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Formula One teams Austrian Grand Prix qualifying report

Austrian Grand Prix Formula One qualifying report

150x80-flagworldf1Today’s report from Formula One teams & drivers in Spielberg.



Formula One teams Austrian Grand Prix qualifying results

1 Bottas Mercedes 1:04.251 150.609 mph
2 Vettel Ferrari 1:04.293 0.042
3 Hamilton Mercedes 1:04.424 0.173
4 Raikkonen Ferrari 1:04.779 0.528
5 Ricciardo Red Bull 1:04.896 0.645
6 Verstappen Red Bull 1:04.983 0.732
7 Grosjean Haas 1:05.480 1.229
8 Perez Force India 1:05.605 1.354
9 Ocon Force India 1:05.674 1.423
10 Sainz Toro Rosso 1:05.726 1.475
11 Hulkenberg Renault 1:05.597
12 Alonso McLaren 1:05.602
13 Vandoorne McLaren 1:05.741
14 Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:05.884
15 Magnussen Haas No Time
16 Palmer Renault 1:06.345
17 Massa Williams 1:06.534
18 Stroll Williams 1:06.608
19 Ericsson Sauber 1:06.857
20 Wehrlein Sauber 1:07.011



01 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

2017 Austrian Grand Prix – Saturday

Valtteri stars in Spielberg to score his second F1 pole

  • Valtteri claimed his second career pole position – his first in Spielberg and second of the 2017 season – and the team’s seventh in nine races this year
  • Lewis was third quickest – and will provisionally start Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix from eighth
  • Valtteri completed a single run on SuperSoft in Q1, then two UltraSoft runs in both Q2 and Q3
  • Lewis completed one run in Q1 (Ultra), two runs in Q2 (Super) and two runs in Q3 (Ultra)
Driver P3 Q1 Q2 Q3
Valtteri Bottas P3 P5 1:05.760 5 Laps P1 1:04.316 7 Laps P1 1:04.251 6 Laps
Lewis Hamilton P2 P1 1:05.064 5 Laps P3 1:04.800 5 Laps P3 1:04.424 7 Laps

Valtteri Bottas
What a special feeling. It’s only the second pole for me and hopefully there’s more to come. It was a good lap in Q3, if not quite perfect. Today was all about building up the confidence in the car. I got it set up nicely and it’s great to get the second pole position of my career. I’m going to focus on my own race, rather than looking behind me tomorrow, but we will not underestimate the Ferraris. It’s going to be close and should be an interesting fight. Hopefully Lewis can fight back and we can score strong points for the team. The weather could be important tomorrow but starting first, I won’t complain if the rain stays away. The car feels great, especially on high fuel, and I’m ready to win. That’s the only target. It’s been too long since Russia.

Lewis Hamilton
It’s been a frustrating day for me. I had a chance to be fastest today and I didn’t quite put it all together on that final lap in Q3. I’m disappointed with my performance in Q3: it would have been great to do a better lap but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. Valtteri did a fantastic job though to take pole. The gearbox issue hasn’t played on my mind during the weekend but after qualifying you realise you’re starting further back. I think it will be tough to make progress tomorrow. The pack is a lot closer than in 2014 when I fought up to P2. But perhaps the weather can come into play. I’ll work as hard as I can to recover and try get as many points as possible. We still have great pace and the car has been fantastic here, so I know I’ve got the car to do the job. Let’s see how it all plays out tomorrow.

Toto Wolff
Mixed emotions after qualifying today. Valtteri did the perfect job this afternoon – he built up his performance through the session and his second pole position is a good reward. He has lost out on positions by tiny margins this year, so it’s great to see him claim pole by a few hundredths this time round. As for Lewis, we knew he had a bit of a mountain to climb with the grid penalty for the gearbox change. His pace in Q2 on the super soft tyre showed that he is in good shape for tomorrow – but unfortunately he lost some time in Turn 1 on his final lap and that meant he finished the session P3. But he will start the race on the super soft tyre, so he has options for the race. I think all the pieces are in place for a really exciting Grand Prix, with a chance that the weather could mix things up as well.

