Oct 17

McLaren announces multi-faceted partnership with premium luggage brand LAT_56

McLaren is pleased to announce a new four-year partnership with LAT_56, the premium travel luggage brand

2017-10-17 - McLaren is pleased to announce a new four-year partnership with LAT_56, the premium travel luggage brandLAT_56, headquartered in Scotland and founded by award-winning designer Kevin Fox, joins McLaren’s partner roster in a multi-faceted agreement that sees the two companies enjoy both a partner relationship and a joint licensing agreement. 

The partnership will see the entire McLaren race team carry LAT_56 luggage items from across its range as it embarks on the 2018 racing season and beyond. In addition to being seen in airports and the paddock at grand prix venues all over the world, this new and exclusive dual-branded ‘McLaren LAT_56’ range of premium travel products will also be sold as official licensed products, available to purchase online via the McLaren Store and LAT56.com.

The new ‘McLaren LAT_56’ collection, which includes suitcases, duffels, wheeled carry-ons, check-in bags, laptop bags, garment bags, briefcases, backpacks and wash bags, will launch officially in late November, after which the products will be available for pre-order ahead of the new season.

Director, said: 

“We’re delighted to welcome another premium partner to McLaren’s portfolio, and particularly a multi-year partnership with an exciting luggage brand in LAT_56.

“Not only are LAT_56 products beautifully designed, they are also engineered to withstand the relentless and demanding nature of grand prix travel, which requires the perfect balance of practicality and form. McLaren’s partnership with LAT_56 also extends to a licensing agreement, and we’re very excited to jointly launch our new range of dual-branded products in time for Christmas and the beginning of the 2018 season.

“We’re very much looking forward to showcasing our partnership through the ‘McLaren LAT_56’ products we will carry with us as we go racing all over the world.”

Kevin Fox, Managing Director and Designer, LAT_56, said: 

“The partnership with McLaren represents a true meeting of minds. Each of our pieces of luggage absolutely has to be the best in class; the team at McLaren strives to achieve excellence in design and performance. These shared values are the inspiration behind this new range, and it’s been a pleasure working with them to engineer products that will meet the exacting standards expected in the world of grand prix racing.

“This long-term partnership will open up the opportunity for us to collaborate on future product developments with one of the most innovative engineering and design teams in the world, and at the same time give us access to a truly global marketing channel.

“Being on board with a prestigious racing brand like McLaren really is an honour, and we’re looking forward to playing our part in ensuring the team and their kit travel to and from race weekends in style over the next four years.”

For information on how to pre-order ‘McLaren LAT_56’ luggage products and enter an exclusive competition to win a behind-the-scenes tour of the McLaren Technology Centre, visit McLarenLAT56.com.

source: mclaren.com