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Parry quickest on Day Two in Valencia

Koiranen GP driver on top in GP3 pre-season test in Spain

GP3 - Matthew Parry (Koiranen GP) Koiranen GP’s Matthew Parry posted the quickest time this morning on a wet track at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia on the second day of pre-season testing. The Brit’s best lap was 0.064’s faster than ART Grand Prix’s Nirei Fukuzumi. Ferrari Driver Academy and fellow ART GP debutant Charles Leclerc clocked the fastest time in the afternoon session.

Heavy rain had fallen just prior to the session so the 24 drivers were greeted with a wet track and much cooler temperatures at the start of day two. Conditions were fairly tricky at the beginning of the test due to the volume of spray as the grid ventured out on track with their wet Pirelli tyres.

Fukuzumi was the initial pace-setter before Campos Racing’s Steijn Schothorst took control of the timesheet after one hour and thirty minutes as blue skies and sunshine made a welcome appearance. Trident’s Giuliano Alesi went P1 as he was first to dip under the 1m30s bracket.

The lap-times continued to come down in the latter part of the session as the track dried with Parry recording a time of 1:23.549 on slick tyres. Russian Matevos Isaakyan broke into the 1m22s barrier, which was subsequently followed by a short red flag period after his teammate Ralph Boschung stopped on track.

Once the session resumed, positions swapped every few minutes with Trident’s Antonio Fuoco and ART Grand Prix’s Charles Leclerc first to lap in the 1m21s. Parry found some extra pace to go top before Leclerc retaliated and bettered the Brit’s time by two tenths. In the final ten minutes, Fukuzumi demoted teammate Leclerc to second by a mere 0.004s but the action wasn’t over as Parry returned to the top of the timings by 0.064s.

At the chequered flag Parry, Fukuzumi, Leclerc, Alexander Albon, Artur Janosz, Nyck de Vries, Oscar Tunjo, Antonio Fuoco, Alex Palou and Jake Hughes completed the top ten.

Following the one hour lunch break, Fukuzumi led the way early on before Parry again found some extra pace to leapfrog the Japanese rookie by three tenths. Leclerc lapped a tenth quicker to grab P1, whilst Hughes rose to second in the final half hour.

At the close of the afternoon session Leclerc remained unchallenged in front of Hughes, Parry, Santino Ferrucci, Boschung, Kevin Jörg, Fukuzumi, Alexander Albon, Jake Dennis and Konstantin Tereshchenko.

The third and final pre-season test will held at the Circuit de Catalunya on April 20-21 in Barcelona.

Day Two – morning session


Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Matthew Parry Koiranen GP 1:21.476 41
2. Nirei Fukuzumi ART Grand Prix 1:21.560 52
3. Charles Leclerc ART Grand Prix 1:21.564 50
4. Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 1:21.598 53
5. Arthur Janosz Trident 1:21.673 56
6. Nyck De Vries ART Grand Prix 1:21.697 53
7. Oscar Tunjo Jenzer Motorsport 1:21.796 48
8. Antonio Fuoco Trident 1:21.820 49
9. Alex Palou Campos Racing 1:21.989 45
10. Jake Hughes DAMS 1:22.016 45
11. Jack Aitken Arden International 1:22.041 54
12. Matevos Isaakyan Koiranen GP 1:22.056 46
13. Akash Nandy Jenzer Motorsport 1:22.088 54
14. Santino Ferrucci DAMS 1:22.147 41
15. Jake Dennis Arden International 1:22.189 57
16. Kevin Jörg DAMS 1:22/203 48
17. Giuliano Alesi Trident 1:22.340 53
18. Sandy Stuvik Trident 1:22.340 45
19. Mahaveer Raghunathan Koiranen GP 1:22.477 52
20. Richard Gonda Jenzer Motorsport 1:22.505 60
21. Tatiana Calderon Arden International 1:22.531 49
22. Steijn Schothorst Campos Racing 1:22.847 28
23. Konstantin Tereshchenko Campos Racing 1:22.850 29
24. Ralph Boschung Koiranen GP 1:23.466 28



1. Charles Leclerc ART Grand Prix 1:22.089 34
2. Jake Hughes DAMS 1:22.166 46
3. Matthew Parry Koiranen GP 1:22.195 46
4. Santino Ferrucci DAMS 1:22.243 42
5. Ralph Boschung Koiranen GP 1:22.366 54
6. Kevin Jörg DAMS 1:22.433 38
7. Nirei Fukuzumi ART Grand Prix 1:22.500 63
8. Alexander Albon ART Grand Prix 1:22.509 49
9. Jake Dennis Arden International 1:22.531 47
10. Konstantin Tereshchenko Campos Racing 1:22.588 31
11. Nyck De Vries ART Grand Prix 1:22.621 64
12. Artur Janosz Trident 1:22.627 38
13. Giuliano Alesi Trident 1:22.686 39
14. Steijn Schothorst Campos Racing 1:22.725 40
15. Sandy Stuvik Trident 1:22.775 46
16. Alex Palou Campos Racing 1:22.833 34
17. Richard Gonda Jenzer Motorsport 1:22.878 34
18. Tatiana Calderon Arden International 1:22.951 38
19. Antonio Fuoco Trident 1:23.007 53
20. Akash Nandy Jenzer Motorsport 1:23.169 49
21. Oscar Tunjo Jenzer Motorsport 1:23.232 45
22. Mahaveer Raghunathan Koiranen GP 1:23.505 29
23. Jack Aitken Arden International 1:24.961 48
24. Matevos Isaakyan Koiranen GP 1:25.078 42