James Allison, Technical Director
If I am completely honest, we had hoped for a little more this afternoon, but it seems churlish to be anything other than delighted by a splendid pole position for Valtteri and third place for Lewis, whose performance in Q2 showed that he has plenty of race pace to unleash tomorrow. It will surely be an interesting Grand Prix, dodging the possible rain showers and making the most of our potential at this deceptively tricky track.

source: mercedesamgf1.com2017 photo album

01 - Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing


DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 5th* 1:04.896 (Practice 3 – P6 1:05.896)

“It’s a bit tricky out there. This year the track has a lot of grip on it and that kind of makes it harder. You feel you can push more but it’s easy to go over the limit because we carry so much corner speed. We all obviously love going fast and want more and more, so we end up getting greedy and then mistakes happen, but that makes it exciting. Of course it would have been nice to finish that last lap but in the end I’m happy with the top five and we’ll move up to fourth because of Lewis’ penalty. All in all it was a pretty good session and I’m relatively happy. I believe there is a bit of rain coming tomorrow at noon so it should be interesting and not that straight forward. Lewis will try to come up the ranks as well so it will be exciting.”

MAX VERSTAPPEN, Position: 6th*, 1:04.983 (Practice 3 – P5 1:05.784)

“You can never predict qualifying but it was reasonable today. I hoped for a little better balance in the car but overall it was not too bad. I tried a lot of different lines at turn three and all the time I was losing the rear of the car. On my final run I was gaining time but I didn’t get DRS down the straight as Grosjean was stopped on track. You lose easily two and a half tenths on that straight if you don’t have DRS. I tried to get a little more out of the next corners but I picked up the throttle maybe a little too early at turn seven and lost the rear. Tomorrow I don’t think we are quite there in terms of speed to fight with Mercedes and Ferrari, but as we have seen a lot can happen in the race so anything is possible. If there is a bit of a mix of conditions that could be good for us and with a good strategy you never know. There is a lot of orange everywhere in the grandstands which is really nice to see, so we will try and put on a good show for everyone.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “It was a slightly anti-climactic end to an exciting qualifying here at the Red Bull Ring. In the end, unfortunately the yellow flags, initially for Grosjean, and thus DRS switching off, prevented everybody from the opportunity to improve on their times. Particularly Max, in trying to make that time up he obviously got a bit too deep into turn 7 and that was the end of qualifying. Daniel did a good job with the first run to qualify fifth, and fifth and sixth, which become fourth and fifth on the grid due to Lewis’ penalty, sets us up for an exciting race with potentially a bit of weather around tomorrow. Looking at the grid we hope to have a part to play in the result in front of our home crowd in Austria.”

*Due to penalty to Car 44, Car 3 will start the grand prix in P4 and Car 33 in P5.




Luck of the Draw

Everyone likes to say there’s no such thing as luck in F1 and that outcomes are the result of deep research, intense analysis and careful strategising. As our new quiz reveals that’s a complete load of old rubbish. We present our team personnel with a set of 50 questions, the order of which shifts with each race, they choose 10 and have to answer them, no matter what. Tough, easy, personal and just plain weird, what they get is down to the luck of the draw. This race’s lucky dipper is Controls Engineer Michael Manning.

  1. What’s your ideal holiday destination?

It’s a place I’ve already been to, it’s called Jericoacoara, it’s in the north-east of Brazil. It’s a beautiful place where all the streets are sand, it’s in a national park. The weather is beautiful, the food is great, the people are fantastic, but most importantly the wind is very constant and I love kitesurfing. I went there last year with my girlfriend Lisa and it was amazing, a magical place.

  1. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

That’s quite tough. I read a lot of random books. Most books I like are quite technical but I think the best book I’ve ever read – and this is such a cliché – is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I really like statistics and how the world works and in Outliers the idea is that in a lot of sports or professions people are seen as being incredibly gifted but a lot of the time it comes down to hard work. I like that in the sense that in engineering I don’t believe there is such a thing as luck, you can always trace it to something. If someone finds something in a car that allows them to be better than is expected then there is a reason for it. It takes an incredible talent to get the most out of something but that’s usually down to years of hard work, you don’t just luck into it.

