Jun 02

A first race on oval track for Jean-François Dumoulin at the Delaware Speedway

NASCAR Pinty’s series

2017-05-21-3441Jean-François Dumoulin will participate in an event on the Delaware Speedway track (Delaware, Ontario) for the first time, tomorrow, Saturday, June 3rd. This is a new challenge that the #04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare / MIA team is determined to successfully face.

It’s worth noting that in 2015, at the wheel of a less powerful car than the one used this year and without any experience on this type of circuit, Jean-François Dumoulin was able to showcase his talents on oval track by finishing in the top 5 twice, and in the top 10 four times.

“It’s the first oval circuit race of the year, and we’re very eager to hit the track, especially following the tweaks we’ve made this winter, and knowing the efficiency of the Spectra Premium NSCR100 radiator. The #04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare / MIA car is powerful, and we want to have good qualifiers so we can compete with the veterans by the end of the race. Oval tracks are the specialty of Robin McCluskey, crew chief, and we’re working closely with him to deploy a solid strategy”, explains Jean-François Dumoulin.

The stakes of the 2017 season are especially meaningful for the #04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare / MIA team. With the announcement of the full-season commitment on May 19, the goal is now razor focused on accumulating as many points as possible at every race in order to be strongly positioned in the standings. “The team’s motivation and synergy are very present, and we show up at every race with the podium as our goal”, shares the eager driver of the #04 Spectra Premium / Bernier Crépeau / Groupe Bellemare / MIA car.

A return to the Delaware Speedway for the NASCAR Pinty’s series is proof of the innumerable amount of positive comments from the audience. The Canadian series had last visited the half-mile asphalted track of Delaware Speedway on June 15th, 2013. It is a rendezvous this Saturday June 3rd at 7:00 pm for the green flag.


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Following up on the success of the 2016 fundraiser, Dumoulin Competition renews its vow to support an important cause: the Grand défoulement of the Quebec Cancer Foundation. The winning formula seen last year will continue to be supported by the Dumoulin brothers, who once again invite fans to come to any race of the NASCAR Pinty’s season to sign their car for the cause (calendar on page 4).

source: dumoulincompetition.com