Jul 08

Formula V8 3.5: Rene Binder gets F1 French delight in home soil

The Austrian driver has been invited by Renault Sport Racing to complete his first ever Formula One test in October.


The Binder Saga carries on with the F1 experience: Rene is the nephew of the former Austrian F1 driver Hans …


  • Congratulations Rene! With you it makes 6 drivers in the 2017 F1 Season who made their first contact with a F1 car from the World Series! How do you feel?

“First of all I have to thank Renault Sport Racing for the great opportunity to test their V8-powered E20 F1 car, which is by the way the same car, that Robert Kubica, tested recently. It will be a great day in Paul Ricard with proactive-, qualy- and race simulations and I hope it will have a positive impact on my career.”

  • Are you going to change your routines to prepare the test in Paul Ricard?

Not at all. It is no secret that the World Series car is the perfect machinery to prepare for F1 so the only thing I will do is to listen carefully to my engineers instructions and get the job done.”

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source: worldseriesv8.com