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Formula One teams Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix free practice report

Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Formula One free practice report

150x80-flagworldf1Today’s report from Formula One teams & drivers in Singapore.



Formula One teams Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix free practice results

1 Ricciardo Red Bull 1:40.852 112.371 mph
2 Verstappen Red Bull 1:41.408 0.556
3 Hamilton Mercedes 1:41.555 0.703
4 Bottas Mercedes 1:42.104 1.252
5 Hulkenberg Renault 1:42.448 1.596
6 Vandoorne McLaren 1:42.501 1.649
7 Alonso McLaren 1:42.788 1.936
8 Perez Force India 1:42.826 1.974
9 Raikkonen Ferrari 1:42.835 1.983
10 Ocon Force India 1:43.054 2.202
11 Vettel Ferrari 1:43.140 2.288
12 Sainz Toro Rosso 1:43.236 2.384
13 Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:43.608 2.756
14 Palmer Renault 1:43.795 2.943
15 Massa Williams 1:43.836 2.984
16 Stroll Williams 1:44.301 3.449
17 Magnussen Haas 1:44.417 3.565
18 Grosjean Haas 1:44.928 4.076
19 Wehrlein Sauber 1:45.673 4.821
20 Ericsson Sauber 1:45.721 4.869



01 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

2017 Singapore Grand Prix – Friday

Silver Arrows prepare for challenging battle in the Singapore heat

  • Lewis finished the morning session in P4 with Valtteri in P6 at the Marina Bay Street Circuit
  • Lewis ended the day in P3 in the afternoon session, with Daniel Ricciardo quickest
  • Both drivers ran the SuperSoft and UltraSoft compound tyres in FP1
  • In FP2, Lewis then used the Soft and UltraSoft compound tyres on short and long runs, Valtteri the SuperSoft and Ultrasoft
Driver Chassis No. P1 P2
Lewis Hamilton F1 W08 EQ Power+/05 27 Laps 1:42.904 P4 36 Laps 1:41.555 P3
Valtteri Bottas F1 W08 EQ Power+/03 27 Laps 1:43.434 P6 35 Laps 1:42.104 P4

Lewis Hamilton
We had a clean day and got through our sessions without problems. It was pretty hot out there, the conditions are pretty awesome to cope with, but the grip on the track is fairly good. We were obviously close with the field today and we have still got some improvements to make with the car. Red Bull seem like they’re very strong and they’re thereabouts with Ferrari, so we’ve got some work to do. But nothing is out of reach.

Valtteri Bottas
This was a difficult day for us, I think we are missing some pace. We were making big setup changes between the first and the second session, but still didn’t quite find the right setting. There is plenty of work to do from what we learned today. I was struggling with the overall grip and the balance of the car. The car felt quite nervous, so it’s not so easy to trust the car when you push. That’s the main thing we need to work on so that I can build up my level of confidence.

James Allison
In terms of the programme, it was a clean and straightforward day, but performance-wise a bit more of a mixed bag. Lewis is showing some encouraging pace on the Soft tyre, but we’ve got a bit more to do on the Qualifying tyre. Valtteri on the other hand had a tough day and we’ve got some work to do with him to get him up to Lewis’ pace. The whole team needs to raise its game a bit overnight to be able to compete on even terms with the Red Bulls.

source: mercedesamgf1.com2017 photo album

01 - Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing



  • First Practice Session: 1:42.489 Position: 1, Laps: 21
  • Second Practice Session: 1:40.852, Position: 1, Laps: 33

“It was a good day out there today, but I expected this, to be honest, and am not really surprised with our performance. I knew we would come here with a good car. We made some progress from the morning and even though we were the quickest in FP1, I still wanted to get more out of the car and the set up in the afternoon. We took another step forward throughout the day, which was good and we now hope there is still more room to improve for tomorrow. I’m after a dominant weekend and so far this has been a good start. It’s important that we obviously keep that for tomorrow but I have faith that we can perform on this level all weekend. I know the challenge in Qualifying will be a potentially stronger Ferrari and Mercedes but I’m confident we can stay up there and fight with them at the top.”


