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Formula One teams Italian Grand Prix free practice report

Italian Grand Prix Formula One free practice report

Today’s report from Formula One teams & drivers in Monza.




Formula One teams Italian Grand Prix free practice results


1 Vettel Red Bull 1:24.453 153.441 mph
2 Webber Red Bull 1:25.076 0.623
3 Raikkonen Lotus 1:25.116 0.663
4 Grosjean Lotus 1:25.116 0.663
5 Alonso Ferrari 1:25.330 0.877
6 Hamilton Mercedes 1:25.340 0.887
7 Rosberg Mercedes 1:25.367 0.914
8 Massa Ferrari 1:25.519 1.066
9 Button McLaren 1:25.532 1.079
10 Perez McLaren 1:25.627 1.174
11 Di Resta Force India 1:25.830 1.377
12 Gutierrez Sauber 1:25.888 1.435
13 Sutil Force India 1:26.028 1.575
14 Maldonado Williams 1:26.138 1.685
15 Vergne Toro Rosso 1:26.224 1.771
16 Hulkenberg Sauber 1:26.385 1.932
17 Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1:26.599 2.146
18 Bottas Williams 1:27.198 2.745
19 Chilton Marussia 1:27.548 3.095
20 Pic Caterham 1:27.696 3.243
21 Van der Garde Caterham 1:27.771 3.318
22 Bianchi Marussia 1:28.057 3.604



Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing



  • First Practice Session: Position: 4, Best Time: 1:25.753, Laps: 26
  • Second Practice Session: Position: 1, Best Time: 1:24.453, Laps: 39

“It will be very tight this weekend, as we saw in the first practice. It will be close tomorrow in qualifying with quite a few cars separated by only a few hundredths of a second. There are a few things we still need to do to optimise the car, as there are two or three corners where we are sliding more than we would like. It’s positive today, but it’s only a Friday.”


  • First Practice Session: Position: 8, Best Time: 1:26.103, Laps: 27
  • Second Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:25.076, Laps: 39

“We seem okay here, although it’s only Friday. We seemed good on Friday in Spa and then everyone was with us in P3. But, that said, the car feels good although we have some work to do to prepare for the race, so let’s see tomorrow.”



The team is made up of many people behind the scenes working to make a race weekend as successful as possible. Following our announcement of a new driver for next year, we spoke to a member of the team who recently joined us, to find out what it’s actually like to change teams:

Welcome to IT engineer Nick Gibbs, who joined us just before the summer break.

“This is only my second event,” he says. “I joined from Force India, the team I came into F1 with two years ago. Regarding my role, the work is similar; there are cables to connect and systems to check. Obviously Infiniti Red Bull Racing is a bigger team and that has an impact on what you do. There are a lot more people to get to know at the factory, which takes time. It’s not such a change in terms of working with the race team at the track, as that’s obviously a finite number so integrating has been pretty easy. The best way to describe it is that it feels familiar as the role is quite similar in many ways, but of course everything is done in a slightly different way. Changing teams is more about learning about the culture and the way the new team does things, with the different schedules and procedures – it’s not just a different colour shirt! This was my first move within F1 and that’s been quite exciting and moving perks you up a bit too, simply by virtue of everything being bright, shiny and new.”

source: Red Bull Racing, redbullracing.com

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Italian Grand Prix

ALONSO – chassis 299 MASSA – chassis 298
First Session P2 1:25.600 25 laps P14 1:26.449 16 laps
Weather: air 27/29 °C, track 29/35 °C. Sunny
Second Session P5 1:25.330 38 laps P8 1:25.519 29 laps
Weather: air 32 °C, track 46 °C. Sunny

Fernando Alonso: “The feeling is the same as any Friday, which means we’re neither very happy nor very disappointed with our performance level and we will have to wait and see how qualifying goes before getting a true picture. Red Bull seems very strong again here and we will have to do a lot of work to be as well prepared as possible for qualifying, in order to find those missing tenths. Although we have yet to analyse the data we have gathered today, some of the updates we brought here for this race seem to be working well, while others will require a bit more evaluation. We must get the most out of what we have available and try to have a good qualifying and a good race in front of our home crowd. Let’s hope the weather will also be on our side, as the forecast for Sunday is for storms and that’s why we must be ready to deal with whatever the conditions will be. Tyre degradation is very low here and we will definitely see fewer stops than at other races”.