  1. If you could go back in time where and when would you go?

I think I would like to go back to the 1960s, to see the change in social attitude but also for the racing. It was just pretty cool back then. Although it was the pinnacle of motor sport at the time, a lot of the stuff you read about and hear about when you talk to people from that era, it feels a lot like what you do now in amateur rallying in Ireland, where I’m from. That’s not disrespectful, I love that kind of motor sport! It was a small group of people, they were in involved in a lot of different areas and things were developing so quickly that you could have such a big influence on the development of the cars.

  1. What’s the best advice you have been given?

Never be afraid to trust your instincts. That came from one of my first bosses in F1. The point he was trying to make was that if there is a problem on the car at the track, you never have the 100% of what you need to make the correct decision, but if you don’t make a change you are going to be stuck with that problem. So if you are pretty sure this is the change you should do, trust your instincts.

  1. What’s your favourite smell?

Fresh cut grass. A lot of people like it but it reminds me a lot of home. I grew up on a farm in County Cork, Ireland, a place called Kilmore near Bandon. My brother farms now, but that smell just reminds me of home a lot.

  1. What’s the worst job you’ve done?

I’ve liked most jobs I’ve done. I generally like working but I think the worst, not in terms of the work, but the hours, was my internship. It was a fantastic experience working with Daimler but it was there that I realised that I don’t fit the 9-5 role. We were limited to 35 hours a week, so myself and my supervisor used to pop out and then go back and work more! He was doing his PhD on the project we were on and I was an intern wanting to learn as much as possible, so the 35-hour week frustrated me a lot!

  1. If you could learn a new skill overnight what would it be?

A language. Without doubt. I find it very difficult to learn language and in this sport I think it would really help to have French, German or Italian. But in all honesty I’d rather have Spanish, because I love South America and travelling, plus some of my best friends are Spanish.

  1. Property aside, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

My car. It’s a Jaguar F-Type. I had the same car for eight years, a Lotus Elise, and it was a lot of fun and I found it a very beautiful car. It took me a long time to find a car I wanted to buy after that, rather than a car I should buy. So after I bought my apartment I thought ‘right, I’ve made a sensible investment, now I’ll buy something’ and the F-Type was it. It’s a lot of fun!

  1. What’s the best meal in the world?

Kobe beef steak, which I had in Japan. I was in Kyoto. I took a week off after the second time we went to Singapore, 2009 I guess. I went to Tokyo and then to Kyoto. I’d been eating a lot of typical Asian food for a while and I fancied a steak. It was amazing.

  1. If you were to sing in the shower, what song would it be?

I’ve never sung in the shower! If it’s like your karaoke tune, then I’ve only ever sung two things in karaoke: one was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles and the other was something by Rammstein, in Japan of all places. When we won the championship, myself, Sebastian and Michael Schumacher sang, I guess it was Du Hast!

source: redbullracing.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

coming soon

source: formula1.ferrari.com2017 photo album

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Sahara Force India F1 Team

2017 Austrian Grand Prix: Qualifying Report

Sahara Force India delivered a strong showing in Spielberg as Sergio Perez qualified in eighth place ahead of Esteban Ocon in ninth for tomorrow’s Austrian Grand Prix.


Q1 1:05.975
Q2 1:05.435
Q3 1:05.605

Sergio: “I’m feeling happy with our performance today. I think it was one of my best qualifying sessions when you consider how difficult things have been leading up to the session. I was P17 in second practice and P18 in final practice this morning. So to end qualifying in eighth place shows the mega steps we have taken to improve the car. It’s been a huge effort by the whole team. I was a bit unlucky with the yellow flag at the end of the session because there was an opportunity to improve my time. I’m really looking forward to this race and I think we will be even stronger in race conditions. We need to keep an eye on the weather, but wet or dry I think we can have a great race tomorrow.”


