q3 1:17.437

Esteban: “It was an awesome qualifying session. I’m really happy. The car was not so easy to drive yesterday, but the team did an amazing job overnight to find some more performance. Everybody at the track and back at the factory worked hard to make some improvements and I could really feel the difference today. They gave me a really strong car and during the session the pace just got better and better. I actually made a small mistake on my final lap in Q3 so maybe I could have been even faster and ahead of Raikkonen. Even so, I’m really pleased with this result and excited for the race. We have strong race pace, good top speed and the potential is there for a very strong result.”


Q1 1:18.020
Q2 1:17.868
Q3 1:17.807

Sergio: “Today hasn’t gone as I was hoping and that’s very disappointing. We have been very competitive all weekend, but we couldn’t achieve the result we wanted at the most important moment. I was quite satisfied in Q1 and our pace showed a lot of promise, but as the conditions changed we weren’t able to respond. We changed our tyre warm-up routine and I lost all my feeling with the car. Getting the tyres in the right window was difficult and I was unhappy with the balance: it’s something we will need to analyse tonight. Tomorrow’s race will be challenging, but our car has very good pace. I want to give my fans something to celebrate: all weekend I have received an incredible amount of support and today they deserved a lot more. I was happy to be able to speak to all of them at the start of the session and I hope we can give them a better result tomorrow.”


“It’s been another very strong Saturday with both drivers qualifying in the top ten. We’ve worked extremely hard this week to dial the cars into this circuit and the engineers and mechanics deserve huge credit for giving the drivers a competitive car. The updates we brought here have certainly made a difference and taken us another step forward in terms of outright pace. Esteban’s confidence continues to grow and he should be very proud of his performance today – getting ahead of a Red Bull and just two tenths shy of a Ferrari. Sergio showed great pace as well in Q1 and Q2, but his Q3 laps didn’t come together and he had to settle for P10. He’s received huge support from the local fans so far this week and he’s determined to reward them tomorrow with a strong drive.”

source: forceindiaf1.com2017 photo album

Williams Martini Racing logo.jpg

Williams Martini Racing

Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying

Qualifying Notes

  • Felipe Massa qualified 11th and Lance Stroll 12th for the Mexican Grand Prix
  • Both cars ran the ultrasoft tyre in Q1, finishing with Felipe in 12th and Lance in 15th
  • In Q2, both Felipe and Lance had to abort their first flying laps after Hartley brought out the yellow flags in Turn 6
  • Both drivers qualified on the ultrasoft Pirelli tyre

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: We knew from the running in FP3 this morning that it was going to be very tight to get into Q3 with the Renault’s and Force India’s looking particularly quick relative to our pace, and so it proved to be. We had good runs in Q1 and got safely into Q2 with both cars with two runs each. Unfortunately, our first run with both cars in Q2 was disrupted by yellow flags because of Hartley, so we aborted. We went out and had only one attempt in Q2 which got us P11 and P12. I’m happy with those positions considering how tight it is. We have a free choice of tyre and I think our race pace may play in our favour relative to the cars ahead. We’re definitely in the hunt to score points with both cars in the race tomorrow.

Felipe Massa: I did the best lap I could in the car. It was almost a perfect lap. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get to Q3. I was happy with my lap. Maybe 11th is better than 10th with the clean side of the track and new tyres. Let’s concentrate on the race tomorrow and see what we can get. We are in the fight and that’s the most important thing.

Lance Stroll: It wasn’t a perfect job. Q1 was okay, and then in Q2 the first run was good at the start of the lap but then there were the yellows. Then, on the next run I just couldn’t get the tyres ready and I made many mistakes and didn’t really set a lap time. I got in a lap at the end, but I think it would have been very difficult to get into Q3. We are starting 12th, it is a long race tomorrow, we are in the middle and I think we can score points. We just have to sort out a few things and have a good race. It will be tough for everyone with the altitude.

source: williamsf1.com2017 photo album

05 - McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team

2017 Mexican Grand Prix – qualifying

“The pace we’ve shown today is encouraging for tomorrow’s race”

After the contrasting fortunes in yesterday’s running, Saturday morning started positively for McLaren Honda. Both drivers completed their full scheduled run plans with no issues and reported back optimistically on the work done overnight to improve the balance and handling of their cars. Fernando and Stoffel did three runs each, focussing on race set-up rather than qualifying pace, and ending their sessions with practice starts and pitstops. Fernando did 22 laps and finished 16th, while Stoffel did 25 laps and finished 19th.