Felipe Massa “Today we managed to test everything we had on our programme, which related to evaluating various aerodynamic solutions, looking for the ideal level of downforce. Now, our next task is to analyse all the available data to understand how to improve the car for qualifying and the race. Not everything went perfectly, especially towards the end of the second session when, as I was coming out of the first chicane, I had a gearbox problem. As I tried to change from first to second, it went straight into third and at that point, I returned to the pits slowly. We don’t know exactly what happened, but I don’t think it was anything serious. This won’t be an easy weekend, because our main rivals have set great lap times on both compounds and in race trim, but we will do all we can to be as competitive as possible”.

Pat Fry: “The Monza circuit is one of a kind and has always been a great challenge when it comes to aerodynamics. Here, as was the case at Spa two weeks ago, the compromise between the requirement for top speed and good traction to tackle the chicanes is the key to getting the best possible performance. Today, we had to try different specifications and for this reason we decided to split the work between Fernando and Felipe in both sessions. We ran a comparison of different low downforce wings, to find the ideal configuration. With Fernando, we got through the programme without any problems and he showed an encouraging race pace. However, Felipe’s track time was reduced because of a reliability problem on the gearbox. Today, we saw that Red Bull is very competitive and then there is a group of cars right behind, separated by very small gaps, which is usually the case here at Monza. We will now pay attention to every last detail to maximise our performance and put pressure on our closest competitors”.

source: Scuderia Ferrari, ferrari.com

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes


“A positive day in terms of understanding the car”


  • MP4-28A-04
  • FP1 1m26.035s (+0.470s) 23 laps 7th
  • FP2 1m25.532s (+1.079s) 42 laps 9t

It’s always fun to drive around such a fast circuit. You don’t really feel the speed, it’s more about getting used to the extremely low downforce set-up that we run around here.

“Early on in FP1, my DRS stuck open – we use a completely different DRS system for Monza because it’s a low-downforce circuit. The mechanism stuck open in the shroud – which was a mistake – but it was quickly fixed by the guys in the garage.

“Despite that problem, FP1 was actually better for us than FP2, when we weren’t quite as competitive. Nevertheless, there’s a little bit more pace in the car that I hope we’ll be able to extract – so it would be nice to get through to Q3

“We changed quite a bit between the sessions today, and we think we know what works and what doesn’t. It was a positive day in terms of understanding the car, actually.

“There are a lot of cars only narrowly ahead of us – it’s extremely close out there. So we’re going to work as hard as we can overnight. Having said that, we know that the race will be more important than qualifying.”


  • MP4-28A-02
  • FP1 1m26.007s (+0.442s) 24 laps 6th
  • FP2 1m25.627s (+1.174s) 39 laps 10th

“We managed to complete a very positive programme during both of today’s sessions.

“In fact, we got through everything on our job-list today, which is a real positive. As always at Monza, we tried varying levels of downforce – that’s an important thing to get right here – but it’s a very difficult decision to make around here

“Clearly, we need to make the right call for Sunday. In fact, as Jenson says, I don’t really feel that qualifying tomorrow will be quite as important as it usually is; the key for us will be to engineer ourselves a good set-up, with a good strategy, for Sunday.

“So, in actual fact, we’ll spend more time thinking about Sunday, and not so much looking at tomorrow. I’m not even too focused on getting into Q3, because I know our main aim will be about how we manage everything on Sunday.”

MARTIN WHITMARSH Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

“It’s always a special feeling when you hear a Formula 1 car fire up in the Parco di Monza for the first time each year – it’s a hallowed place for grand prix racing, and I always get a strong sense of the unique romance and history of the place.

