Oct 06

Formula One teams Korean Grand Prix race report

Korean Grand Prix Formula One free race report

Today’s report from Formula One teams & drivers in Seoul.




Formula One teams Korean Grand Prix race results







1 Vettel Red Bull 55 1h 43:13.701
2 Raikkonen Lotus 55 + 0:04.224
3 Grosjean Lotus 55 + 0:04.927
4 Hulkenberg Sauber 55 + 0:24.114
5 Hamilton Mercedes 55 + 0:25.255
6 Alonso Ferrari 55 + 0:26.189
7 Rosberg Mercedes 55 + 0:26.698
8 Button McLaren 55 + 0:32.262
9 Massa Ferrari 55 + 0:34.390
10 Perez McLaren 55 + 0:35.155
11 Gutierrez Sauber 55 + 0:35.990
12 Bottas Williams 55 + 0:47.049
13 Maldonado Williams 55 + 0:50.013
14 Pic Caterham 55 + 1:03.578
15 Van der Garde Caterham 55 + 1:04.501
16 Bianchi Marussia 55 + 1:07.970
17 Chilton Marussia 55 + 1:12.898
18 Vergne Toro Rosso 53 + 2 Laps
19 Ricciardo Toro Rosso 52 + 3 Laps
20 Sutil Force India 50 + 5 Laps
  Webber Red Bull 36 Accident
  Di Resta Force India 24 Accident

Fastest Lap: Vettel (Red Bull) 1:41.380 (Lap 53)

2013 Drivers’ Championship – After Korea








1 Vettel Red Bull 272 8 6 6
2 Alonso Ferrari 195 2   1
3 Raikkonen Lotus 167 1   1
4 Hamilton Mercedes 161 1 5 1
5 Webber Red Bull 130     3
6 Rosberg Mercedes 122 2 3  
7 Massa Ferrari 89      
8 Grosjean Lotus 72      
9 Button McLaren 58      
10 Di Resta Force India 36      
11 Hulkenberg Sauber 31      
12 Sutil Force India 26      
13 Perez McLaren 23     1
14 Ricciardo Toro Rosso 18      
15 Vergne Toro Rosso 13      
16 Maldonado Williams 1    


2013 Constructors’ Championship – After Korea







1 Red Bull 402 8 6 9
2 Ferrari 284 2   1
3 Mercedes 283 3 8 1
4 Lotus 239 1   1
5 McLaren 81     1
6 Force India 62      
7 Sauber 31     1
8 Toro Rosso 31      
9 Williams 1    




Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: WINNER, Start Position: 1st

“It was a long race today, but it’s really great to win. The start was crucial, it’s always tricky here as you’re nervous about the long straight when you start from pole. Fortunately we had good traction off the line and I had a strong exit out of the first corner. We kept the lead and tried to control the race from there. I think Mercedes had more range than us today, but we were able to win which is great. It was a very strong performance from the whole team and I’m happy. We’re just focusing on continuing to take one step at a time and trying to get the best out of the car at every single race.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: DNF, Start Position: 13th

“The incident with Sutil was obviously the end of my race today. It was in Turn 3 on the restart, everyone bottles back up and I was looking for a big exit on the next straight to use some KERS on Daniel (Ricciardo) and the Williams. Then Sutil, I don’t know what happened, but obviously he hit me from the inside and that was that. There was quite a lot of damage at the back of the car and I hope it hasn’t gone towards the chassis – we will have to see before the next race. Before that I was very happy with how I drove and we’d got back to a very good position before I got the puncture. After the Pirelli tyre failure on Perez’ car, I was very lucky to miss the tread of the tyre that came off and then unbelievably I managed to get a puncture from going through the debris.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “A really disciplined drive by Sebastian today to win his third consecutive Korean GP. It was a race dominated by tyre preservation and Sebastian managed it extremely well. It was a great shame to lose Mark who would have been on the podium today after he picked up a puncture from the debris from Perez’ incident. Then, after that he was the innocent victim of the incident that saw Sutil losing his car and hitting him, which caused a fire. It was somewhat frustrating to see our car on fire for what seemed to be an age.”

THIERRY SALVI, Renault: “A win that was not as easy as it looked for Sebastian! With two safety cars, Seb had to do the job twice to increase the gap with the competitors and he’s did it very well, again showing his talent. It was a shame for Mark as he was really on for a very strong result in spite of his starting position. The collision with Sutil damaged the car and caused the fire. It’s too early to tell if we can re-use the engine yet – we will have to look at the damage. There is plenty to study in the week before Japan now, particularly with the strong position Sebastian is now in the Championship.”

source: Red Bull Racing, redbullracing.com

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Korean Grand Prix
Yeongam, 6th October 2013

Pos. Time Gap Laps FL L
ALONSO 6th 1:43.39.890 + 26.189 55 1.42.709 54
1st stop Lap 9 New Medium
2nd stop Lap 28 Used Medium
MASSA 9th 1:43.48.091 + 34.390 55 1.42.954 47
1st stop Lap 6 Used Medium
2nd stop Lap 29 New Medium
Weather: air 28/29 °C, track 30/32°C. Covered skyes

Stefano Domenicali: “After positive results in Belgium, Monza and Singapore, there’s no use denying that today’s result doesn’tmake us happy. We were hoping to be able to attack the two Mercedes on the opening lap, as we knew we could deal with theirrace pace. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the incidents just after the start affected our race, wiping out any chance ofgetting close to the podium. In these conditions we didn’t manage to get the most out of our car and now the only thing we cando is keep our concentration high for the next round in Japan, where we get an immediate chance to redeem ourselves. Even if theDrivers’ title is now an almost impossible target, we still have an obligation to continue to give our all to the very end of theChampionship, because we are still fighting for second place in the Constructors’ Championship”.