Q1 1:06.033
Q2 1:05.550
Q3 1:05.674

Esteban: “I am not completely happy with ninth place, given all that happened in the session, but it’s still a good starting position. My fastest lap in Q3 was set on used tyres, but the yellow flags meant I couldn’t finish my attempt on fresh tyres. I feel I could have been a couple of places higher up, but it’s the way racing goes sometimes – you have to take your chances when you can. We need to review if there is something we could have done better, but I am still feeling positive about the weekend. We improved a lot since yesterday and the feeling I have with the car is much better now than it was during practice. I enjoy this track and it’s a place where you can overtake so hopefully we can bring home some good points tomorrow.”


“After a challenging Friday, it’s great to see both cars qualify well this afternoon. It sets us up nicely for a strong race tomorrow knowing that we have a competitive car with solid race pace. The team has done an incredible job to get on top of the balance issues we had during yesterday’s practice sessions and the car is now much more to the drivers’ liking. The yellow flag towards the end of qualifying meant we didn’t necessarily maximise the session with either car, but we can’t be disappointed with the outcome of today’s qualifying session.”

source: forceindiaf1.com2017 photo album

Williams Martini Racing logo.jpg

Williams Martini Racing

Austrian GP Qualifying

Qualifying Notes

  • Felipe Massa qualified 17th and Lance Stroll 18th for the Austrian Grand Prix
  • Both drivers went out in Q1 on the ultrasoft tyre, but were knocked out of the session having struggled for qualifying run performance over the course of the weekend
  • Felipe’s best time of the session was 1:06.534, with Lance setting a fastest time of 1:06.608

Paddy Lowe, Chief Technical Officer: It wasn’t a good day for us. We simply weren’t quick enough, there’s not much more to say than that really. We’ve had good and bad balance through the weekend so far, but in the end it’s not about the balance, we just simply aren’t quick enough today. We did a lot of work overnight trying to understand the pace from yesterday but none of the things we’ve tried really adjust the fundamental issue, so we need to go away and analyse that further to see where we are. On the positive side, when we ran high fuel yesterday we looked to be in our normal competitive position and so we’re hopeful we can make some progress during the race tomorrow.

Felipe Massa: We definitely struggled to make the tyres work and get the best lap out of the car, so it was a disappointed qualifying for me and the team. I had a lot of oversteer in Turn Six, which cost me a couple of tenths. But we need to concentrate on the race tomorrow. We know that the race pace is much better than qualifying pace, but starting 17th definitely makes our life tricky and quite difficult for the race, so we need to concentrate 100 percent on that.

Lance Stroll: It is not the best day for the team as we just didn’t improve from yesterday. We have been struggling with the car all weekend and have been trying to work on the balance to improve it. We are simply losing time in the high speed corners to some of the other cars. On the positive side, we are better on our long runs than we were in qualifying on our short runs and that gives us hope going into the race. Tomorrow the race will be long and all we can do is see what happens.

source: williamsf1.com2017 photo album

05 - McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team

2017 Austrian Grand Prix – qualifying

“In a strong position to score points tomorrow”  

Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne line up a solid 12th and 13th respectively for tomorrow’s Austrian Grand Prix after underlining in qualifying the promising pace they’ve thus far shown all weekend.

A position inside the top 10 was a tantalising 0.052s away from Fernando, while Stoffel was just 0.191s adrift.

Fernando’s crew switched him back to Honda’s Spec Two power unit this morning after spotting an issue with his MGU-H last night. Stoffel will remain using his Spec Three unit.
The drivers

Fernando Alonso

  • #FA14  MCL32-03
  • FP3 15th 1m06.599s (+1.507s) 20 laps
  • Q1 13th 1m06.158s (on Options)
  • Q2 12th overall 1m05.602s (on Options)

“A positive Saturday. I feel we did the maximum today – I’m happy with our laps, our result and our performance in general this weekend.

“We had an unexpected change of engine, and I reverted back to the old spec today, so finishing P12 and feeling competitive all through quali was positive news. The team is working very hard to improve our situation: we bring aero updates to every race, we bring new engine specs whenever we can, and we’re definitely moving forwards.

“We still need to improve our reliability, but hopefully we’ll see further signs in the next couple of weeks.