“Given the particular nature of this circuit – where the emphasis is placed firmly on straightline speed and less so on cornering grip – Friday testing at Monza is invariably focused on finding the best compromise between speed and grip

“And that’s a complex dynamic: it requires an iterative approach to evaluating the car’s varying configurations as we work to provide our engineers with the broadest data-set from which to draw the correct conclusions.

“In many respects, qualifying tomorrow will not be our usual priority, as finding a set-up that enables us to run efficiently – in terms of both managing tyres and being equipped to overtake other cars – will be our key consideration for the weekend.”

source: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, mclaren.com

05 - Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Fragments of Time

Kimi Räikkönen ended the day with the third fastest time on the opening day of the Italian Grand Prix weekend, with Romain Grosjean fourth in the order with an identical lap time of 1min 25.116secs. Sunny weather characterised both of today’s sessions at the historic Autodromo di Monza.

Technical programme notes

Kimi ran all day with the longer chassis configuration E21.

Both cars ran with the slimline rear bodywork package in low drag Monza.

Kimi evaluated a different front wing in the afternoon.

Pirelli’s hard (orange) tyre was used in the morning and the hard and medium (white) compound slick tyres were used in the afternoon session.

What we learned today:

The E21 demonstrated good pace in all configurations utilised.

Kimi Räikkönen, E21-03

  • Free practice 1: P5, 1:25.941, 22 laps
  • Free practice 2: P3, 1:25.116, 36 laps
  • “The car felt pretty normal for me today.”

Kimi: “The car felt pretty normal for me today and we’re going to look at the data in order to make a decision on whether to use today’s specification or the older one. It doesn’t feel much different to me so it’ll be a decision based on what the data says. Today we were a little surprised to be third fastest, but we’re still quite far away from the fastest cars. There are still some areas for improvement so hopefully we can find more speed for tomorrow.”

Romain Grosjean, E21-02

  • Free practice 1: P12, 1:26.295, 23 laps
  • Free practice 2: P4, 1:25.116, 40 laps
  • “The timesheets showed that Kimi and I were very close.”

Romain: “We had a productive day today. The timesheets showed that Kimi and I were very close, however that doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. Kimi tested the new long wheelbase car and from today’s work we have sent data back to the factory and we will see what the outcome is when analysis comes back. As drivers, our feedback on the feel of the car is also key. It is hard to precisely compare the two though; it could provide more brake stability which is what we all want here in Monza, however each driver also has their own braking style.”

Alan Permane, Trackside Operations Director:

  • “Overall, the car looks quick, reliable and we’re happy today.”

“That was a fairly straightforward Friday for us with both cars evenly matched and both drivers happy. We’ve completed a good amount of low and high fuel runs as well as evaluating the two tyre compounds for race strategy. Romain was happy on longer runs whilst Kimi’s afternoon session was slightly interrupted with an engine water pressure issue during his long run, but this was no big drama. Overall, the car looks quick, reliable and we’re happy today.”

source: Lotus F1 Team, lotusrenaultgp.com

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Italian Grand Prix: Practice

Lewis and Nico finished the second practice session for Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix in sixth and seventh positions respectively after a productive day in hot, sunny conditions.

  • The drivers completed a total of 130 laps during today’s three hours of practice running
  • The technical focus was on aerodynamic evaluations and tyre comparison runs ahead of Sunday’s race
  • Overall, the team enjoyed a productive and trouble-free technical programme, a good starting point for the weekend
Chassis No.
Practice 1
Practice 2
Lewis Hamilton
F1 W04 / 04
24 laps
39 laps
Nico Rosberg
F1 W04 / 03
25 laps
42 laps
Hot and sunny
Air: 26-31 °C
Track: 30-45 °C


Lewis Hamilton

The car feels pretty good here today at Monza. The balance is reasonable and we’ve had a pretty smooth day, better than our recent Fridays in fact. Although we’re quite competitive, we’re not quick enough yet and will have to work hard tonight to see where we can make some improvements. Of course we don’t know what fuel loads other teams are on so we’ll have to wait and see but there is a bit of work for us to do if we want to compete right at the front tomorrow

Nico Rosberg

As usual on Fridays, we are a bit away from the quickest times, however we learned a lot today. Almost every single lap brings important information and I think our car is good again. We need to work hard this evening to improve further though as the Red Bulls are very quick again. Generally it’s a great atmosphere here at Monza; the track is absolutely fantastic and the fans are very enthusiastic. There’s always a great welcome for us here.