Fernando Alonso: “We knew this would be a difficult race and unfortunately the results confirmed the concerns we had alreadyexperienced on Friday, when we had a few problems with tyre degradation on the long run. It wasn’t a surprise to be off the pacein qualifying, as that’s been the case since the start of the season, but the fact that we didn’t have the pace in the race was one.Unfortunately, at the start, I couldn’t keep the Sauber behind me and that meant I had a particularly stressful race in terms of thetyres. What happened to Felipe at the third corner was not a problem for me: there were a lot of us there at that point andsomeone must have touched him. I tried to avoid him and continued without it affecting my race, because by then, I was alreadybehind Hulkenberg. Now we must think only about Suzuka and try to get back on the podium, rediscovering the form we usuallyhave on Sunday, that allows us to fight at the front. Vettel is a very long way off in terms of points, but above all in performanceterms and we cannot expect miracles between now and the end of the championship. Second place in the Constructors’championship is probably a more realistic target, but one thing’s certain, we are not giving up now and we will give it our bestshot right to the very end”.

Felipe Massa: “Today’s race was really very complicated, because my chances of getting a good result evaporated right from thefirst lap, when I found myself in the middle of a group, all of us fighting and I decided to go down the inside to try and brake later.Unfortunately, some of the cars were slower and in order to avoid driving into one of the Mercedes, I was forced to move over tothe right, ending up in a spin. Luckily, the car was alright, but at that point I was contemplating a race from the back of the pack.Thanks to a few nice passing moves I still managed to bring home some points, which was a good thing compared to how itlooked after the start. Today, we weren’t competitive and there were at least three or four teams quicker than us, includingSauber, but I hope this was mainly track dependent and that our car will be better suited to the Suzuka track”.

Pat Fry: “Today the top places were out of reach, in what was a very tense race for both our drivers, caught in traffic behind theSaubers from start to finish. On this track, their two cars were able to make the most of better traction on the exit to the cornersand their high top speed made life difficult when trying to overtake them. At the start, Fernando managed to close on Rosberg atthe first corner, but had to back off so as not to go off the track, which helped Hulkenberg get past on the straight. Once he wasbehind, he had to deal with tyre wear and it was a real shame, because our pace was not lower than that of the Mercedes. As forFelipe however, the spin going into Turn 3 dropped him to the back. On lap 15, after a climb up the order that took him tofourteenth place, he found himself behind Gutierrez. Both Fernando and Felipe did their utmost and fought hard all weekendagainst tyre degradation and graining, which was particularly high, because of the characteristics of this track. For Suzuka, we willtry and improve and get back to aiming for a podium finish, because we certainly don’t want to be fighting for sixth and ninth”.

source: Scuderia Ferrari, ferrari.com

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes


  • Korean International Circuit, Sunday October 6
  • “A difficult race brings out the strengths of our people”


  • MP4-28A-04
  • Started 11th
  • Finished 8th
  • Fastest lap 1m43.073s (+1.693s, 12th)
  • Pitstops Two: lap 4 (6.96s – nosebox change) and 22 (4.40s) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
  • Points 58 (9th)

“Turn Three was always going to be something of a mess on the first lap. And, sure enough, there was an incident; a car got hit, went wide and hit me. That contact damaged my front wing endplate. It didn’t really cause me too much of a problem in terms of staying with the cars in front, but it really started to hurt the temperatures, so we had to pit for a new nosebox on lap four. That cost me a bit of time.

“Our pace on the Prime tyre was very good, however, and I was able to run two strong stints on the Prime to stay in the hunt. During my second pitstop, the [pit-release] lights went green then went red again, so I briefly stopped as a precaution straight after I was released. I had a quick look behind me to check that everything was okay – everything seemed fine, so I continued.

“Considering those delays, eighth place wasn’t a bad result 

“Still, I was a bit gutted to lose seventh right at the end of the race. As soon as I lost the DRS to the bunch of cars in front, that was it for me: I couldn’t get any temperature back in the tyres. It was always going to be difficult with Nico [Rosberg] at the end: his tyres were almost 10 laps fresher than mine. I did 33 laps on my final set, whereas the previous set did 18!

“I’m really happy to have picked up those points – four points were about as good as it was going to get today.”


  • MP4-28A-02
  • Started 10th
  • Finished 10th
  • Fastest lap 1m42.973s (+1.593s, 11th)
  • Pitstops Two: laps 10 (3.24s) and 31 (17.04s – puncture & nosebox change) [Opt-Pri-Pri]
  • Points 23 (12th)

“We definitely deserved more today – we were very unlucky.

“With regards to my tyre delamination, although that particular set was already quite old, I braked at the same point as normal and got a flat-spot from the lock-up. I’d done 21 laps with that set, when, all of a sudden, the front-right just exploded, destroying the front wing.

“It was lucky, because there weren’t any other cars around me. Still, from a team point of view, it’s very disappointing for a single incident like this to destroy the good progress we’d made all weekend.

“Regarding Felipe, we were racing very hard trying to get some points – on one occasion, I thought he was going to leave me more space, then he turned in, I tried to brake and we touched a little bit. On the second incident, I thought I had the corner. I’m pleased that the stewards felt there was no need for any further action – it was just racing.”

MARTIN WHITMARSH Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“Sometimes, it takes a difficult race to bring out the strengths of our people – and I’m pleased that, despite our drivers enduring a puncture and two nosebox changes this afternoon, we still managed to get both Jenson and Checo into the points.