source: GP3 Series



Trident Racing

Trident Racing


  • VALENCIA – 7th & 8th APRIL

On the first day we were just focused on aerodynamic tests and so we didn’t get any proper lap time.
We try to run in “not extreme condition”  with the morning Team baseline. Lap times were good and the balance of the car just needed some fix. The second day we did some set-up changes in order to understand the wet tyres behaviour. As the track was getting dry Antonio looks extremely fast on fresh tyres and he did his fastest lap at the end of the morning session.
In the afternoon we tried some different set-up solutions to accumulate experience on the car before to swap to race simulation.

Best Result: P8 on Day 2 AM
Best Timing on Day1: 1.38.861 – P24 AM & 1.22.684 – P16 PM
Best Timing on Day2: 1.21.820 -P8 AM & 1.23.007 -P19 PM


I think this has been a positive two-day test. We managed to log a lot of laps and carry-on some really interesting assessments to understand tyre degradation on long runs. The team did a great job, and now we have one week in order to prepare for the next test. Being consistently quick will be key as we look forward to the opening race.


As a general over view of the two days, it was a continuation of Giuliano’s development as a young professional race car driver in preparing him for the season ahead.

We worked on his technique in driving the car and carried out qualifying start and race simulation. We also worked on his development in understanding the data and building our working partnership and working with the team.

Best Result: P7 on Day 1 AM

Best Timing on Day1: 1.22.184 – P8 AM & 1.22.620 – P14 PM

Best Timing on Day2: 1.22.340 – P17 AM & 1.22.686 – P13 PM


The test went well, better than anyone would have thought. I was closer to the first one than I was at Estoril, I was even P1 at a certain moment. I still need to work on small technical details on my driving. The car is great, the engineers are great, everything is on me now.


For the first day we just carried out our program. Trying a few set-up changes in the morning ending up P1 for the session. In the afternoon we focused on a race simulation. The second day it started wet. The condition were changing fast as the temperatures started to come up. So we tried various set-up changes for this, to gain improvement for the different conditions. At the close before lunch break we ended up P5 for the session. The afternoon again we focused on another race simulation with some changes to the previous day.

We were quite happy with our test over the two days and look forward to the next one to continue our program.

Best Result: P1 on Day 1 AM

Best Timing on Day1: 1.21.755 – P1 AM & 1.22.545 – P12 PM

Best Timing on Day2: 1.21.673 – P5 AM & 1.22.627 – P12 PM


Generally it was another good test for me. From the beginning I was competitive in short and long runs. We improved the car that we had in Estoril and I was surprised how fast am I even if I was not driving perfect. Everyone was very close and with small improvement you could gain few places.

During these two days I did a lot of laps and we changed many set-up. I was happy how the car behave during long runs. I’m also happy that we had a chance to drive on the wet track for the first time in this year.

Now I’m preparing myself for the last test in Barcelona and I hope it will be again positive for me.


The work carried out by the team on Sandy’s car was above all focused on aerodynamic tests, so we didn’t get any proper lap time.

In the afternoon session we started from the team baseline created in the morning. We worked mainly in order to improve driving lines because Sandy likes the balance of the car. Lap times were in line with his team mates and also with the best lap times achieved during the late afternoon.

On the second day we were going around weather conditions for the first two hours trying different aero balance solutions. At the end of the morning session we were able to use new tyres.

We used our last set of new tyres early in the afternoon to be able to simulate race condition in the last hour. In race condition the car looks really good while we didn’t focus so much on balance the car for the single lap time on new tyres.

Best Result: P15 on Day 1 PM

Best Timing on Day1: 1.38.343 – P23 AM & 1.22.632 – P15 PM

Best Timing on Day2: 1.22.340 – P18 AM & 1.22.775 – P15 PM


I have some mixed emotions from the Valencia test. We continued to learn more about this car and feel we have a strong race pace and potential quali pace from all the information we have gathered. The Valencia circuit is a bit particular so I was struggling a bit with car balance throughout both days. I feel confident that in Barcelona we will be able to have a very strong car for both quali and race and I’m looking forward to finally testing on a circuit that we will use this season.

source: tridentmotorsport.com