  • First Practice session: 1:42.610, Position: 3, Laps: 23
  • Second Practice Session: 1:41.408, Position: 2, Laps: 28

“Finishing first and second in the last session means it has been a positive Friday. The car in general performed well so we are happy with that side, the balance can always be improved and we are a bit down on top speed but nothing major to work on. After such a good day we have to believe that a very good result in Qualifying is possible, so we will go for it. Compared to our competitors we look very strong, we didn’t expect to be this competitive so of course this is very pleasing for us. We still have to be cautious and work on all aspects because we know that in Q3 tomorrow they will have improved and be closer; for now we look in a good position. Qualifying will be tight but I’m confident that our race pace offers us the chance of a good result. We know this should be one of our best tracks so we will do our best to capitalise on that.”



Night and the City

Singapore in 2008, Abu Dhabi in 2009 with its race ending under lights and then Bahrain in 2014 – Formula One certainly loves a night race. It’s also apparently in love with the notion of more races in cities. So, bright sparks that we are, we thought we’d prepare a list of other cities in which we could hold night races. Turns out it might not be that illuminating after all…

  1. Guayaquil, Ecuador – The key thing with night racing is that you need it to be dark. Yes, yes, we can hear you saying ‘well, duh!’ right now, but hear us out. A reasonable start time means darkness at the right hour, which in turn means holding night races in cities that go dark early in the evening and that leads us to equatorial cities. These are classed as being less than 5˚ north or south of the equator (about 550km). As well as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur the list includes Nairobi, Kenya, Bogotá, Colombia and our choice for F1’s next night race Guayaquil, Ecuador. The capital city of this country named after the Earth’s imaginary belly band doesn’t have a race track but the nation does have one permanent motorsport facility, the Yahuarcocha circuit in the town of Ibarra near the Colombian border. It’s about a nine-hour drive from Guayaquil, but hey we went to Mokpo for three years, so no problem.
  2. Mokpo, Korea – And speaking of Mokpo… now, now, hold on, hear us out! We’re happy to admit that South Korea’s ill-fated grand prix was never going to top our list of best-loved races, but think about this – the track layout itself was really good and it never failed to provide an exciting race. OK, as we won there three times we’re bound to say that but add this into the equation: part of the reason it was not universally loved was that it seemed to be located in a swamp. Run the race in the dark and that less than lovely backdrop would be obscured. Final reason: the first race there in 2010 pretty much finished in the dark and that was a cracker. What’s not to like!
  3. Helsinki, Finland – If we’re talking about racing in the dark then heading north seems like the right idea, especially in the latter stages of the season when Scandinavia is plunged into perpetual darkness. That might be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the drift. And drifting might be just the thing on the icy expanses of whatever circuit Kimi and Valtteri will undoubtedly prosper at. Also, imagine the parties.
  1. Elon Musk’s Boring System – Doesn’t sound very good does it, but wacky, electric car-building, Matrix-loving, space cadet Elon Musk has plans to build a massive underground road system beneath Los Angeles which would cure the city’s traffic problems in a heartbeat. Indeed, he’s already launched The Boring Company to start tunnelling. The idea is that vehicles would be lowered down by elevator to tunnels systems and then transported around by high-speed trolley. Remove the trolleys for a weekend and you’d have the perfectly perpetually dark environment in which to stage a night race. Plus, the commercial rights holders seem very keen on a west coast race in the US, so start digging boys!

source: redbullracing.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Singapore Grand Prix – “A lot of work ahead of us, but we have time”

Seb and Kimi sure they can improve

After being second fastest in P1 and showing encouraging pace on long-runs, Scuderia Ferrari drivers Seb Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen had to cope with a far-from-ideal night session in P2. Seb didn’t manage to post a quick lap on the Ultrasoft tyres because of traffic and then, because of a light brush with the barriers, while Kimi struggled throughout with the handling of his car. In the end, both ran in high fuel load configuration. So it was a lackluster day, but nevertheless, both drivers are conscious that today’s programme was quite busy and now it’s a matter of looking at all the data to find the right settings for tomorrow’s Free Practice and Qualifying.