“From 12th place, with a good start or a good strategy, we could be in a position to score points. There’s some possible rain forecast for tomorrow – if that turns out to be correct, it’ll probably open up more opportunities for us. We need to be ready to take them…”

  • #SV2  MCL32-02
  • FP3 13th 1m06.578s (+1.486s) 18 laps
  • Q1 15th 1m06.316s (on Options)
  • Q2 13th overall 1m05.741s (on Options)

“I think it’s been a pretty good weekend for us so far.

“The practice sessions have gone well and qualifying was more or less what we expected. This afternoon’s times were extremely close: it all came down to a couple of small details – with another couple of tenths, we’d have been into Q3. So today really shows that every improvement we bring to the car is very valuable – it all helps.

“We’re definitely headed in the right direction – every new piece of performance we bring is welcome, but we need to keep pushing.”
the management

Eric Boullier


“While starting tomorrow’s grand prix from 12th and 13th feels a little disappointing after the practice pace we’ve shown at times this weekend, it’s probably a fair reflection of where we are.

“Looking at the timesheets, we were frustratingly close to getting both cars into Q3 this afternoon – and a couple more tenths would have safely moved up us into the top 10. Nevertheless, starting both cars on the fringes of the top 10 gives us an opportunity to move forwards tomorrow.

“It would be fantastic to come away from this weekend with some points – that’s certainly our ambition – and I think we’ve got a realistic chance of achieving that if we can maintain this positive direction in the race tomorrow.”
Yusuke Hasegawa

Honda R&D Co. Ltd Head of F1 Project & Executive Chief Engineer

“We came into this weekend with two new Spec Three power units, and we were hopeful that both drivers would be able to break into Q3 in readiness to score some valuable points on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, after yesterday’s FP2 session, we detected an issue with Fernando’s MGU-H and it was necessary to change his PU back to the Spec Two to avoid penalties. Undeterred, Fernando put in a great qualifying performance, so it was disappointing that he was unable to fight for a place in Q3.

“Stoffel ran with the Spec Three today, and it was clear that he feels quite comfortable around this track and, as a result, closed the gap to Fernando. It was a shame he just missed out on the top 10, but encouraging nonetheless.

“Despite this, I think both cars are in a strong position to be able to score some points. We are expecting unstable weather tomorrow, and, as we know, anything can happen in the race, so hopefully we can capitalise on any opportunities that come our way and break into the points.”

source: mclaren.com2017 photo album

Scuderia Toro Rosso logo

Scuderia Toro Rosso


Carlos Sainz (STR12-02, Car 55)

  • Third Practice Session – Best lap: 1:06.284, pos. 10th, 19 laps
  • Qualifying – Best lap: (Q1) 1:05.675, (Q2) 1:05.544, (Q3) 1:05.726, pos. 10th

“A good qualifying! Before the weekend started, we knew this track was going to be quite tricky for us, but we found a really good set-up in FP3 that made me feel really confident with the car. As soon as the qualifying session started, we put in very competitive lap times and a P10 is a good place to start in tomorrow’s race. It’s just a shame about the yellow flags at the end of Q3 – I wasn’t able to set a time on new tyres; my Q3 lap time was done on used tyres and we’re only a tenth behind the Force India’s and Grosjean. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to improve, but after a tricky start to the weekend I’m happy with today’s result and I look forward to tomorrow’s race: we have a good chance of scoring points and we need to make the most out of our chances!”

Daniil Kvyat (STR12-04, Car 26)

  • Third Practice Session – Best lap: 1:06.279, pos. 9th, 28 laps
  • Qualifying – Best lap: (Q1) 1:05.990, (Q2) 1:05.884, pos. 14th

“How frustrating. In this afternoon’s qualifying we lost all the balance and therefore all the confidence I had in the car up until now was gone; it just felt the worst it’s been all weekend: I felt I had no grip anymore and my rear was sliding a lot; it’s really disappointing! Let’s see what we can do tomorrow, the good thing is that anything can happen on race day – we now need to evaluate all the options, look into the data and understand what’s best for us.”