Since both drivers have incurred grid penalties for a PU change this weekend – 35 for Stoffel and 20 for Fernando – the team opted to prioritise race preparation over qualifying performance – the latter of which would have done nothing to influence their starting grid positions. Given Stoffel’s limited running on Friday, he ran with higher fuel in Q1 to provide the engineers with further data ahead of the race, yet he still put in a solid lap in Q1 for 13th place and passed comfortably through to Q2.

Fernando opted for a slightly different strategy, running lighter than Stoffel in Q1 where he drove a fantastic final lap to set the fifth fastest time of the session.

In Q2, both cars took to the track but neither driver set a time. Due to their penalties, Stoffel will start from 19th on Sunday, with Fernando just ahead in 18th, due to penalties for [Pierre] Gasly.

The drivers

Fernando Alonso

  • #FA14  MCL32-05
  • FP3 16th 1m19.565s (+2.452s) 22 laps
  • Q1 5th 1m17.710s (on Options)
  • Q2 14th overall* No time set

* will start 18th due to 20-place PU penalty and penalties for Stoffel and GAS

“I’m extremely happy with the performance of the car so far this weekend. It felt great yesterday and also today, with a lot of grip in the corners and it gave me some good feelings in the high-speed sections, too.

“In Q1 we proved how strong we are on this track. Being only two tenths off the fastest time shows what a great job McLaren is doing. I felt we had the best car out there today. It was good fun!

“Obviously saving some tyres in Q2 was the main priority today. With the straight-line deficit we have here, it’s going to be difficult to overtake tomorrow, which is the key point for us. The penalty will hurt massively because starting last we will run behind traffic for the whole race, but we’ll try to be aggressive and if something happens in front of us we’ll take the chance.”


  • #SV2  MCL32-04
  • FP3 19th 1m20.030s (+2.917s) 25 laps
  • Q1 13th 1m18.578s (on Options)
  • Q2 15th overall* No time set
  • * will start 19th due to 35-place PU penalty and penalties for GAS

“We’re taking penalties this weekend so our focus today was preparing for the race and definitely not on qualifying. Even in Q1 I was running on high fuel to prepare for the race and fine-tune the balance. After the struggles I had with the engine yesterday in FP1 and FP2 – which made it a very difficult and complicated day – today I felt a lot more comfortable in the car from the first moment of FP3, and actually our package is getting stronger and looks reasonably competitive here.

“Today was a lot more positive for me and a big step forward, and I feel like we’re in a decent shape for the race tomorrow. We’ll be starting from the back so it will be tough, and where we will finish is hard to say. Overtaking in a straight line will be difficult for us so we’ll have to be aggressive, thoughtful and ambitious in the way we drive, and hopefully we can have a strong race.

“Qualifying was never really a priority for us today so I’m looking forward to the race.”

The management

Eric Boullier


“Today’s running was all about preparation for tomorrow. Since both drivers have sizeable grid penalties this weekend, it made much more sense for us to focus on race set-up – saving engine mileage and valuable tyres in the process – as we look ahead to what statistically-speaking is one of the more challenging races on the calendar for us.

“I’d like to praise the team for a very efficient and productive FP3, and a perfectly-executed qualifying session that went completely according to plan. This morning we managed to complete everything we had planned with no problems, and both drivers worked hard to dial-in their cars for the race. The team has worked tirelessly overnight to improve the set-up in preparation for tomorrow, and Fernando and Stoffel both felt happier and more comfortable in the car than at any point during the weekend so far.

“In qualifying Fernando put in a monster lap to set the fifth fastest time in Q1, which was only two-tenths off P1 in that session. His second sector was the fastest of any car out there. For Stoffel, it was essential that he completed as much race preparation as possible given his limited mileage on Friday, and he drove solidly despite the higher-than-normal fuel load to get through to Q2 on this tricky circuit.

“For both drivers, qualifying positions were not what we were aiming for today. Tomorrow is the day that matters and the pace we’ve shown today is encouraging for tomorrow’s race.”

Yusuke Hasegawa

Honda R&D Co. Ltd Head of F1 Project & Executive Chief Engineer  

“With penalties for both drivers in tomorrow’s race, today was all about focusing on set-up rather than grid positions.