Ross Brawn

We enjoyed a trouble-free day with no major issues but it’s hard to judge exactly where we are because of differing fuel loads. We collected good information about the two tyre compounds with our long runs and the balance of the cars seemed reasonable. We will work this evening to see exactly how competitive we think we are but I think that we are in the mix, although perhaps not right at the front.

Toto Wolff

Both drivers completed a lot of laps today and gathered valuable data for the engineers to work through tonight. Now we need to analyse what we were lacking in terms of performance on both a single lap and the long runs, so that we can hopefully make a step forward tomorrow.

source: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, mercedes-gp.com

Sauber F1 Team logo

Sauber F1 Team

  • Italian Grand Prix – Practice – Friday, 6.9.2013
  • Weather: sunny and dry, 28-31°C air, 30-45°C track

During the free practice sessions for the Italian Grand Prix at the Autodromo di Monza, the Sauber F1 Team continued testing the passive DRS system. Unfortunately FP1 ended early for Sauber F1 driver Nico Hülkenberg because of a gearbox issue. The problem was located and repaired in time for the second session. For Esteban Gutiérrez it was a positive day and the team was able to run through the programme.

To highlight the new partnership between Grupo CP (Interprotección) and Unifin, which was announced this week, the rear wing end plate of the Sauber C32 is going to display Unifin’s logo for the Italian GP. Unifin is one of Mexico’s leading financial institutions specialising in Leasing, Factoring and Auto Credit.

Nico Hülkenberg:

  • Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
  • 1st Practice: 18th / 1:27.224 min (16 laps) / 2nd Practice 16th / 1:26.385 min (43 laps)

“It was quite a challenging day. This morning was compromised a bit by a gearbox issue, which we were able to solve before the afternoon session. When doing the long runs I felt more comfortable in the car than with low fuel. We definitely have some room for improvement there. We have to look into the data and analyse what happened, because I think we can be more competitive. Otherwise, as usual, we were learning about the tyres and the set-up.”

Esteban Gutiérrez:

  • Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 04/Ferrari 056)
  • 1st Practice: 11th / 1:26:194 min (25 laps) / 2nd Practice 12th / 1:25.888 min (40 laps)

“It was a very productive Friday, without any issues on the car. We were trying to find the right balance and set-up of the car in the morning. In the afternoon, we made a decision, which wasn’t the best. Overall it looked positive and we have very good data to analyse so we can make the right decision about the set-up of the car tomorrow.”

Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering:

“We split the development items between the two cars today. In FP1 Esteban got further mileage on the passive DRS system that is targeted for races later this year. Unfortunately we lost some time in FP1 for Nico with a gearbox problem, which we were able to fix, so both cars ran reliably in FP2. We evaluated some alternative rear wing levels and concentrated on the long run performance of the tyres at these high track temperatures in preparation for race day. It looks like the mid field is going to be tight. We still have some work to do to get the most out of the car and we’ll start out preparations for qualifying now.”

source: Sauber F1 Team, sauberf1team.com

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Sahara Force India F1 Team

2013 Formula 1 Gran Premio D’Italia, Free Practice Report

Sahara Force India made the most of sunny conditions in Monza to complete its free practice programme for the Italian Grand Prix.