James Key (Technical Director)

“It’s a shame, we did some good work overnight to pick-up a little more performance for today and the engineers worked very well at identifying the changes we needed to make without changing the fundamental set-up and balance we have had this weekend, that seemed to be working reasonably well this morning. The spacing between teams around us was again very tight, so we knew qualifying could be a bit of a lottery. We showed some good pace in Q1 and that looked positive for a potential Q3. Carlos found a lot of performance in his second run and that gave us a good reference point for Q2 with him. Then he put in a good lap during his first run in Q2, which was enough to see him through to Q3 – that was a great job. We knew we had a chance of Q3, although it was tight, but Carlos made it happen as we hoped, so very pleased with that! Sadly, he didn’t really get to show what we could’ve done in Q3 due to the yellow flags at the end. He did his first run on a used set of tyres just as a reference and we ran the new set at the end, but two yellow flags on that lap meant that his lap was not possible – of course, this affected many other people as well, but we had not had a new tyre run by that stage so we will never know what progress we may have made. For Daniil, he’s been happy with his car this weekend but this afternoon he felt a little bit of instability in some of the slow-speed corners, which he didn’t have this morning. Maybe this is something to do with a bit of wind or track temperature difference that we had in qualifying compared to the other practice session. However, he was less comfortable and unfortunately didn’t quite get a lap together – that we knew he was capable of – to get through to Q3. He starts P14, but we know he’s got the raw pace to do the job here and I’m sure we can progress from there tomorrow – it gives us freedom of tyre choice and strategy too so, although we’re a little bit further back than we’d like to be, not all is lost. With Carlos, we’ll do our best from P10 and see what we can do. We’ve got some cars ahead that we’d like to challenge and some cars behind that we’d like to keep behind, so there’s plenty of thinking and work to do this evening and we look forward to a good challenge tomorrow.”

source: scuderiatororosso.com2017 photo album

11 - Haas F1 Team

Haas F1 Team


Event:  Qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix (Round 9 of 20)

Date:  Saturday, July 8

Location:  Red Bull Ring in Spielberg

Layout:  4.318-kilometer (2.683-mile), 10-turn circuit

Weather:  Partly Cloudy

Air Temps:  28.3-29.9 degrees Celsius (82.9-85.8 degrees Fahrenheit)

Track Temps:  37.9-44.3 degrees Celsius (100.2-111.7 degrees Fahrenheit)

Pole Winner:  Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes (1:04.251 – new track record)

Result:  Romain Grosjean qualified 7th / Kevin Magnussen qualified 15th

Note:  Grosjean will start sixth due to a grid penalty incurred by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.

Q1 RunDown

●  Lasts 18 minutes, with all 20 drivers participating

●  Fastest 15 drivers advance to Q2

Grosjean:  8th quick (1:05.902), advanced to Q2

Magnussen:  12th quick (1:06.143), advanced to Q2

Fastest Driver:  Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes (1:05.064)

Cutoff:  Stoffel Vandoorne of McLaren (1:06.316)

Q2 Rundown

  • Lasts 15 minutes, featuring the 15 fastest drivers from Q1
  • Fastest 10 drivers advance to Q3

Grosjean:  7th quick (1:05.319), advanced to Q3

Magnussen:  15th quick (No time)

Fastest Driver:  Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes (1:04.316)

Cutoff:  Esteban Ocon of Force India (1:05.550)

Q3 Rundown

●  Lasts 12 minutes, featuring the 10 fastest drivers from Q2, all battling for the pole

Grosjean:  7th quick (1:05.480)

Pole Winner:  Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes (1:04.251)

Second:  Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari (1:04.293)


Haas F1 Team drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen qualified seventh and 15th, respectively, for the Austrian Grand Prix Sunday at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

Grosjean, however, will start sixth due to a five-place grid penalty being served by Lewis Hamilton. The Mercedes driver qualified third but incurred the penalty with a gearbox change following the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The FIA requires gearboxes to last six straight events and the gearbox in Hamilton’s car did not meet this requirement.

Grosjean’s starting position equals Haas F1 Team’s best grid slot to date. Grosjean qualified an outright sixth for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix eight races ago.