“That was achieved through a combination of great tactics – our strategists worked on the fly to ensure Jenson recovered superbly from an earlier-than-planned stop to replace a damaged front wing; well-executed teamwork – our mechanics performed brilliantly under pressure to replace two broken front wings and a severely delaminated front tyre; and great driver focus – Jenson drove a scarcely believable 33-lap stint on one set of tyres, effectively turning his race into a one-stopper, and Checo showed great racing spirit to take the battle to those around him after a delamination destroyed his right-front tyre and his front wing.

“To incorporate all those setbacks into a single afternoon, yet still run competitively, is a great bonus to the team. And while the final classification may only show we finished eighth and 10th, those bald facts cruelly fail to do justice to the way we overcame adversity on our way to those positions.

“Although fighting for minor points finishes isn’t really what we expect at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, today’s results were greatly deserved after a day of extreme difficulty.”

source: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, mclaren.com

05 - Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Doin’ It Right – 2013 Korean Grand Prix, Sunday

Lotus F1 Team scored its third double podium of the season as Kimi Räikkönen took second and Romain Grosjean third in an emphatic team performance at the Korean Grand Prix. Both drivers benefited from strong race pace and drove superbly – including dicing with each other – during a race which saw two safety car periods.

Kimi returns to third place in the Drivers’ Championship on 167 points – displacing Lewis Hamilton – and now lies 28 points behind Fernando Alonso in second. Romain Grosjean remains eighth in the standings on 72 points, 17 away from Felipe Massa in seventh. The team maintains fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship on 239 points from Mercedes’ 283.

Kimi started from P9 with a scrubbed set of super soft tyres, changing to new mediums on laps 11 and 25.

Romain started from P3 on a scrubbed set of super soft tyres, changing to new mediums on laps 10 and 31.

Kimi Räikkönen, P2, E21-05

“Second place is ok and a good result for the team, but we’re here to win”

“Second place is ok and a good result for the team, but we’re here to win and having to fight your way to the front from a bad starting position is not ideal. Qualifying was pretty awful for me, but it’s difficult to say whether a better grid position would have made the difference. Sebastian was faster than us at the end; not massively, but a little bit for sure and his tyres were fresher too so I think it would have been tough to catch him in any case. We were closer to the Red Bull today than we have been in some races, but not close enough. People might say it was good luck with the safety car, but sometimes these things go with you and others they go against you. We made up some places even before that happened, and if we hadn’t had the speed then we wouldn’t have been in a position to take advantage. You could see at the end that we had more than enough pace to keep the others behind, so I think it’s deserved.”

Romain Grosjean, P3, E21-04

“Our pace was great, but the two safety car periods hurt our attempts to battle for the win”

“It’s a fantastic result for the team. Of course, one step higher on the podium would have been better for me and two steps better would have been superb, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Our battle with Lewis [Hamilton] was good and our pace was great, but the two safety car periods hurt our attempts to battle for the win. After the restart I should have been in front of Kimi on the road, but it was my mistake which let him past. I went a bit wide in Turn 15 and got on the Astroturf – which is very slippery – and that let him get a run on me. Then there were yellow flags into Turn 3 so I couldn’t take the place back straight away. Of course, I was asking the team to let me past Kimi as I was on fresher tyres, but they left us to race which is our philosophy of fair play. You lose so much downforce in sectors two and three and obviously our cars are pretty close on performance so it’s pretty hard to pass, but we have to be very happy with a double podium.”

Eric Boullier, Team Principal

“We have a lot of promise for the remaining races and podiums are certainly on our agenda”

“Another double podium for the team is a fantastic result and it tastes like a race win this late in the season. Credit to everyone back at Enstone for delivering us extra performance from the long wheelbase car, as any gain towards the end of the year is especially beneficial as we fight for position in both Championships. The race team delivered a great strategy and pit stops, whilst both drivers drove exceptionally well. We have a lot of promise for the remaining races and podiums are certainly on our agenda.”

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director

“It was close between the two, but we let both drivers race to the end which was the right thing to do”

“A great result for the team. We thought we would be competitive coming into this weekend, and in the end we qualified well and raced extremely well. Romain drove an incredibly strong race, and without the safety car would have taken a very comfortable second place. There was an element of luck for Kimi with the safety car and he certainly made the most of that, before once more demonstrating that he never stops pushing by capitalising on the one mistake made by his team-mate all weekend. It was close between the two, but we let both drivers race to the end which was the right thing to do. All signs look positive for Japan.”

Ricardo Penteado, Renault Sport F1 Team Support Leader

“A fantastic race from both drivers. Romain was very strong in the first part of the race, controlling the pace and managing the fuel and tyres very well. We reused his engine from Singapore and everything worked perfectly. We were on the limit with Kimi’s engine with some of the richer fuel mixes to help him get through the field and maximize performance. A great result all round.”

source: Lotus F1 Team, lotusrenaultgp.com

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

2013 Korean Grand Prix – Race

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg finished in fifth and seventh positions respectively this afternoon at the 2013 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix.

Lewis ran a two-stop strategy using option/prime/prime with stops on laps 9 and 29.

His race was defined by a second stint where he struggled with high wear on the right-front tyre.

Nico also completed two stops, on laps 10 and 28, running option/prime/prime.

Nico was forced to make his second stop earlier than planned after a structural failure of the nose and front wing.

The team remains third in the constructors’ championship on 283 points, gaining six points on Ferrari this afternoon.


