Sep 20

Horner: F1 engines have zero road relevance

“The engines make no relevance to what is happening in everyday road car use and the aerodynamics don’t crossover.”

20170324-063Christian Horner has continued to criticise Formula 1’s current engine regulations by explaining they have ‘zero road relevance’ to road cars and the sport should focus on drivers and teams rather than technology.

The Red Bull team principal has been a long-time opponent to the V6 turbo hybrid engines since they were introduced to F1 in 2014 and is urging the sport to change its regulations at the earliest possible point.

Horner’s fresh criticisms came after it was announced McLaren had split from Honda to begin a new partnership with Renault as power unit supplier, with Honda starting a new deal with Toro Rosso, while in the background Red Bull’s engine future also came under question.

source: crash.net