“To give us a free choice of tyres for the start of the race, our qualifying strategy was to push for Q2 and end the session there. Both of the cars reached Q2, and we’re happy that we reached our goal with more performance still left in the car.

“In terms of the power unit, we had a smooth day without any issues. Coming to Mexico we expected to have limited power due to the high altitude, but I’m pleased to say the effect is much less than anticipated. I appreciate the efforts made by our colleagues back in the factory who have simulated various methods and found an effective way to minimise the power loss in the tough conditions.

“Although we have both cars starting from the back of the grid tomorrow, we will push to do our best and aim for some points.”

source: mclaren.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Toro Rosso logo

Scuderia Toro Rosso


Brendon Hartley (STR12-04, Car 28)

  • Third Practice Session – Best lap: 1:18.602, pos. 11th, 23 laps
  • Qualifying – Best lap: (Q1) 1:18.683, (Q2) no time, pos. 13th

“Today was a little bit frustrating! I’m a bit disappointed as I didn’t get to put everything on the line and I think we had a chance to be fairly up the pack; to be ahead of the Williams was definitely on the cards today. Braking into Turn 1 in Q2 I felt like it was spot on and I was pumped up for the lap, when the engine went bang… I don’t know what happened! My confidence has been building all the time, lap after lap, and I was really looking forward to Q2 to really give it a crack. I’m feeling better and better in the car and, if Austin was a tough ask, I’ve come here a lot more prepared… that’s for sure. Mexico’s a track I really enjoy and I will give it all tomorrow to have the best possible race!”

Pierre Gasly (STR12-01, Car 10)

  • Third Practice Session: no time, pos. 20th, 2 laps

Qualifying:  no time

Pierre will serve a grid position penalty (TBC)

“I’ve spent way too much time with the engineers on the pit wall this weekend! There is nothing we can do really. We changed the engine last night after the issue in FP2, then again after FP3 and we didn’t have the time to do qualifying. It’s a new track for me and I would have really liked to have pushed and to see how it drives because I’ve never driven with the ultra-softs. It’s been a really strange weekend. It’s really tough because the only thing I want is to drive and do laps with the car to get used to it, get more comfortable and learn the track as well. For sure we don’t feel really prepared, the first time I’ll be pushing on track will be lap one tomorrow! But that’s how it is and I’m not going to change the approach, I’ll keep working with the guys tonight and tomorrow to be ready for the race.”

Jonathan Eddolls (Chief Race Engineer)

“We thought yesterday was a difficult day, but today was no better with a number of issues on the PU side. Unfortunately for Pierre, at the start of his first timed lap in FP3 we had a turbo failure which meant that was the end of his session. We got the car back and we tried to repair it, but we realised it was more extensive than we first thought. In the end we needed to take a complete PU, however due to parts limitations the fresh PU wasn’t fully built, so we didn’t get the car out in time for qualifying: that meant the end of Pierre’s day. Brendon had a really good FP3. We learnt a lot about the tyres and he was still building up himself lap by lap. By the end of FP3 he was really comfortable how the tyres were operating and what was required to extract the maximum performance. We went into qualifying with good expectations and I think he showed that the car was very capable, especially in Q1. In Q2 he was building on that even further and it was looking like we were going to challenge or potentially be in front of the Williams, but then unfortunately another turbo failure on the PU side cut his qualifying short. It was a challenging day, we need to understand tonight why so many power units are dying on our chassis! Unfortunately, it looks like tomorrow will be a difficult day for us. However, we will put today behind us, look ahead to tomorrow, remain positive and try to benefit from any opportunity in the race!”

source: scuderiatororosso.com2017 photo album

11 - Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 Team


Event:  Qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix (Round 18 of 20)

Date:  Saturday, Oct. 28

Location:  Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City

Layout:  4.304-kilometer (2.674-mile), 17-turn circuit

Weather:  Sunny

Air Temps:  19.7-22.2 degrees Celsius (67.5-72 degrees Fahrenheit)

Track Temps:  43-49.9 degrees Celsius (109.4-121.8 degrees Fahrenheit)

Pole Winner:  Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari (1:16.488 – new track record)

Result:  Kevin Magnussen qualified 18th / Romain Grosjean qualified 19th

NOTE:  Due to grid penalties incurred by others, Magnussen will start 16th and Grosjean will start 17th.

