Aug 20

Kevin Lacroix comes close to victory in Nova Scotia

Bumper To Bumper 300

2017-08-13_0542Kevin Lacroix had a perfect NASCAR Pinty’s race at the Riverside International Speedway during the Bumper To Bumper 300 this Sunday. Leading for most of the 300 laps, it is at the last corner that he lost the first place.

The driver of the car #74 Bumper to Bumper/Total/Go Fast/ PFC Brakes/Gates Corporation had a flawless race which led to his best oval finish yet. Lacroix was starting from second place without having qualified because the session was cancelled due to the rain, thus, the practice session results were used to determine the starting grid. The race, which was supposed to take place on Saturday, August 19, was delayed to Sunday because of the bad weather.

“It’s a shame that the race was delayed to Sunday,” says Kevin, “Bumper To Bumper had planned a big tailgate party before the race with a lot of guests. Today, only half of the people came out, but I think they had quite a show!”

Indeed, it was a perfect event, even if Kevin missed the victory by one corner, he still establishes himself as one of the drivers to beat on oval tracks. The #74 Dodge prepared by Don Thomson Jr. and the Bumper To Bumper team shown to be excellent on the track.

“The car was great, everything was going well, especially when I had new tires. During the race, the tires were deteriorating, making the car not as optimal as in the beginning, but it was still an excellent car. In my opinion, we had one too many neutralization because during every restart I was losing grip. On top of that, before the last yellow flag I had a good gap from the rest of the pack.”

The race ended on a bad note for the Saint-Eustache driver when he saw his shot at a victory crushed after the leader pushed him out of the way. “It is a shame that in NASCAR everything seems allowed in the last lap. I am disappointed by the situation because it is the same thing that happened at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.”

Kevin’s next race will be at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on September 3rd during the Labor Day weekend. This track is where he scored his first victory of the year in the NASCAR Pinty’s series. Even if this second-place finish is great for the Championship points, Kevin still remains second behind Alex Labbé.

Kevin wants to thank his sponsors Bumper to Bumper, Total, Go Fast, PFC Brakes and Gates Corporation, a partnership between growing companies that represent excellency, ambition and victory “ I am so grateful to my sponsors to be as involved in racing as they are. Even if it rained on Saturday, having my partners at the track was a great pleasure.”

The Bumper to Bumper 300 will be broadcast on TSN 2 next Sunday, August 27 at 1:30 p.m.


Tracks Results
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park 1st
Delaware Speedway 5th
Autodrome Chaudière 6th
Circuit ICAR 1st
Toronto Indy 1st
Wyant Group Raceway 8th
Wyant Group Raceway 4th
Edmonton International Speedway 9th
Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières 18th
Riverside International Speedway 2nd

source: Service Presse, poleposition.ca