The sixth-place starting spot was earned by Grosjean advancing all the way to Q3 for the fourth time this season. He set the eighth-fastest time in Q1 with a lap of 1:05.902 around the 4.318-kilometer (2.683-mile), 10-turn track to move on to Q2. He then set a 1:05.319 in Q2 to record the seventh-quickest time and advance into the final round of qualifying. There, a lap of 1:05.480 before an electronic issue forced Grosjean to stop on track maintained his seventh-place standing.

Magnussen likely would’ve joined his teammate in Q3, but a suspension failure at the end of Q1 thwarted those plans. Magnussen recorded the 12-fastest lap in Q1 with a 1:06.143 to send him into Q2. But the broken suspension could not be repaired in time for Magnussen to get back on track, so he was unable to set a time in Q2, leaving him 15th.

Both Magnussen and Grosjean ran exclusively on the Pirelli P Zero Purple ultrasoft tire throughout qualifying.

Taking the pole for the Austrian Grand Prix was Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas. His fast lap of 1:04.251 set a new track record, beating the previous track record time of 1:05.092 set only a few hours earlier by Scuderia Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in final practice (FP3). Bottas earned his second career pole by beating Vettel by just .042 of a second.

Before Grosjean, Magnussen and the rest of their Formula One counterparts participated in knockout qualifying, they had one final practice to dial in their racecars for a quick lap around the track. Both drivers started FP3 utilizing Red supersoft tires for an installation lap followed by a 10-lap timed run. To emulate qualifying, both drivers ran their final outing on Purple ultrasofts.

Magnussen ran 21 laps and set the seventh-fastest time in FP3 with a 1:05.936 on his 16th lap. Grosjean tallied 22 laps and followed with the eighth-quickest time – a 1:06.015 earned on his 14th lap.

Quickest in FP3 was Vettel, whose fast lap of 1:05.092 was .269 of a second better than his nearest pursuer, Hamilton.

Romain Grosjean, driver #8

“We’ve been quick all weekend, Kevin and I. We’ve both been pretty happy with the car. Unfortunately, Kevin had the suspension issue in Q1, otherwise I think he would’ve been up there with us. In between Q1 and Q2 we found some performance. We had good grip in the car. I think we just lost an electric connection on the car at the end. I’m hoping it’s nothing more serious than that. It’s a long race tomorrow. It’s going to be tough on the brakes, tough on the engine and tough physically. It’s the second time this year though, after Melbourne, where I feel the tires are working well and I can really enjoy myself and push the car to the limit.”

Kevin Magnussen, driver #20

“We were looking good, so it’s really frustrating not getting the whole qualifying. It’s really unfortunate to break the rear suspension. It’s just bad luck. I think we could’ve gone on to Q3 today and had a really good chance of points tomorrow. Now it looks more difficult. We had been performing well all weekend. We had good pace and were in the top-10. I’m gutted not to get anything out of it.” 

Guenther Steiner, Team Principal

“A good follow-up from yesterday in FP3 – it was solid – and we carried it over into qualifying. Unfortunately, Kevin had suspension failure. His time was good to get into Q2, but he couldn’t drive in the session. Romain made it into Q3, which is very good again to be there. He then qualified seventh. On his lap with new tires he had an electronic issue – which we’re still investigating – but we should be on the grid tomorrow without any more issues. With the pace the car has shown over the weekend here, with Kevin starting 15th, we’re still very hopeful and very confident to get into the points with him, and for sure with Romain we have to keep him there. Hopefully, we have no more mechanical or electronic issues and we have a good race tomorrow.”

source: haasf1team.com2017 photo album

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Renault Sport Formula One Team

2017 Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix, Saturday 

Renault Sport Formula One Team’s Nico Hülkenberg qualified eleventh for the Formula 1 Grosser Preis von Österreich with a best lap set in 1min.05.597secs. Despite being less than two tenths off Nico in Q1, Jo didn’t make it into Q2 with his 1min 06.345secs time.

Nico Hülkenberg, #27, R.S.17-04, Q: P11 1:05.597 FP3: P12 1:06.563
“I’m satisfied with eleventh place, it’s a good effort. I put in a sweet lap at the end of Q2 and it was equally good fun to look for the last few thousands of a second. Tomorrow will be a tough race but we will get a free choice of start tyres and that’s a good position. It was a good job from the team.”