Q1 Rundown

●  Lasts 18 minutes, with all 20 drivers participating

●  Fastest 15 drivers advance to Q2

Magnussen:  18th quick (1:19.443)

Grosjean:  19th quick (1:19.473)

Fastest Driver:  Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes (1:17.518)

Cutoff:  15th-quick Lance Stroll of Williams (1:18.902)

Q2 Rundown

●  Lasts 15 minutes, featuring the 15 fastest drivers from Q1

●  Fastest 10 drivers advance to Q3

Fastest Driver:  Max Verstappen of Red Bull (1:16.524)

Cutoff:  10th-quick Sergio Perez of Force India (1:17.868)

Q3 Rundown

●  Lasts 12 minutes, featuring the 10 fastest drivers from Q2, all battling for the pole

Pole Winner:  Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari (1:16.488)

Second:  Max Verstappen of Red Bull (1:16.574)


Haas F1 Team drivers Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean qualified 18th and 19th, respectively, for the Mexican Grand Prix Sunday at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. However, with grid penalties incurred by others, Magnussen will start 16th and Grosjean will start 17th.


The struggles of Friday seeped into Saturday, with neither driver able to advance from Q1. As they chased grip throughout the 4.304-kilometer (2.674-mile), 17-turn circuit, they were unable to crack the top-15 cutoff to get into Q2.


Magnussen set the 18th-fastest time with a lap of 1:19.443. Grosjean was just behind his teammate in 19th with a lap of 1:19.473. Both drivers used the Pirelli P Zero Purple ultrasoft tire.


Taking the pole for the Mexican Grand Prix was Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel. His fast lap of 1:16.488 was .086 of a second better than runner-up Max Verstappen of Red Bull and it set a new track record at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. It was Vettel’s milestone 50th career Formula One pole, his fourth of the season and first in the Mexican Grand Prix.


Before Magnussen, Grosjean and the rest of their Formula One counterparts participated in knockout qualifying, they had one final practice (FP3) to dial in their racecars for a quick lap around the track. To emulate qualifying, both drivers ran exclusively on ultrasofts.


Magnussen ran 19 laps and set the 14th-fastest time with a 1:19.205 on his 16th lap. Grosjean tallied 22 laps and earned his best time on his 18th lap – a 1:19.586 that put him 17th overall.


Quickest in FP3 was Verstappen, whose fast lap of 1:17.113 was .075 of a second better than Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

Romain Grosjean, driver #8

“We have had a tough weekend. We didn’t run anything yesterday, so of course there’s always performance there. I had a very poor out lap at the end with a lot of traffic, so there were a few tenths in hand, but nothing that would put us where we should be. There’s no excuse. We’ve got a 2017 Ferrari engine, which is more powerful than the Sauber one. We’ll need to work, and we’ll need to find a way to make the car faster at the circuits where we need extra downforce. It’s going to be 71 laps with a handful of a car to drive tomorrow. Anything is possible. I don’t want to be super positive saying everything’s going to be great, but you never know in the race. It’s a tough circuit and cooling is a problem for everyone. Brakes are going to struggle. In Singapore, we were not supposed to score points and we did. There’s always hope, but definitely it’s going to be a tough one.” 

Kevin Magnussen, driver #20

“We had feared this weekend would be tough. We obviously weren’t very quick in qualifying. This track is like our Achilles’ heel. It was kind of expected, but it’s still disappointing. We just have to push on. The issues are a combination of things. I’d say with the air being so thin here, everyone has to cool their cars a lot more, open up their cooling on the brakes, engine, water, everything. When we do that, we don’t have a very good top cooling when it’s open. We lose out there, and it seems very bad this time. Hopefully we can stay in the fight tomorrow, and at least push and see what we can get. I hope our race pace is a bit better than our qualifying pace.”

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal

“We’ve ended up where we were afraid to end up a few days ago. We knew we would struggle with the high altitude here with our aero setup. So, we were almost prepared for it, but it’s never easy to swallow. We just need to get better.” 

source: haasf1team.com2017 photo album

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Renault Sport Formula One Team

Formula 1 Gran Premio de México 2017, Saturday 

Renault Sport Formula One Team had a good qualifying session at the Mexican Grand Prix, getting both cars into Q3 for the second time this season. Driver Nico Hülkenberg led the charge for the team finishing eighth, just ahead of team-mate Carlos Sainz who was ninth-fastest at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

Nico Hülkenberg, #27, R.S.17-04, Q: P8 1:17.466 FP3: P10 1:18.380
“It was a good qualifying, I got a really good lap at the end of Q3 so I’m very happy and satisfied about that. It’s going to be a tight battle tomorrow but we are going to push hard and do our best.”