Seb commented: “Today was a mixed day and obviously not an ideal one. I lost a little bit of balance and confidence. Today we tried a couple of things and I am not sure they were the right things to do. Now we’ll see what we can do for tomorrow. We need to improve, but I think we have enough time to find the solution. Today we were here to practice and, being Friday, everything we did was for free. Clearly, we are not where we want to be so there’s still a lot of work ahead of us”.

Kimi said: “Overall it was just a difficult day. It was far from ideal and for sure we were expecting an easier start, but it’s only Friday and tomorrow is another day. We tried some things and not everything made sense in the end, so now we have a lot of work to do. Here is no different from any other race; it is true that the tires are a key point, but first of all you have to make sure you have everything you want and a good set-up. And I’m sure we can improve for tomorrow”.

source: formula1.ferrari.com2017 photo album

Sahara Force India pink logo.jpg

Sahara Force India F1 Team

2017 Singapore Grand Prix: Practice Report

Sahara Force India completed a busy practice programme in Singapore with 119 laps covered between the two cars during the day.


FP1 1:43.423 P5 25 laps
FP2 1:42.826 P8 35 laps

Sergio: “I feel very happy with how things have gone today. We had some new parts on the car and everything appears to be working well. It was probably our best Friday of the year in terms of what we learned and the improvement we made with the car. Qualifying is very important here so we need to make the most of tomorrow. There is still room to improve and I think we can be strong in qualifying. I’m enjoying things so far and it’s great fun driving these cars around this circuit.”


FP1 1:45.053 P13 25 laps
FP2 1:43.054 P10 34 laps

Esteban: “It was a busy day on my side of the garage with lots of different parts to test. The first session was not so easy, but we found a good direction in the evening session so I’m feeling positive overall. The car has improved a lot during the day and we have done lots of homework in preparation for tomorrow.”


“It was a very hot and humid day, but one in which we managed to achieve all our objectives. We had quite a comprehensive test programme which we split between the two cars. The aim was understanding the new aerodynamic updates and the mechanical test items on the car: from this perspective, both cars ran reliably and we got all the data we needed. Sergio was happy with the car throughout the day, while Esteban was much happier with the changes we made in FP2. There’s a lot of track evolution and that is something we will need to keep in mind when looking at the data tonight. There is still a lot of work to do, but we’re confident we can find some more performance ahead of qualifying tomorrow.”

source: forceindiaf1.com2017 photo album

Williams Martini Racing logo.jpg

Williams Martini Racing

Singapore Grand Prix Practice

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: Generally, we had a good day. We did most of the running we wanted to do apart from that Lance had a gearbox failure in FP1 which meant he only got running in the first forty minutes. It was a failure of a development part so no effect for the race, but unfortunately it lost him the track time which was a double blow because the focus for him today was to learn the circuit. It’s a track he’s not raced at and one that takes a lot of experience to understand how to optimise, simply from a driving point-of-view. On both sides of the garage we conducted some aerodynamic and systems tests, as well as our basic homework on tyres and different fuel levels. Our pace still needs some work, but we will do a lot of analysis overnight. I think we can extract more from the car. It’s going to be very tight in the midfield as usual, but I think if we can find two or three tenths, we can make a big difference.
Felipe Massa: Today was very difficult. We know that this isn’t really the best track for our car, so it was a very difficult Friday. Balance is not a big problem, the problem is just laptime. We’re a little bit too slow compared to the others. For sure, this is a problem I expected. To be honest, I’m sure qualifying is the main issue because we don’t have the right laptime to fight, but I hope that maybe in the race many things can happen to help us here, so we will try everything we can. If we can get points on Sunday, it will be a very good job.
Lance Stroll: It wasn’t the best day for the team. It was a tough Friday, especially for me with the gearbox problem in FP1 at a track I have never been to before, so that was not ideal. Then, in FP2 I had a virtual safety car on my best run, so that didn’t help either. Not the luckiest day and for sure we need to improve the car and try to make it better for tomorrow. However, I really enjoyed the track here. It is a lot of fun to drive, a bit bumpy but also very challenging. I knew the track was going to be tight and twisty so I was prepared for that, but it is one of the toughest tracks mentally and physically, and also because of the heat.

source: williamsf1.com2017 photo album

05 - McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team

2017 Singapore Grand Prix – free practice


“A circuit where we can show our strengths”

Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne enjoyed a pair of trouble-free and consistent practice sessions around the streets of Marina Bay this evening.

