Dec 27

Sergio Rinland with Puma 3 M-Sport in Auto GP

Mr Rinland will be in charge of all technical Puma 3 operations

Puma 3 M-Sport Puma 3 M-Sport is pleased to announce the incorporation of F1 design engineer Sergio Rinland, as a new partner to the team that will compete in the next 2014 Auto GP Championship.

Mr Rinland will be in charge of all technical Puma 3 operations liaising with the track/data engineers and execute an extensive development and exploitation plans on the cars.

Together with Operations Director Jaume Pintanel, Rinland was recently in the first Puma 3 tests held at Vallelunga circuit with Italian driver Kevin Giovesi at the wheel.

Outstanding career

With more than 30 years career in motorsport Mr Rinland was the designer of several brilliant F1 cars, such as the Brabham BT56, BT58, BT59 and BT60, the first F1 Dallara of Scudería Italia and the Fondmetal GR02. Rinland also worked for the Dan Gurney Team in United States and, returning to Europe, was hired by Benetton from 1996 till 1999. As Sauber chief designer, Sergio penned the revealing Sauber C20 that pushed the Swiss team to the upper steps of the F1 ladder.

Owner of technical consulting firms Astauto and Sergio Rinland Consulting, where he developed a variety of racing electric and hybrid racing cars, Rinland has been recently working for several racing disciplines implementing his own F1 type car simulation system, tyre and aero development programs. In the simulation area, Rinland has been advising Hertfordshire University on their recently acquired Driver in the Loop Simulator as well as performing the simulations of the revolutionary Delta Wing Le Mans car.

source: Auto GP, autogp.org