Paul Di Resta VJM06-04

FP1: 1:26.594 P15 13 laps

FP2: 1:25.830 P11 40 laps

Paul: “The car seems to be relatively well balanced, but we’ve not been able to break into the top ten yet. So we need to work away tonight to try and improve things a bit more. Making Q3 tomorrow is the big target, which is definitely achievable. The field looks quite spread out here, certainly compared to some other races, but we seem to be close to McLaren. The tyres are performing in line with our predictions and we’ve got plenty of data to go through tonight.”

Adrian Sutil VJM06-03

  • FP1: Did not take part
  • FP2: 1:26.028 P13 37 laps

Adrian: “Monza is an unusual track so it’s been quite a challenge to get on top of the car today. There’s certainly a lot to look at tonight because we need to improve the car under braking and make it easier to drive as I’m lacking overall grip at the moment. For the tyres we have the data we need and the long run performance looked okay.”

James Calado VJM06-03

  • FP1: 1:27.041 P17 24 laps
  • FP2: Did not take part

James: “Amazing – that’s the only word I can use to describe the day. It took a while to get used to the car again, but once I was familiar with everything I was able to drive consistently and set some reasonable lap times. The balance felt good and everything ran smoothly during the session. I learned a lot and hopefully got some good data for the team. I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Sahara Force India for the opportunity and I’m already looking forward to getting back in the car later in the year.”

Robert Fernley, Deputy Team Principal

“A fairly typical Friday at Monza as we worked through our programme without any issues. James enjoyed his first free practice outing and did a great job. He was tasked with some suspension work and delivered a good performance with detailed feedback – which is just what we needed. We ran a new low downforce rear wing on the cars today, one that we first used in Spa practice, and recoded lots of aero data to help us find the optimum set-up. As for outright performance, it’s hard to know exactly where we stand, but we will certainly be aiming for the top ten come tomorrow afternoon.”

source: Sahara Force India F1 Team, forceindiaf1.com

09 - Williams F1

Williams F1

Italian GP Practice

Objectives: Set-up work, tyre runs, and aero evaluations.

Xevi Pujolar, Chief Race Engineer: In FP1 we did some rear wing level tests as well as some mechanical tests to achieve good braking stability and ride over the kerbs. In FP2 we split the cars for some further rear wing level tests. Valtteri was more focused on tyre work although we had a problem getting the top straight-line speed out of the car on his option tyre run which compromised that lap. We resolved this for the longer runs and his pace then looked consistent. Pastor had better performance on his new tyre run but he wasn’t as happy with the balance of the car on the long runs, so we need to do some work to improve that. Overall, there are positive results from all the tests we have completed. Managing the tyres tomorrow will be the key to getting a good result in qualifying.

Pastor Maldonado: We completed all the plans we had today. There is a lot to look at as we are close to the limit so it’s hard to find a few more tenths of a second. It is quite difficult to put a lap together as there is some inconsistency in how the car behaves through different corners, but we will see where we are tomorrow as the track is changing a lot. We weren’t able to improve our time too much this afternoon so we need to work harder to make sure we are better tomorrow.

Valtteri Bottas: It wasn’t an easy day today. We had some inconsistencies in the aerodynamics during FP1 and then in FP2 we were missing quite a lot of straight-line speed on my option tyre run. We need to look at why that happened as that is why the time doesn’t look so good on the board. The positive thing today was the long run as we were competitive compared to Toro Rosso and Sauber and I think we can really challenge them in the race this weekend.

source: Williams F1, williamsf1.com

Scuderia Toro Rosso logo

Scuderia Toro Rosso

  • Jean-Eric Vergne (STR8-03)
  • First Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:26.155, pos. 10th, 25 laps
  • Second Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:26.224, pos. 15th, 32 laps

“The car worked well in the morning, but we were not so competitive in the second session. On my short runs and also on the long one, I had a problem with the balance of the car, although this afternoon, that aspect was a little bit better than in the morning. Generally though, I suffered with a lack of grip, which I can’t explain at the moment. However, I am confident we can find ways of moving forward and enjoying a competitive weekend at our home race.”