Car No.
Chassis No.
Result / Fastest Lap
Lewis Hamilton
F1 W04 / 04
P5 1:42.539
Nico Rosberg
F1 W04 / 03
P7 1:42.471

Overcast, humid, warm
Air: 27-28 °C
Track: 28-30 °C

Lewis Hamilton

That was not a great day for us and it feels like we deserved more as a team. After Grosjean got ahead of me at the start, there was no way past and it seemed that we were losing out to other on traction cars all day. In my second stint, running the prime tyre, my right front was just destroyed all of a sudden. When that happens, you start losing temperature, understeering and locking up under braking, so it was really hard to maintain the pace in those laps. It was a really difficult part of the race but I had to get to a certain target lap before I made the final stop. After the Safety Car, we were just losing out in traction to the Sauber. Our car was really strong through the middle sector but not quick enough on the straights to stay ahead. It was a nice battle with Fernando but it’s hard to take when it’s only for P5 or P6. It was just not a good race for us today but we have the chance to bounce back in Suzuka.

Nico Rosberg

That was another very tough race for me. I couldn’t believe what happened with the wing: I was on course for a podium finish after overtaking Lewis and two seconds later, the front wing just broke. It was pretty scary because that could have been a dangerous situation but the engineers told me over the radio that it was under control and I could carry some speed back to the pits. It’s a shame because the car felt great today and I found a good balance and how to get the most out of the car, which I hadn’t managed until this point of the weekend. It’s been a real up and down season so far for me but it’s good that we have another race in a week’s time. Our car is very competitive and I had good pace compared to the cars on the podium. So I’m looking forward to the next races.

Ross Brawn

It proved a very challenging race for the team and one which leaves us with the rather bitter taste of “what might have been” after finishing fifth with Lewis and seventh with Nico. The cars settled in third and fourth positions during the first stint and both looked very competitive compared to those around them. However, Lewis began to struggle around 13 laps into his second stint when he reported that his right-front tyre was no longer performing properly. At that point, we had a difficult decision to make: an extra stop at lap 22 would have committed us to a much slower three-stop strategy, or we could leave Lewis in clean air to tough it out and try and reach the target lap to make our two-stop strategy work. We chose the latter option but it was a pretty painful few laps as Lewis battled to minimise the time loss. On the other car, Nico’s tyres were in much better shape and he was running at the same pace as the leaders and well on course for a podium finish when he suffered a structural failure on the front wing assembly which forced him to make an immediate pit stop. The Safety Car phases ultimately made the final part of the race more comfortable in terms of tyre life but neither driver was able to make up much ground against the cars around them which had a traction advantage. It’s been a tough day and we will aim to deliver a stronger performance in Japan.

source: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, mercedes-gp.com

Sauber F1 Team logo

Sauber F1 Team

  • Korean Grand Prix – Race – Sunday, 06.10.2013
  • Weather: cloudy, 27-28°C air, 28-30°C track

Fourth for Nico Hülkenberg in the Korean Grand Prix is the best result of the season for the Sauber F1 Team, and these 12 valuable points have moved the team up a place in the constructors’ championship to seventh. The German driver showed his fighting spirit and spent most of the race fending off other cars. For Esteban Gutierrez he was just eight tenths away from scoring his first points after his race was compromised on the first lap through no fault of his own. The team now heads to next weekend’s race in Japan and aims to keep up this momentum.

Nico Hülkenberg: 4th

  • Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
  • Start on supersoft tyres, after 10 and 26 laps change to medium tyres

“Today I drove one of the best races in my career so far. I have had cars in the mirrors before, but today there were a lot and it was a bit annoying. Lewis really put the pressure on at the end, especially in the last sector. I knew I needed to get out of turn one well. The car’s traction was very good today, so that kept me alive against Fernando and then Lewis later on. We were also very fast on the straight. I had a good start, although on the outside into turn one, which was a loss at first, but then I had a real good slip stream and was able to get past on the outside. A big thank you to the entire team for providing such an excellent car today.”

Esteban Gutiérrez: 11th

  • Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
  • Start on supersoft tyres, after 8 and 31 laps change to medium tyres

“I had a very good start, then I arrived at turn three and saw what was going on. I tried to protect my position, my rears locked and that’s why I lost a couple of positions. To recover from that was quite a challenge. I had some good fights with Massa and Checo coming from the back. Of course, I wanted to score points today, but this is racing. It’s a great experience and will help me to improve my race craft. We had good pace today and are definitely able to fight in the top ten.”

Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:

“I am very relieved we were able to keep up our level of performance throughout the whole weekend. We went into the race with high expectations and it is a great feeling that we were able to meet these through our own strengths. Nico put in a superb performance and, once again, great fight, as it definitely was not easy to keep those cars behind him. Esteban had a difficult start, so struggled a bit more. However, all in all it is a great step ahead for the entire team and shows we are working well together at home in Hinwil and on the track.”

Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering:

“This is a fantastic result for the team, and we have picked up some very important points in the constructors’ championship. Looking at what happened in the race, today was a right front tyre management exercise, knowing where to be quick and where to protect the car, and Nico executed that exactly as we wanted. He withstood some immense pressure from a lot of very good drivers behind him. Esteban had a great start and turn one, but was unlucky into turn three, losing track positions due to other peoples’ mistakes. From that point on he came very close to scoring his first points, so can take a lot of positives from this race. We aim to carry this momentum forward to Suzuka next week. This is proof the hard work being done in Hinwil is delivering on the track.”


source: Sauber F1 Team, sauberf1team.com

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Sahara Force India F1 Team

2013 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix, Race Report

Sahara Force India was out of luck in Korea as both Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil retired from the Korean Grand Prix.