On his very first visit to the track, Stoffel immediately got down to business, running a handful of reconnaissance laps using a prototype halo before properly kicking off his FP1 programme.

He was quickly up to speed, running without problem throughout both sessions, and ended the day sixth fastest after setting a best time of 1m42.788s during this evening’s nighttime FP2 session.

Fernando also enjoyed two smooth sessions, he led the way in first practice, before ending up immediately behind Stoffel in seventh at the end of FP2.
The drivers

Fernando Alonso

  • #FA14  MCL32-02
  • FP1 1m43.759s (+1.270s) 19 laps 8th
  • FP2 1m42.788s (+1.936s) 32 laps 7th

“Our performance today was good; basically in line with what we were expecting around here. We knew that, at this track, we were going to be more competitive than we were at Spa and Monza.

“We got both cars into the top 10 today, and I hope we can achieve that tomorrow in qualifying and then again in Sunday’s race.

“We need those points: we’re ninth in the constructors’ championship, so every opportunity we get to score points, we need to grab with both hands.”

Stoffel vandoorne

  • #SV2  MCL32-03
  • FP1 1m44.340s (+1.851s) 25 laps 11th
  • FP2 1m42.501s (+1.649s) 34 laps 6th

“For me, it’s been a very positive Friday, finishing sixth in FP2 despite having never driven around here before.

“I was discovering this track for the first time during FP1, and I got to grips with it quite quickly today.

“On paper, it looks like it’s been a particularly good day, but the two Ferraris didn’t appear to have an ideal session and ended FP2 behind us. They probably have something more in hand for tomorrow., but hopefully, we can still translate today’s pace into qualifying tomorrow.”
the management

Eric Boullier


“Watching Formula 1 cars around the darkened streets of Singapore is always spectacular, and it was especially pleasing to finish this evening’s FP2 session with both cars comfortably inside the top 10.

“Both drivers were relatively satisfied with the balance of their cars, and we have a solid basis for making progress overnight ahead of tomorrow’s critical qualifying session. A good grid position will be essential ahead of this long and difficult race on Sunday.

“Of particular note is Stoffel’s performance: he drove exceptionally well today. He’s never driven at this track before, was immediately on the pace, didn’t make any mistakes, and ended the day an impressive sixth fastest today. That’s extremely impressive.”



“The Singapore Grand Prix weekend started under a typical tropical climate. Despite the hot and humid conditions, all the members of the team did a good job, completing the practice programme as scheduled.

“It is still Friday, so I know it is too early to talk about our position. However, we were satisfied with good laps which both of our drivers showed today. We also think we have some more room to improve the set-up of the car for tomorrow’s FP3.

“This is a circuit where our car can show its strengths. And also considering we have two talented drivers with us, we are hoping to have a positive result in tomorrow’s qualifying.”

source: mclaren.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Toro Rosso logo