Daniel Ricciardo (STR8-01)

  • First Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:26.387, pos. 13th, 21 laps
  • Second Practice Session
  • Best lap: 1:26.599, pos. 17th, 39 laps

“Our performance was quite good this morning and we tried to improve for FP2, but unfortunately, we seem to have gone in the wrong direction. Having run only the Hard in the morning, in the afternoon, I did not set a competitive time on the Medium. I did make some mistakes and I will admit to that, but there were too many of them so we definitely need to get the car to suit me a bit better. At the moment, it’s on a knife edge. I was happier on the long run I did this afternoon and that was the most positive aspect. Driving here at Monza is always different and this morning, on the first runs, you definitely feel that extra speed down the straight, which is a nice feeling and something I enjoy about being here.”

Laurent Mekies (Head of Vehicle Performance): “Like all the other teams, we have the usual Monza low downforce package here. We started off on the right foot this morning, pleased with the car’s baseline at the start of the session. We then managed to improve it over the course of the 90 minutes of FP1. We had some new elements to try and we tested them across both cars and we were also keen to get a long run test completed in the afternoon, which is always important at this circuit, as ideally you want to reduce the number of pit stops. Both compounds are quite closely matched and it will be a tight call to work out what is the best way to use them over the rest of the weekend.”

source: Scuderia Toro Rosso, tororosso.com

Team Caterham logo

Team Caterham

Italian Grand Prix FP1 & FP2

Caterham F1 Team Partner Information
As of 31st December 2012 Regus operated 1,411 business centres in 99

FP1: Dry, sunny; min / max track temp 31° – 36°, air temp 26° –
FP2: Dry, sunny; min / max track temp 43° – 45°, air temp 29° –

Fastest laps / positions:
FP1: PIC 1.27.818, 19th / KOV 1.28.192, 21st
FP2: PIC 1.27.696, 20th / VDG 1.27.771, 21st

Total laps:
FP1: PIC 24 / KOV 21
FP2: PIC 37  / VDG 38


Charles Pic, car #20, chassis CT03-06

1003 – 1006: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap (hard tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, front / rear brake duct blanking
1033 – 1044: Run 2, 7 laps (hard tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, front / rear ride height
1058 – 1111: Run 3, 8 laps (hard tyres)
Changes: n/a
1120 – 1134: Run 4, 8 laps (hard tyres)

1402 – 1415: Run 1, 8 laps (hard tyres)
Changes: rear ride height, brake balance
1427 – 1437: Run 2, 6 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: rear ride height
1446 – 1503: Run 3, 10 laps (hard tyres)
1512 – 1534: Run 4, 13 laps (medium tyres)

Heikki Kovalainen, car #21, chassis CT03-04

1002 – 1005: Run 1, installation lap, 1 lap (hard tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, front / rear brake duct blanking
1034 – 1046: Run 2, 8 laps (hard tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, rear brake duct blanking
1110 – 1128: Run 3, 12 laps (hard tyres)

Giedo van der Garde, car #21, chassis CT03-04

1405 – 1418: Run 1, 8 laps (hard tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, rear anti-roll bar, rear brake duct
1428 – 1440: Run 2, 7 laps (hard tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, rear anti-roll bar
1448 – 1500: Run 3, 7 laps (medium tyres)
Changes: front wing flap angle, front / rear brake duct blanking
1505 – 1532: Run 4, 16 laps (hard tyres)

Driver quotes

Heikki Kovalainen: “Overall I’m pretty happy with how the session
went. The main thing is obviously for me to help the team as much as
I can and in such a short session that’s always tricky, particularly
as it takes a lap or so to get back up to speed with the low
downforce package we’re running here. There was a little understeer
in the high speed sections but the main issue for me was braking
stability. That’s obviously important around Monza as there’s a
couple of heavy braking zones, but we made some progress on that by
the end of the session.”

Charles Pic: “FP1 went ok. The car balance was good right from the
installation lap and the rest of the session went to plan. We were
mainly working on mechanical setup options and running downforce
scans so the times weren’t really important, but it was still good to
see that the gap to the teams ahead is around where we’d predicted.