DNF (P20) Adrian Sutil VJM06-03

  • Tyre strategy: Used SuperSoft, New Medium, New Medium, New SuperSoft

Adrian: “I was quite unlucky on the first lap because after Massa spun everybody headed for the inside and somebody hit me on the side of my front wing. The damage was not too bad but I still had to pit for a new one. As the race went on I was able to fight back quite well and after the safety car I was in P12 and not planning to pit again. At the restart I lost the rear of the car under braking for turn three. I really don’t know why because I was not braking late and the car just snapped. I hit Webber so I apologise for ending his race. It’s a disappointing end to the race because I believe there was still a chance of a point.”

DNF Paul Di Resta VJM06-04

  • Tyre strategy: New SuperSoft, New Medium, New Medium

Paul: “I have to hold my hands up and apologise to the team. Maybe I took a little bit too much kerb and that’s sent me off the track. The way we’ve set the car up means it has been quite edgy and difficult to drive, and that’s what has caught me out today, although whether it has cost us points is hard to say. The performance in the race was not where we wanted it to be and the front tyres were wearing out too quickly. So we need to have a rethink ahead of Suzuka and go there determined to have a clean race.”

Robert Fernley, Deputy Team Principal

“It was not the easiest day in the office for anyone at Sahara Force India and we leave Korea feeling disappointed. Paul was pushing hard after his second stop and just made a small mistake at turn twelve. It was a fairly gentle tap against the barrier, but it was enough to damage the right rear corner and end his race. Adrian also had an eventful time, being a victim of the opening lap incident at turn three. Pitting early for a new wing dropped him to the back of the pack, but he battled back and was in contention for some points. Unfortunately the damage to his rear wing led to his eventual retirement. After a tough race like that it’s important we try and bounce back in Japan next week.”

source: Sahara Force India F1 Team, forceindiaf1.com

09 - Williams F1

Williams F1

Korean GP Race

Race Notes

  • Valtteri Bottas finished 12th with Pastor Maldonado 13th in today’s Korean Grand Prix.
  •  Valtteri drove a consistent race to move up the field, but ultimately did not have the performance to challenge the top ten.
  • Pastor had a strong start, moving from 18th to ninth after the first lap, and was fighting for a points finish until the final stint when he was overtaken by cars on newer tyres.

Xevi Pujolar, Chief Race Engineer: It was a busy first lap with Valtteri losing out in the incidents that happened ahead on track, whilst Pastor was able to gain from them and moved from 18th to ninth. Pastor had a good opening stint but graining on the front-right tyres of both cars was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. We still stayed on target for a two-stop strategy with both cars but after we moved from the supersofts to the mediums for the second stint tyre management was still difficult. Valtteri was able to manage the front-right slightly better because Pastor was pushing harder further up the field and we ultimately had to cut Pastor’s second stint slightly short. We used the two safety car periods to help manage tyre wear to get to the end of the race but we knew it was going to be tough. With more laps on his tyres than those around him, Pastor was unable to defend from Gutiérrez, Perez and Massa in the closing stages. We were close to fighting for points but the car pace unfortunately wasn’t quite good enough.

Valtteri Bottas: I was a bit unlucky with the incident on the first lap as I was blocked and lost a position whereas others were able to make up places. The first stint was difficult as I was struggling with the supersoft tyre, but the pace improved a lot in the second stint on the mediums and the safety cars allowed me to close in on the top ten. In the end it was all about making sure we still had the grip in the tyres to fight for some points in the final laps, but I think 12th was a fair result as the cars that finished ahead of us had better pace all weekend.

Pastor Maldonado: I had a very good first lap, moving up to ninth after an incident at turn three allowed me to make up a lot of places. I tried to maintain my position in the top ten but the safety cars hindered my race today as the cars behind were able to keep closing up behind me, and after the second restart they just had too much pace and were able to overtake. It’s disappointing not to finish in the points but the end result is a fair reflection of our performance this weekend and we need to work hard to find some gains for the race next weekend in Japan.

Laurent Debout, Renault Sport F1 team support leader: A chaotic race but one that almost worked out in our favour. Pastor did a good job to stay clear of the trouble and ran in the top ten for parts of the race. With a bit more luck we could have scored a point, but the conditions were just so unpredictable that it didn’t go our way in the end.

Track Korea International Circuit, Korea
Race length 55 laps, 308.630 kms / 191.77 miles
Weather Warm and dry
Temperatures Air: 27 – 28°C  Track: 28 – 30°C
1 S Vettel
Red Bull Racing
1:43:13.701 (1:41.380, 1st) 1 2 (11, 31)
2 K Raikkonen
Lotus F1 Team + 4.224 (1:41.975, 3rd) 10 2 (11, 25)
3 R Grosjean
Lotus F1 Team
+ 4.927 (1:41.936, 2nd) 4 2 (10, 31)
12 V Bottas Williams F1 Team
+ 47.049 (1:43.869, 14th) 17 2 (8, 28)
13 P Maldonado
Williams F1 Team
+ 50.013 (1:44.136, 17th) 18 2 (7, 23)

source: Williams F1, williamsf1.com

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Scuderia Toro Rosso

Scuderia Toro Rosso

2013 KOREAN GRAND PRIX – SUNDAY 06/10/2013


Jean-Eric Vergne (STR8-03)


  • Race
  • Position: 18th

“At the moment, we’re not quite sure what happened in the end. I felt the car pull to one side and something was clearly not right, so the team called me into the pits. Starting from sixteenth, this was always going to be a difficult weekend and after I made up a few places in the early stages, I began to suffer with tyre degradation, so I agreed when the team decided to switch me from a two to a three stop strategy. I just want to get to Suzuka and start again now, but we will need to do a lot of work if we want to return to the performance level we should have had here.”