Scuderia Toro Rosso


Carlos Sainz (STR12-01, Car 55)
  • Second Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:43.236, pos. 12th, 38 laps
“After sitting out in this afternoon’s FP1, I obviously had to take my time to get used to driving here in FP2 – I had to do some extra laps at the beginning to make sure I recovered the lost time. I think we still haven’t recovered it fully but we have until tomorrow before qualifying to be ready and I’m confident we will get there. For the rest, I’m happy with my performance in today’s session. We still need to understand a few things we’ve introduced on the car for this race a bit better because at the moment we’re not 100% sure, but we will work hard overnight to solve this. Bring on tomorrow!”
Daniil Kvyat (STR12-04, Car 26)
  • First Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:44.220, pos. 10th, 25 laps
  • Second Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:43.608, pos. 13th, 32 laps
“A decent Friday, we did a good job today. Of course, we still have some work to do regarding the car balance and hopefully we will fix this for tomorrow in order to improve our pace a little bit more. A part from that, we can be happy with our start to the weekend, we managed to complete plenty of laps and we now have enough information to make a step forward tomorrow.”
Sean Gelael (STR12-01, Car 38)
  • First Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:47.570, pos. 18th, 26 laps
“What a great experience to drive in an FP1 session and be so close to home! It’s an amazing feeling. Singapore is one of the toughest tracks on the calendar and at the start it was still a bit damp as well, so it wasn’t the most ideal to my F1 career, but in the end we managed well. I enjoyed it a lot out there and we were able to complete the programme, which is positive. Obviously, I’d like to be closer to Daniil, but that will be more of a target further on in the season. I’m happy with my performance today and I’d like to thank the team and everyone supporting me for this opportunity. I now look forward to my next FP1 outing in Malaysia in two weeks’ time!”
Jody Egginton (Head of Vehicle Performance)
“In today’s FP1 we had Sean Gelael in the car, together with Daniil. We had some big test items to get through and both drivers completed their programmes. Sean did a really good job, followed a consistent approach to his driving, gave us some good feedback and we managed to get useful data on a couple of test items. With Daniil, we did a bit more set-up work and we ended the session reasonably happy with the baseline set-up on both cars, even though it was clear that we still had some more work to do to make the next step into FP2. For the evening session we had Carlos back in the car, so he was playing catch-up. He conducted some longer runs just to get familiar with the car and the circuit again, which he completed without any fuss. Daniil was focusing on some of the changes we’d made over the break and I think it’s fair to say that with both drivers we didn’t really get the best out of the car and the set-up wasn’t quite right for the short run. We then moved to the long runs and again we’re not entirely happy with where we are today but we’ve got a good idea of what we’re going to do tonight. We’re confident we’ll make a step forward tomorrow and try and get the car a bit more solidly into the top ten, which we believe it has the potential to do here.”

source: scuderiatororosso.com2017 photo album

11 - Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 Team: Singapore Grand Prix Practice Recap


Event:  Free Practice 1 and Free Practice 2 (FP1 and FP2) 

Date:  Friday, Sept. 15

Location:  Marina Bay Street Circuit

Layout:  5.065-kilometer (3.147-mile), 23-turn track

FP1 Weather:  Clear and humid

FP1 Air Temps:  29.6-30.7 degrees Celsius (85.3-87.3 degrees Fahrenheit)

FP1 Track Temps: 33-35.1 degrees Celsius (91.4-95.2 degrees Fahrenheit)

FP2 Weather:  Clear and humid

FP2 Air Temps:  29.4-29.9 degrees Celsius (84.9-85.8 degrees Fahrenheit)

FP2 Track Temps:  30.1-32.5 degrees Celsius (86.2-90.5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Drivers:  Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and Antonio Giovinazzi

FP1 Rundown
Grosjean:  15th quick (1:46.456), 20 laps completed
Giovinazzi:  16th quick (1:46.782), 27 laps completed
Fastest Driver:  Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull (1:42.489)
Most Laps:  Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes, Felipe Massa of Williams and Antonio Giovinazzi of Haas F1 Team (27 laps each)

FP2 Rundown

Magnussen:  17th quick (1:44.417), 32 laps completed

Grosjean:  18th quick (1:44.928), 29 laps completed

Fastest Driver:  Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull (1:40.852)

Most Laps:  Carlos Sainz Jr. of Toro Rosso (38 laps)


The 14th round of the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship began with practice Friday at Marina Bay Street Circuit as teams prepared for the Singapore Grand Prix Sunday night.

Two 90-minute, nighttime sessions – FP1 and FP2 – on the 5.065-kilometer (3.147-mile), 23-turn track were run under hot and humid conditions, with Antonio Giovinazzi joining Haas F1 Team’s regular drivers, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

Giovinazzi, the third driver for Scuderia Ferrari, took the wheel of the Haas VF-17 in FP1 as Magnussen graciously relinquished his seat for Giovinazzi to gain some additional Formula One experience. The 23-year-old from Martina Franca, Italy, drove a Formula One car earlier this year when he subbed for the injured Pascal Wehrlein at Sauber during the first week of winter testing at Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya and again during the Australian and Chinese Grands Prix. This was the third of seven FP1 sessions where Giovinazzi will drive for Haas F1 Team.

