Aug 14

A top-6 for Jean-François Dumoulin in Trois-Rivières

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2017-08-12_0872The #04 Spectra Premium/ Bernier Crépeau/ Groupe Bellemare/ MIA / Trois-Rivières Mitsubishi car was performing well, and everything was in place for Jean-François Dumoulin to finish strong on the circuit of the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix yesterday.

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In eighth place on the starting grid, Jean-François Dumoulin defended his place with determination to cross the finish line in sixth place.

Jean-François Dumoulin was more than satisfied with what his #04 Spectra Premium/ Bernier Crépeau/ Groupe Bellemare / MIA team accomplished on August 12, the day of testing and qualifying at the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivieres. As the driver of the #04 Spectra Premium/ Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare/ MIA car told us, “We have consistently finished our races with a strong push that improved our finishing position virtually every time out. Today’s objective was to find suspension setting that would keep our car quick late in the races, but would also allow us to be quick in the short two-paps burst in qualifying. Starting closer to the front would leave me with fewer cars to pass on my way to the front, and thus waste less time, tires and brakes while working my way to the front. And we did it!”

By way of explanation, Jean-François Dumoulin added that “At the shop as well as on the track, our improvement program over the past weeks has made a huge difference in on-track performance. The car is more agile and quicker than at Toronto a few weeks ago, where we qualified 2.273 sec from pole position. In Trois-Rivières, we qualified 0.890 sec from pole position – a great improvement! »

Jean-François Dumoulin’s goal was close to being realized, as he was decisively making his way to a brilliant sixth place after multiple duels with the leaders. The driver of the #04 Spectra Premium/ Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare / MIA is satisfied with his race: “The car is powerful and we could fight for the top-5. We now know how to optimize our settings for the next races.”

source: dumoulincompetition.com