“In FP2 we started with an eight lap run on the hards but it felt
like the changes we made over lunch had a negative impact on the car
balance, increasing mid-sector understeer and entry stability in
particular. We made a couple of mechanical changes and then went out
on the mediums for the first time but the car felt very different
from the morning session, the balance wasn’t as good and there was
more understeer so we definitely didn’t get the time we could have
from that set. On the long runs the car balance was again not
consistent – we had both understeer and oversteer in the corners and
that’s obviously not what we’re looking for here. However, we have
accumulated a decent amount of laps and have a lot of data to work on
tonight so we’ll keep working and come back stronger tomorrow.”

Giedo van der Garde: “I was back in the car for FP2 and straight out
to start work on the hard compound tyres. On the first run my times
were ok but the traction wasn’t great and I needed a bit more time to
find the best line in sector one. On run two we made a bit of
progress and then we went for the first run on the medium tyres
which, honestly, was strange. The grip you’d expect from a new set of
options just wasn’t there – the car balance was fine, but we didn’t
find the time we should have found from the options so we’ll have to
look at that in detail tonight. On the long runs the pace was ok , as
was the deg levels, but we definitely need to look at how we manage
tyre warm-up and make sure we have options to fix the grip issue with
the options, especially for qualifying.”

source: Team Caterham, caterhamf1.com

Marussia F1 Team logo

Marussia F1 Team


Formula 1™ Gran Premio D’Italia 2013 – Free Practice 1 & 2

Autodromo di Monza, Italy

The first day of practice for the final European race of the 2013 season got underway in Monza today in preparation for Sunday’s 53 lap Formula 1™ Gran Premio D’Italia 2013.

The day panned out with a typical Friday programme, albeit with Rodolfo Gonzalez substituting for Jules Bianchi this morning, alongside Max Chilton. This was one of several planned FP1 sessions for Rodolfo this season, alternating between both regular race drivers. Jules returned to car 22 for the afternoon session.

Max recorded the fastest time for the Team today, a 1:27.548, to end FP2 in 19th position. Jules concluded his afternoon session in P22.

Max Chilton #23

“I am obviously quite happy with the first day of running here. We’ve had a smooth couple of sessions and made good progress through each, so to end the day ahead of my nearest competitors is a nice reward. We have done a lot of work to optimise our package for here, as low downforce circuits have not always played to the strengths of our car. We seem to have chosen a good direction though, the balance is good and let’s hope we can maintain this momentum through the rest of the weekend.”

Jules Bianchi #22

“Today was a little frustrating for me as I had a lot to achieve in just one afternoon session, so I was pushing hard and perhaps forcing myself into a couple of mistakes. This cost us in terms of consistency and although we have completed the programme, I feel there is quite a bit more to come from me and the car. It has been very warm so far but we need to plan some alternative scenarios as there is a strong chance of the weather changing later in the weekend. I hope this evening will allow us to play catch-up a little more so we can enjoy a smoother day for me tomorrow.”

Rodolfo Gonzalez, Reserve Driver

“It was nice to have the opportunity to drive FP1 at such a legendary circuit as Monza this morning. It’s a beautiful track and a fantastic experience in an F1 car. My programme was mainly aero focused, to enable the Team to start to evaluate the low downforce set-up we have here. Everything went according to plan and I am happy that my feedback is playing a role in moving us forward through the weekend.”

