Jul 22

Who is WTCC winner Yann Ehrlacher?

 “I didn’t do karting, it was only school, school, school”

Who is WTCC winner Yann Ehrlacher?Yann Ehrlacher, who claimed his breakthrough FIA World Touring Car Championship victory in Argentina last weekend, is the 21-year-old nephew of Yvan Muller, the four-time WTCC champion.

And the family sporting heritage doesn’t end there. His mother, Cathy, was an accomplished racer in her own right, while his father, Yves, was a professional footballer in their native France.

Despite the family involvement, Ehrlacher was a late starter in motorsport: “I didn’t do karting, it was only school, school, school. At 16, I started in a small French series and I did only some one-shot races but I did quite well.

“After that, I left to race in Germany in the Scirocco Cup alongside the DTM – which was also front-wheel drive, but it was more like a normal road car. After I came back to France with Yvan and I won the French Supercar Championship, but the ‘lite’ championship, then the year later I won the big series. Last year I was driving in LMP3, and finally I am here in the WTCC.”

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