Jolyon Palmer, #30, R.S.17-03, Q: P16 1:06.345 FP3: P14 1:06.595
“I knew qualifying was going to be tight. The car feels better and the performance is closer this weekend so it’s a shame that we couldn’t hook it up in end but there is overall progress. We’ll look to have a good start and aim to get in the points tomorrow.”

Alan Permane, Sporting Director:
Overall a disappointing qualifying session.

How was qualifying for the team?

Nico had a decent session and it was good for him to get up to eleventh place. It gives us free choice on tyres but of course we always want more. Jo was within reach of Q2 but didn’t get through, we were aiming for a better grid position for tomorrow’s race.
What are the considerations for tomorrow’s race?

Regarding the strategy, all teams will probably be going for a one-stop race, like so many this season. The three tyres compounds are very close however and that may come into play. We have seen plenty of afternoon showers and even storms earlier in the week so the weather may play a part, we will be keeping a close eye on the radar.

source: renaultsport.com2017 photo album

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Sauber F1 Team

Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix – Qualifying – Saturday

Weather: sunny/cloudy and dry, 23-30°C air, 30-44°C track

The Sauber F1 Team will start the Austrian Grand Prix from P19 (Marcus Ericsson) and P20 (Pascal Wehrlein) on the grid. Since the challenging practice sessions on Friday, it has been clear that a difficult weekend lies ahead.

Marcus Ericsson (car number 9):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 01/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 19th in Q1 (1:06.857 min / ultrasoft tyres)
3rd practice: 19th (1:07.378 min / ultrasoft tyres / 21 laps)
“Although today has been a slightly better day for us, we cannot be satisfied with P19 and P20. Regarding my fastest lap in Q1, in comparison to yesterday, I was able to reduce the gap between myself and our direct competition. We made some progress, however, we have to continue improving. The race tomorrow is going to be particularly demanding for the brakes.”

Pascal Wehrlein (car number 94):
Sauber C36-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari)
Qualifying: 20th in Q1 (1:07.011 min / ultrasoft tyres)
3rd practice: 20th (1:07.468 min / ultrasoft tyres / 25 laps)
“Unfortunately, there was not much more that could be done during qualifying. After yesterday’s practice, today I continued to have power unit issues, and that made me lose pace, especially on the straights. As usual, I will do my best during the race tomorrow. The weather could also play a defining role at this GP.“

source:  sauberf1team.com2017 photo album

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Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying

  • Valtteri Bottas Claims His Second Career Pole Position, Using Purple Ultrasoft
  • His Team Mate Lewis Hamilton Will Start P8 Following A Grid Penalty: Uses Supersoft In Q2 As An Alternative Start Strategy
  • Cloudy And Uncertain Weather Forecast To Remain For The Race Tomorrow, With One Pit Stop Expected

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas set fastest time in qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix, using the purple ultrasoft tyre to go nearly two seconds faster than the best time in qualifying last year. His team mate Lewis Hamilton will start from eighth on the grid following a penalty but used an alternative strategy by selecting the supersoft tyre to set his best time in Q2. This means that he is the only one in the top 10 to start the grand prix tomorrow on this compound, which should allow him to run a longer first stint than his direct rivals. Strategy is obviously going to be directly influenced by the weather though, with the unpredictable conditions expected to remain tomorrow. If the race is dry, a one-stop strategy is likely for most competitors.


“The main point of strategic interest today was Lewis Hamilton’s decision to run an alternative strategy, which may have been influenced by his grid penalty. By running a long opening stint on the supersoft, he gives himself the option to go with either the ultrasoft or the soft to the end, depending on the race circumstances. It looks like a onestop strategy will be the preferred choice tomorrow, but of course this depends on the weather conditions as well, which still appear to be uncertain. Once again, we saw the speed of the latest regulations here in Austria: pole was nearly two seconds faster than the quickest time from qualifying last year.”

2017-07-08 - 2017 Austrian Grand Prix – Sets available for the race – Infographics

source: pirelli.com2017 photo album

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Renault Sport

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