Aug 12

Your high speed adventure awaits you in Montreal

With Patrick Carpentier, September 5 & 6 at Autodrome St Eustache

Formula GP Expérience logoConquest Racing along with Octane Racing Group will offer to Canadian fans the one and only North American 3-Seater GP Experience!

With over 2.5 billion fans worldwide, 300 000 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix visitors every year there is nothing that can compare to the sound and exhilaration of a real Formula 1 racecar, and that is exactly what they deliver!

The popular Patrick Carpentier, Champ Car, IndyCar and Nascar race car driver will drive the F1 3-seater cars At St Eustache Race track, near Montréal, September 5 & 6.

Experience the Rush of Riding in a Winning F1 Race Car for $999 CDN on September 5 and 6.

If you like to go fast, going really fast, here is your experience of a lifetime. Our program puts you next to a professional driver in a modified Jordan F1® race car with 2-side seats, testing all of your preconceptions in the 1.8 seconds it takes to get from zero to 60 mph. It’s not the top speed of 200 mph that make these cars so impressive, but the acceleration in which it gets there.

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Enjoy the Same Sensational Experience as a Real GP Drivers

Participants will start off by karting to get your body acclimated to the cornering, quick acceleration and braking forces before suiting up with authentic racing equipment. Once in full racing gear, participants will buckle in and get comfortable in the Formula 1 car and before you can get over the incredible exhaust notes only a real GP car can deliver, you’re off racing laps and diving into corners around the track for an experience that will be sure to last a lifetime.

Excellence and Safety are Our Primary Goals

Our 3-seaters is a 2003-2004 Jordan GP chassis with Judd V10 engines producing over 750 HP and a combined weight of only 640 kg, along with carbon fibre brakes and Pirelli F1 tires. Passengers can expect to pull up to 4.5 G’s in braking and cornering conditions.

“We are committed to making your experience unique and unforgettable. Our level of expertise, our team and the program protocol are state of the art. A pristine GP experience from start to finish. Our cars are equipped with a carbon safety cell and maintained by a professional racing team, Conquest Racing.” -Eric Bachelart, CEO of Conquest Racing.

Official Canadian Partners: Octane Racing Group, Pirelli, Total and St Eustache

For more information and a look at the 2013 calendar please visit: www.formulagpexperience.com

source: formulagpexperience.com