Daniel Ricciardo (STR8-01)

  • Race
  • Position: 19th

“I think we did all we could today in the race. I had a decent first stint and tried to run as long as possible on the Prime tyre. The car wasn’t perfect but it was good enough to be in a points position with a few laps to go and I was hanging on nicely to ninth. It’s déjà vu, as I had the same scenario here last year, when I came down to Turn 3 with a few laps to go, I braked and the car immediately shot to the left. That time it cost me one place. Once I got out of the cockpit this time, I could see there was a mechanical problem at the front left corner. Personally, I was really pleased with my performance in the car today. Maybe we didn’t have a top ten car but I was able to fight in the top ten. But for myself and the team it’s frustrating to get no reward. Now all we can do is look ahead to Suzuka.”

Franz Tost: “Daniel was the only driver to start on the Medium tyre as we wanted to try something different on the strategy front to make up some places. It seemed to work well, as he made up a few positions by mid race. However, the Safety Car came at the wrong time for him, but we had to bring him in, knowing he would have a tough final stint on the Supersofts. But he did a good job of managing his tyres and defending his ninth place quite comfortably. Then with two laps to go, we had a mechanical issue on the car which we will investigate when we get it back and he had to park at the side of the track. Jev had a harder afternoon, starting from further back and, after making up a few places, the heavy traffic in the back of the field meant he had higher tyre degradation. We decided to switch him to a three stop strategy, but in the end we had to retire him with what might be a similar problem to Daniel’s car.”

source: Scuderia Toro Rosso, tororosso.com

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Team Caterham

Korean Grand Prix 2013

Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, South Korea – Sunday 6th October 2013  

Caterham F1 Team Partner Information
GE is ranked as the world’s third biggest public company (Forbes 2012) with an annual turnover of US$140 billion

Race: Dry, overcast / sunshine;  air temp 27° / track temp 30° (start), 27° / 29° (lap 27), 27° / 28° (lap 55)

Charles Pic
Start on supersoft tyres
Lap 9: pitstop 1, medium tyres
Lap 30: pitstop 2, medium tyres
Finished: 14th  

Giedo van der Garde
Start on supersoft tyres
Lap 10: drive through penalty
Lap 11: pitstop 1, medium tyres
Lap 30: pitstop 2, medium tyres
Finished: 15th  

Driver Quotes

Charles Pic, car 20, chassis CT03-#6: “That was a good race for me I had a good, clean start but into turn three I had to go off track to avoid Massa who’d spun and lost a couple of places. I made them up and for both the first and second stints the car balance felt good.

“We’d started on supersofts and they held up well for the first stint so we pitted on schedule and rejoined on a set of new mediums. As I say, the car balance felt good and I was on plan when the first safety car came out so we boxed right away for the second stop and at that stage we were looking at a long final stint to the flag. However, then the second safety car was brought out almost immediately and that obviously helped with the tyre management for the final stint. I did have some issues with the front right for the last few laps but nothing too bad so I got the car to the flag in 14th which is a decent result for us – not quite where we want to be but almost!”

Giedo van der Garde, car 21, chassis CT03-#4: “My start was great, really strong and when everyone was moving to avoid Massa in turn three I had to push out wide to avoid contact with a few cars around me. I really don’t think I’d pushed any other cars out on purpose on lap one but I was told to box for a drive through penalty because of what the stewards saw and from there my race was pretty much over. I served the penalty and then had to box again immediately as the supersofts I’d started on were done, so even though I was up as high as 12th in the first stint I rejoined in 22nd and set about catching up Chilton and Bianchi.

“I was up close to Chilton just when the safety car came out and the team did a great job to help me get past him with a really quick stop on the first safety car lap. That sort of teamwork needs to be mentioned as it plays such a critical role in the overall race, so the boys deserve a thank you for that.

“The second safety car came out almost immediately when Mark’s car caught fire and then when we restarted I had a bit of a lock up at the end of the main straight and Bianchi got past, but within a couple more laps I regained the place and was back behind Charles in 17th. I had a flatspot from that point in the race but kept pushing and finally finished in 15th, just behind Charles. Without the drive through I’m sure I could have finished higher, maybe not up in 13th, but close and while that’s obviously frustrating today, it shows how close it’s getting and that’s good for my motivation and the whole team.”

source: Team Caterham, caterhamf1.com

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Marussia F1 Team


  • 2013 Formula 1™ Korean Grand Prix – The Race
  • Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, Korea
  • Sunday 6 October 2013
  • BIANCHI MR02-02 P16 1:44.991
  • CHILTON MR02-03 P17 1:45.408

Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton achieved another two-car finish in Yeongam today, ending the 2013 Korean Grand Prix in 16th and 17th places respectively.

In a race where tyre management was the primary focus from the second lap onwards, the Marussia F1 Team were never really able to take the fight to the cars ahead. Instead, the strategy was to think in terms of the long game and protecting 10th place in the Constructors’ Championship. Only five races remain but the fact that this will be no easy ride was thrown into sharp focus today with rather too much attrition for comfort further up the field.

Jules Bianchi #22

“I was hoping to be able to have a good fight with the Caterhams today and despite the setback of the grid penalty I was in a good position after the first couple of corners of the opening lap. It wasn’t too long before we had to focus our efforts on tyre management and the first two stints were pretty tough as we were not able to push. In the third stint, when there was less to lose, we could give it more of a shot but it was not enough to try to take a position from them. We have a tough job on our hands in these next five races and it will require every bit of our focus and concentration, but we know what we have to do and everyone is working very hard for that. My thanks to the Team as it is not just tough in the cockpit!”