John Booth, Team Principal

“A good day for the Team overall in terms of achieving our full test programme. The first session this morning focused on aero-based tests in order to look at the set-up required for this track and also to collect data to further our long term understanding of the car. Rodolfo worked through the majority of this programme and drove well to achieve all the required data. Unfortunately this didn’t give him much time to concentrate on performance work but nowadays that is what FP1 is generally for. Into this afternoon, with the race drivers in the car, we turned our focus again to tyres with short and long run evaluations. Overall we are reasonably pleased but as usual on Fridays comparisons to others are difficult with fuel loads and other factors, so tomorrow will provide a better indication of our true pace.”

source: Marussia F1 Team, marussiavirginracing.com

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2013 Italian Grand Prix – Practice Sessions


The teams used the P Zero Orange hard and P Zero White medium tyres for free practice at Monza today: the ‘temple of speed’ close to Pirelli’s headquarters in Milan. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time of the day towards the end of the afternoon session, with a benchmark of 1m24.453s on the medium tyre. This was nearly one second faster than the equivalent session last year when Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton set a fastest time of 1m25.290s.

Conditions were hot and dry today, which is expected to be the case for the rest of the weekend. The drivers used only the hard tyre during the first 90-minute session this morning, before trying out the medium tyre as well in the more representative qualifying and race conditions in the afternoon. With many teams bringing a specific aerodynamic package for Monza, the teams concentrated on optimising the set-up to the tyres, as well as carrying out qualifying and race simulations with different fuel loads.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “The performance of the tyres was completely in line with our expectations today on what is one of the most challenging and atmospheric circuits that we visit all year, although we are obviously only at the very beginning of the weekend and there is a lot of data left to analyse. From what we can see so far, degradation and wear are at the levels we anticipated, with a performance gap of around a second between the two compounds – although this will come down as the circuit evolves. We’ll be looking carefully at all the data tonight, but so far we are on course for two pit stops for most drivers, with some cars perhaps trying a one-stopper. Monza has a number of different characteristics that sets it apart from most of the other circuits we visit this year, principally its sustained high speed, and this means that the set-up and subsequent effect on tyre usage is a key area. Consequently, the work carried out during free practice normally has a very important bearing on the race. This element of the grand prix, together with the characteristics of our tyres, allows several opportunities for strategy, which only adds to the spectacle offered by this famous and very popular circuit. Once more we’ve received a tremendous welcome and fantastic support from all the fans and we’re very appreciative of that.”

FP1: FP2:
1. Hamilton 1m25.565s Hard Used 1. Vettel 1m24.453s Medium New
2. Alonso 1m25.600s Hard Used 2. Webber 1m25.076s Medium New
3. Rosberg 1m25.704s Hard Used 3. Raikkonen 1m25.116s Medium New

Tyre statistics of the day:

  Medium Hard Intermediate Wet
kms driven * 2,357 5,300 N/A N/A
sets used overall ** 22 44 N/A N/A
highest number of laps ** 30 29 N/A N/A

* The above number gives the total amount of kilometres driven in FP1 and FP2 today, all drivers combined.
** Per compound, all drivers combined.

May the Force be with you:

Max. g-force braking (longitudinal force): -4.77 @ T1
Max. g-force cornering (lateral force): 4.35 @ T10

Pirelli facts of the day:

Pirelli has been based in Milan, around half an hour from Monza, ever since Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded the company in 1872 – but the Italian tyre maker’s head office moved to its present site, in the Bicocca district of Milan, in 1907. The company’s buildings were housed within the ‘Pirelli Citadel’ off Viale Sarca, shaped like an ancient fortress. By the end of the 1930s, the factory had reached its peak in size and by 1950 there were more than 12,000 employees. It was a real village, which even had its own railway line to transport products between the warehouses. These days, Pirelli (the fifth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world) employs over 37,000 people in more than 160 countries.

The thermal camera images that were shown during free practice on television today provide interesting data on the temperatures that the tyres go through at this high-speed track. When the tyres come out of the blankets, their temperature is around 80-90 degrees Celsius. During a lap, the tyres will heat up to a surface temperature of around 130 degrees out of La Roggia whereas it will go down to as low as 80 degrees before entering La Roggia. The second highest sector in regards to temperature is the long and fast Parabolica (125 degrees), followed by Ascari (120 degrees).

Under heavy braking or lock-ups, the temperatures can reach higher but this won’t last longer than a few seconds.

source: Pirelli, pirelli.com

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