Giovinazzi ran a total of 27 laps, the best being a 1:46.782 on his 15th lap that put him 16th overall. Grosjean ran 20 laps in FP1 with a quick time of 1:46.456 on his 17th lap to place him 15th among the 20 drivers. Both pilots ran exclusively on the Pirelli P Zero Red supersoft tire and were the only ones to do so as everyone else sampled the Purple ultrasoft tires.

Leading the way in FP1 was Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, whose fast lap of 1:42.489 was .109 of a second better than the next quickest driver, Scuderia Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, and broke the previous track record held by Nico Rosberg – a 1:42.584 set last year with Mercedes in Q3.

Speeds picked up and lap times continued to drop in FP2. Magnussen returned to his Haas VF-17 and wrapped FP2 as the 17th-quickest driver with a time of 1:44.417, the best mark recorded by Haas F1 Team Friday at Marina Bay. Magnussen’s quick time came on the 11th of his 32 laps shod on a set of Purple ultrasoft tires. Grosjean knocked 1.528 seconds off his FP1 time with a 1:44.928 earned on his 13th lap, also while utilizing the ultrasoft tire. He ended the session 18th overall with 29 laps completed.

Ricciardo remained the fastest driver, topping FP2 with a lap of 1:40.852, which was 1.637 seconds better than his FP1 time to set a new benchmark going into Saturday’s FP3 and qualifying sessions. Just behind Ricciardo was his Red Bull teammate, Max Verstappen, who was .556 of a second off Ricciardo’s quick time.

Between the two practices, Haas F1 Team ran a total of 108 laps – 49 by Grosjean, 32 by Magnussen and 27 by Giovinazzi.

Romain Grosjean, driver #8

“It was a tough day. Singapore is a challenge on its own – for the mechanics, the drivers and the cars – with all the heat and humidity. We’ve been struggling all day to get the best out of it. I think we’ve made some progress on the rear end of the car, but we still need to get the front end to work. That’s something we’ve been struggling with at street circuits like Monaco, but we eventually found it in qualifying there. Not much feeling with the front end – I’m struggling to get the best out of it. I think tonight we’re going to try a few things for tomorrow and hopefully get the right answer.”

Kevin Magnussen, driver #20

“Obviously, the pace wasn’t great. We need to work on that and see if we can find some more pace. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult for us this weekend. I think we have some stuff to work with, it’s just whether it will be enough, but we’ll see. It was good fun to drive here, but our main priority is to be competitive.”

Antonio Giovinazzi

“First of all, thanks to Haas and Ferrari for this opportunity. It was an important session for me. The last time I drove the car was the beginning of August, so to come back in the car and at a difficult track like Singapore – it was a difficult experience but I really enjoyed the track. It was amazing. I’m really happy. I did the best job for the team. We did all the laps we could do, so I’m really happy with the session. Of course, missing Monza was disappointing because it was in front of my fans, but in the end, I’m really happy to swap Monza with this track as I got to learn a new track and gain a new experience.”

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal
“Not an easy day today. We’re still trying to find a setup that the drivers like while getting the tires into the window where they work here. We’ll keep on working at that and try to find something for tomorrow. Other than a bit of damage where Kevin hit a wheel in FP2, we got through the sessions with both cars intact. Antonio did a good job this morning. I think we’ve got enough data to look at. Hopefully, we can find something for tomorrow.”

Next up

Drivers have one more practice session on Saturday (18:00-19:00) before qualifying starts at 21:00. Qualifying consists of three rounds, with the 15 fastest drivers from Q1 moving on to Q2. Then, the 10 fastest drivers from Q2 advance to Q3 where they’ll battle for the pole.

source: haasf1team.com2017 photo album

Renault Sport Formula One Team logo

Renault Sport Formula One Team

2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, Friday

Renault Sport Formula One Team ended the first day of the 2017 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix with driver Nico Hülkenberg ranking fifth-fastest, his best position in FP2 this season, at 1min 42.448secs. Jolyon posted the twelfth-fastest time on a damp track during the day session. He gently hit the wall in FP2 which affected his time but could continue his session, finishing fourteenth-fastest.

Alan Permane, Sporting Director – Technical programme notes
• In FP1, both drivers used Pirelli’s Ultrasoft (purple) tyres.
• In FP2, Jolyon and Nico ran with the Supersoft (red) and Ultrasoft tyres.
What we learned today:
• We are building on the momentum we had on high downforce tracks.