Max Chilton #23

“Overall, a good Team result today as we achieved the right outcome for our bigger picture. I think we were lacking a little in terms of our expected race pace but also we were unable to really push because of the need to manage our way through each stint with the tyres. The opening lap melée set me back a little but then I caught back up to Jules and the two safety cars meant that we never had the blue flag situation to worry about. The pit stops were really slick and I think we did everything we could. We are much closer to the Caterhams, we know that, but we need to be able to carry that through into the race to make things a little more comfortable. ”

John Booth, Team Principal

“A tough race today but one that the whole team has done a fantastic job to manage. Indeed, ‘Management’ was really the word of the day. We knew it would be tough to complete a two stop race, but we felt that this gave us our best opportunity of being in a position to take advantage of any safety cars that came along. The starts were very good this week and we have definitely made progress in this area. The rest of the race was really quite difficult in terms of continuous lap by lap calculations to determine the pace we should run at in order to make our two stop strategy work. This is quite labour intensive for the engineers and drivers but I’m pleased with the job we did with this. We are still a little way off where we need to be in terms of outright pace, however we can take some comfort that on a couple of occasions today we were racing our nearest competitor. We are hopeful that with a few smaller developments we have coming over the next few races, we can take a further step forward to ensure we are best placed to deal with any further races of attrition which may arise in the remaining five races, given our objective.”

source: Marussia F1 Team, marussiavirginracing.com

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2013 Korean Grand Prix – Race


Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel has taken his third win in a row to extend his championship lead at the Korean Grand Prix. The German stopped twice, to become the first driver to win in Korea from pole, and give himself the mathematical possibility of clinching his fourth world title in Japan next weekend. If he wins at Suzuka, and Fernando Alonso fails to finish higher than ninth, Vettel will be the 2013 World Champion.

All the drivers started on the P Zero Red supersoft tyre, with the exception of Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo, who started the race on the P Zero White medium. After some spots of rain during the morning, conditions remained dry in Korea throughout the afternoon, with the race starting in ambient temperatures of 27 degrees centigrade and track temperatures of 29 degrees.

Ricciardo’s strategy boosted him from 12th on the grid to fourth by the time he made his first stop for the medium tyre again on lap 18. He switched onto the supersoft tyre under the first safety car, and was set for a top 10 finish before retiring with one lap to go. McLaren’s Jenson Button was one of the few drivers who didn’t use the safety car periods to pit, and the Englishman finished eighth from 11th on the grid, having put on his final set of medium tyres on lap 22 and run to the finish.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “With the medium compound proving to be the ideal race tyre, most drivers aimed to get onto it as soon as possible, with teams reacting from the start of the race to the strategies that had been put in place by their immediate rivals. We had a tyre choice that may have been aggressive, with the supersoft being a perfect qualifying tyre and the medium optimal for the race, but this was in accordance with the requests of many of the teams. Regarding Sergio Perez’s front-right tyre issue we have been able to determine very quickly that it was the result of a flat spot caused by a lock-up under heavy braking. We’re obviously on exactly the same construction as we raced here last year, so there’s no underlying problem, while flat spots or punctures have just always been an integral part of racing. The two safety car periods had an important effect on the race strategy, which meant that all the finishers apart from one completed the race with just two stops. Without safety cars, we probably would have seen more people stopping three times, but it was always going to be within the two to three stop window, which has been our target since we came into Formula One.”

Fastest times of the day by compound:

   Medium  Supersoft Intermediate Wet
First  VET – 1.41.380  RIC – 1.42.947 N/A N/A
Second  GRO – 1.41.936  SUT – 1.44.095 N/A N/A
Third  RAI – 1.41.975  VET – 1.45.986 N/A N/A

Longest stint of the race:

Medium  33 laps  J Button
Supersoft  21 laps  D Ricciardo
Intermediate  N/A  N/A
Wet  N/A  N/A


The two safety car periods altered the complexion of the race, but our strategy prediction was not quite right when it came to the timing of the stops, although the broad scheme was correct. We said that the fastest strategy on paper was to start on supersoft, change to supersoft again on lap 20 and then change to the medium on lap 40. In the end Vettel went onto the supersoft on lap 11 and then the medium on lap 31 under the first safety car.

2013 Korean Grand Prix – Starting tyre line-up

At the 2013 Korean Grand Prix the drivers started on the following tyres:

 Vettel  Supersoft
 Hamilton  Supersoft
 Grosjean  Supersoft
 Rosberg  Supersoft
 Alonso  Supersoft
 Massa  Supersoft
 Hulkenberg  Supersoft
 Gutierrez  Supersoft
 Raikkonen  Supersoft
 Perez  Supersoft
 Button  Supersoft
 Ricciardo  Medium
 Webber  Supersoft
 Sutil  Supersoft
 Di Resta  Supersoft
 Vergne  Supersoft
 Bottas  Supersoft
 Maldonado  Supersoft
 Pic  Supersoft
 Van der Garde  Supersoft
 Chilton  Supersoft
 Bianchi  Supersoft

source: Pirelli, pirelli.com

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Renault Sport F1


  • Sebastian Vettel wins Korean Grand Prix for Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault, four seconds ahead of Kimi Raikkonen
  • Lotus F1 Team’s Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean finish second and third to make podium 100% Renault powered
  • Third all-Renault powered podium this season
  • Vettel has led 209 of the past 213 racing laps
  • Vettel’s win gives him a mathematical chance to seal championship in Japan

Renault-powered drivers locked out the podium in today’s Korean Grand Prix, with Sebastian Vettel (Infiniti Red Bull Racing) winning the chaotic race from Lotus F1 Team’s Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean. The perfect podium result is the third time this season that the podium has been 100% Renault-powered.*

Vettel – whose pole position yesterday took Renault’s total of F1 poles to 208, equal with Ferrari’s record – opened up a comfortable lead at the start ahead of Grosjean, who had jumped ahead of Hamilton on the first corner. The pair built up a cushion of several seconds over the battles behind and were able to pit and rejoin in formation. Vettel remained in front despite two different safety cars but Raikkonen got the jump on Grosjean before the second safety car period. The Finn had a standout race from P9 on the grid, overtaking Rosberg, Hamilton, Alonso, Hulkenberg and finally his team-mate to score his second consecutive podium.