Carlos Sainz, #55, R.S.17-03, Q: P9 1:17.794 FP3: P9 1:18.208
“This is a good day for myself and for the team, we continue our progress since Austin, I am very pleased. Qualifying was tricky but we advanced a lot since yesterday and I was feeling a lot more confident with the car today. We are aiming to have a good race tomorrow.”

Alan Permane, Sporting Director
We are in a good position for tomorrow’s race.

How was qualifying for the team?
“A very straightforward qualifying for us today, all runs went as planned. We aimed to get though Q1 with one set, which we did comfortably, and then two sets for each of the other sessions. It was good to see both drivers pushing each other all the way through the sessions, getting both cars into Q3 was the target. Starting eighth and ninth puts us in a good position to score some points tomorrow.”

source: renaultsport.com2017 photo album

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Sauber F1 Team

Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix – Qualifying – Saturday

Weather: sunny and dry, 13-22°C air, 26-50°C track

Marcus Ericsson and Pascal Wehrlein finished qualifying at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez ahead of the 2017 Mexican Grand Prix in P16 and P17, respectively. Both drivers finished the session in Q1.

Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 16th in Q1 (1:19.176 min / ultrasoft tyres)
3rd practice: 15th (1:19.331 min / ultrasoft tyres / 27 laps)
“It was a good day. We continued to build on the practice sessions from yesterday and took the right steps on the set-up of the car to be more competitive. It was a good effort by the team as we managed to get the maximum out of the car in qualifying. I am also satisfied with my final lap in qualifying – it was a nice one, and it was not too far off of Q2. We go into tomorrow’s race with a positive feeling.”

Pascal Wehrlein (car number 94):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 17th in Q1 (1:19.333 min / ultrasoft tyres)
3rd practice: 18th (1:19.826 min / ultrasoft tyres / 16 laps)
“Overall I am satisfied with my day. Although we had some issues with my car in FP3, the team was able to resolve them quickly which let me complete a few laps in the morning. The qualifying session went rather well. My performance was continually improving, and I had a solid chance of getting into Q2. Unfortunately, I made a small error in sector one on my final lap and did not make it. Nevertheless, this gives me confidence for tomorrow’s race and I look forward to getting back in the car, and giving everything I have.”

source:  sauberf1team.com2017 photo album

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Mexican Grand Prix Qualifying

  • Ferrari Driver Sebastian Vettel Emerges On Top With Ultrasoft After One Of The Closest Qualifying Sessions Of The Year
  • Slippery Track And Lack Of Downforce At Altitude In Mexico, But Pole Is More Than Two Seconds Faster Than Last Year
  • With Low Degradation, One Stop From Ultrasoft To Supersoft Is The Most Likely Race Strategy

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time in qualifying at Mexico City with the ultrasoft tyre, beating last year’s pole by more than two seconds and taking his 50th career pole at the same time.

Ferrari and Red Bull were the only teams to get through Q1 with the supersoft tyre only (having nominated fewer sets of the ultrasoft than Mercedes). From Q2 onwards, only the ultrasoft was used (except for McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne, who used supersoft). Qualifying took place in ambient temperatures peaking at 24 degrees centigrade and 44 degrees on track. Similar conditions are expected for the race tomorrow, where one pit stop is the most likely strategy if degradation remains low.

A different tyre strategy was evident also from McLaren’s Fernando Alonso in qualifying, who elected not to take part in Q2 to save tyres for the race despite an impressive Q1, following a grid penalty that will put him towards the back tomorrow.

“Although the track had improved since yesterday, grip levels were still generally quite low – with the lack of downforce in the thin air at altitude here – leading to most drivers using ultrasoft to gain the most mechanical grip throughout qualifying. With tyre warm-up being crucial here, we sometimes saw the best performance coming after one or two flying laps in qualifying. With degradation expected to remain low, a one-stopper would appear to be the most likely strategy for the race tomorrow.”

source: pirelli.com2017 photo album

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Renault Sport

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