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Canadian Grand Prix: The big race day

The Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix as lived from Flagworld

2015-06-07In the morning we were well prepared to catch super nice action shots of the start of the F1600 race, but unfortunately, faith decided otherwise since just a few meters after the cars started crossing the starting line, an accident happened at the very front of the field involving well known race Didier Schraenen and Olivier Bédard.

Flagworld photo album


Now again, at the end of the race we are ready to snap pictures of the drivers on the podium, including the second Master’s podium of Jacques Villeneuve, but again, faith decided otherwise as we were not able to make it there on time as we now needed and extra access pass supporting series on the Sunday of the F1 race. Nonetheless, we were able to get there on time for the F1600 Pro class podium.


Patrick Dussault, Zach Robichon and Jesse Lazare


Then is was off to shooting the start of the Micra Cup race which promised to be more than exciting with so many drivers on the same mechanic. We were on post at turn #1 for the start of the race and got to see local talent Olivier Bédard battle for first place for almost the whole race.


Olivier Bédard battling for first place

We also got to see another local talent, Valérie Chiasson, at the forefront of the action for the whole race. did you see it, were you there, do you know the final results of the race ? She finished third, making here the first female driver on the podium in Montreal. Check out our picture of how emotional that made her.




Now for the last supporting series before the big race, we saw ex Montreal Canadiens defenseman Patrice Brisebois make it the podium. In the past, we saw the ex Hockey Player, part time NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and Ferrari Challenge driver come as close as a last lap incident to make on the podium in Montreal, but this time was different, he made it all the way to a rewarded success. Here a shot of a deserving and happy Patrice after champagne on the podium.




We got as close as possible to the drivers for the ever popular Driver’s parade being right on the edge of the red carpet and also onto the track. Here are a few shots from that great moment.



Of course, we made sure to be posted in corner #1 photographer’s tower almost a full hour before the race, just so we would be sure we could bring you the best possible vantage point of view of the frequently eventful start of an F1 race. There where no great surprise during the race, spat from a spin from Kimi Raikkonen and the two McLaren’s not making it all the way to the end of the race, but we were there, and we tried to bring you eye catching images such as the Italian flag on the background of a Ferrari, this view from the belly of an F1 car, this one from the back of now of the cars, and last but not least, the winner giving out a peace sign and looking at us during press conference after the podium.


Lewis Hamilton seemed to be happy to win again!


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source: Dany Flageole, Flagworld.com