Nico Hülkenberg, #27, R.S.17-04
Free practice 1: P9, 1:44.101, 24 laps
Free practice 2: P5, 1:42.448, 33 laps
Nico: “We had a standard yet positive Friday here in Singapore, the performance in FP2 was quite good. I was feeling happy with the car all day and that’s what is most important to me right now. I definitely had some good balance and harmony, there is always room for improvement but definitely a good start to the weekend.”

Jolyon Palmer, #30, R.S.17-03
Free practice 1: P10, 1:44.961, 25 laps
Free practice 2: P14, 1:43.795, 32 laps
Jo: “Overall it was a good session, I’m quite happy and the car is in a good place. I touched the wall in the evening session so we have a bit of minor fine tuning to do overnight. We are in a good place for tomorrow.”

Bob Bell, Chief Technical Officer: “We had a reasonably good day, we were able to go through the programme as planned, particularly the tyre information to prepare our race strategy. Overall a very straightforward Friday and we are confident for tomorrow. After a disappointing weekend in Monza, we are back in a good place and our goal in Singapore is to continue to build on our momentum.”

source: renaultsport.com2017 photo album

Sauber F1 Team logo

Sauber F1 Team

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix – Practice – Friday

Weather: dry, 31-29°C air, 35-33°C track

The Sauber F1 Team used the free practices day at the Singapore GP to conduct mechanical tests (Ericsson) and take aerodynamic measurements (Wehrlein). Both drivers completed the planned programme, testing all three tyre compounds (ultrasoft, supersoft, and soft) on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The team is now analysing the collected data to prepare for the rest of the weekend.

Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):

  • Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 02/Ferrari)
  • 1st practice: 19th / 1:47.699 min (23 laps) / 2nd practice: 20th / 1:45.721 min (35 laps)

“It was a trouble-free day for us today. We were able to go through our planned programme, and run a good amount of laps. However, there is a clear gap to our direct competition, and we have to keep doing our best to maximize the performance of the car. In terms of the atmosphere around the track here in Singapore, it is as great as always, and I am really enjoying driving here under the flood lights.”

Pascal Wehrlein (car number 94):

  • Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
  • 1st practice: 20th / 1:47.886 min (24 laps) / 2nd practice: 19th / 1:45.673 min (34 laps)

“The weekend has been quite alright so far. The car felt better in the second free practice session than it did in the first. We were also able to run through the planned programme swiftly, which is positive. I tested all three tyre compounds, which was a good comparison. The data that was collected today will help us prepare for tomorrow’s qualifying session and the race on Sunday.“

source:  sauberf1team.com2017 photo album

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Singapore Grand Prix Practice Sessions

  • All-Time Track Record Already Broken In Fp1 Using The Ultrasoft At The Marina Bay Circuit
  • Red Bull Dominates Both Sessions, With Daniel Ricciardo Going More Than Three Seconds Faster Than Last Year’s Best Fp2 Time
  • Around A Second Between Supersoft And Ultrasoft Compounds So Far

The fastest-ever laps of the Marina Bay circuit were run today, with Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo smashing the previous all-time record of 1m42.584s by more than two and a half seconds. This was thanks to a time of 1m40.852s on the P Zero Purple ultrasoft in FP2: 3.3 seconds faster than last year’s best FP2 time.
The ultrasoft compound has proved to be around a second faster than the supersoft so far, with a high degree of track evolution during FP1 after some mid-morning rain. Conditions for both sessions remained dry though with high humidity: typical of Singapore’s tricky and bumpy asphalt, with all three compounds used today.

“We’ve seen a very big increase in speed compared to last year, with the lap record already broken in FP1 and the fastest FP2 time more than three seconds quicker than last year’s equivalent. In many ways, this isn’t much of a surprise as the 2017 tyres and regulations enhance cornering speeds specifically, and at 23 corners Marina Bay has more corners than any other track. There’s a gap of around a second between the supersoft and ultrasoft so far; it’s a bit harder to assess the soft as there was less running on it today. However, if its pace is close enough to the supersoft, it could certainly come into play as a potential race tyre on Sunday.”

source: pirelli.com2017 photo album

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