Mark Webber started from P13 as a result of a grid penalty but quickly found himself into the top ten racing with Alonso and Raikkonen. The Australian looked set to move into the top five but bad luck struck on lap 31. Running just behind Raikkonen – who had just taken Perez for fourth – Perez’ tyre failed on the straight between turns two and three. The resultant debris gave Webber a puncture, requiring an extra pit stop. When the safety car called to clear the tyre shreds was eventually withdrawn, Webber was then hit from behind by Adrian Sutil. It appeared that the oil system was ruptured in the impact and caught fire on the exhausts, immediately putting paid to any hopes of progressing further. Webber retired on the spot.

Williams F1 Team had a positive race with Pastor Maldonado taking advantage of a first lap incident to move into the top 10. He remained in the thick of the action for the greater part of the race until a tussle with fellow south American drivers Esteban Gutierrez, Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez cost him four places. Team-mate Valtteri Bottas was also able to get past in the fraught racing action and the duo finally finished P12 and P13, unrepresentative of their ultimate race pace.

Caterham F1 Team again had a double finish ahead of both Marussias, Charles Pic passing the flag in 14th and Giedo van der Garde 15th.

*After Bahrain and Germany

Rémi Taffin, Renault Sport F1 head of track operations

A great result for Renault overall, but individually very important results for our partner teams, Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Lotus F1 Team. We are really pleased and proud to contribute to their results. A triple podium at this stage in the season – and at this stage in the life of the V8 – is a great fillip for the team back at Viry, showing we are still as focused on results as ever. Equally Williams and Caterham both had strong races and hopefully we can work together to end the season just as well.

The only negative note from this race is the bad luck for Mark. On first glance there appears to be a lot of damage from the fire and I’m sure there will be several enquiries as a result. However we have enough flexibility to be able to play around with the engines if we need to. It’s a short gap to Japan now and we’ll look at everything closely and see where we are there.

source: renault.com

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coming soon

source: Cosworth, www.cosworth.com/f1


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More of the same…fires and tyres!

It was another case of ‘so near yet so far’ for Mark in the Korean Grand Prix. After his last lap retirement in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, he was looking good for a podium finish at the Korean International Circuit on Sunday when his race came to a premature halt.

“In the end I was taken out by [Adrian] Sutil,” says Mark. “I was turning into Turn 3 when he t-boned me and the impact cut an oil line, which caused a loss of oil pressure in the engine. That’s why I stopped the car and the subsequent oil fire caused a lot of damage. I tried to get the marshals over as soon as possible, but it was burning for a long time. I hope it hasn’t damaged the chassis, but we’ll only know that when we get to have a proper look at the car.”

Up until that race-ending moment on lap 37, Mark’s pace was very good. He’d entered the Korean Grand Prix with a 10-place grid penalty and he set up his car for the race accordingly. Specifically, he gave his RB9 a long top gear to ensure he would be able to overtake and that proved very effective.

“The car felt good all weekend,” says Mark. “My pace was compromised in qualifying, but I had a good race car. I was careful during the early laps because I wanted to stay out of trouble and look after the tyres. I then made a few passes and was pleased with the way I was driving.”

Mark had climbed up to second when he made his first pitstop on lap 12, from which he rejoined the race behind Kimi Raikkonen. He stayed behind the Lotus driver until Kimi pitted and he then set about Fernando Alonso, who he overtook on lap 25.

“The pace of the car was good and I thought I could pick up a podium at this stage of the race,” says Mark. “I always enjoy dicing with Fernando, but it was difficult to do too much proper racing due to the tyres. You really needed to be careful, particularly with the front right.

“It all started to go wrong when [Sergio] Perez had his tyre failure. I’d just pitted for the second time and I couldn’t avoid the debris because I was right behind him. I got a puncture and had to pit again the following lap, which sent me back down the order.”

Such was Mark’s pace that he was still in a good position to pick up a lot of points – until, that is, he came to turn into Turn 3 on lap 37 and he was rammed by Sutil.

“I don’t know what happened with Sutil,” says Mark. “He came to see me after the race to apologise, saying he made a mistake, and you have to accept that. But the most disappointing aspect of this race was another Pirelli tyre failure. I was very lucky not to hit the tread of the tyre that came away from Perez’s car, but I didn’t have time to steer around the debris.”

Mark has little time to dwell on what happened in Korea because it’s the Japanese Grand Prix next weekend. Suzuka is one of his favourite tracks and he wants to get a good result on his final visit in an F1 car.

“Suzuka is a spectacular circuit,” he says. “It’s a real grand prix track because it’s old school, with some great corners and a lot of very enthusiastic fans. I think the RB9 will feel pretty spectacular around there and I’ll be looking to see the chequered flag and hopefully get back onto the podium.”

source: markwebber.com