Sep 25

Total win it all at the Nissan Micra Cup!

Total and Total Quartz engine oil totally win the 2017 Nissan Micra Cup!

2017-09-24--0715We could feel the excitement this Sunday at the big finale of the 2017 Nissan Micra Cup at the circuit Mont-Tremblant. Total and Total Quartz engine oil win it all for a third time at the last race of the season!

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“We couldn’t wish for more for this last race. We are so proud of our Total drivers and to see them all on the podium – It’s very exciting.” said Franck Bagouet, President and General Manager of Total Canada.

What a great way to end this amazing adventure with Olivier Bedard, from Total and Albi le Géant team, by winning its second championship in three years at the Nissan Micra Cup (first win in 2015)!

It’s not without obstacle that Xavier Coupal finishes with the title of vice-champion for this season and congratulations to Valerie Limoges for its fourth position at the overall drivers standing.

The performance is a quest

Furthermore, Total and Total Quartz engine oil participate since 2015 at the Nissan Micra Cup. Total is proud to be one of the major partners of the Nissan Micra Cup since 2016 and is the exclusive provider of engine oils and lubricants (Total Quartz 9000 Energy 0W-30, Total Trans Gear 9 FE 75W-80 and Total DOT-4 Racing 600) for the participating team.

About Total Canada

With its international expertise and numerous partnerships with leading automobile and other manufacturers, Total Canada is currently focusing on marketing Total lubricants across the country. Total products are sold in over 150 countries worldwide and have been available in Canada since 2008 (for cars, heavy-duty vehicles, and industrial markets).

Total Quartz and Total Rubia engine oils are available at Ultramar service stations, via distributors, and throughout the Total Canada distribution network. More than 85% of the products are manufactured in Canada, in the Montreal-based plant. www.total-canada.ca

source: total.com