Jul 20

SRT Motorsports: American Le Mans Series keys for success

Each race weekend, SRT Motorsports provides insight on the ‘Keys for Success’ for the upcoming race.

SRT Motorsports  -WittmerThis week, Matt Bejnarowicz, lead engineer at SRT Motorsports, provides the keys for Sunday’s race.T

  • Track: Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Race 5 of 10 in the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron)
  • Race: Mobil 1 Grand Prix of Mosport (2 Hours 45 Minutes)
  • Trivia Question: Factory-backed Vipers have made two ALMS appearances at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in 1999 and 2000. What were the results?

MATT BEJNAROWICZ (Lead Engineer, SRT Motorsports)

Car Confidence: “Confidence in the car is important from a driver’s standpoint because he must have the ability to make adjustments and have confidence to go over the blind corners with commitment. Mosport is very fast so a high-downforce setup will be key.

Stability on Corner Entry: A stable setup, especially going into the corners, is important. The corners are what I would call fast, long corners. The driver has to use slow hands going into them; overall there’s not a huge place where the car needs to be quickly responsive. If anything, the car wants to be a little less response to give that driver the confidence and stability to go charging into a really fast corner, light on the brakes. With Mosport having the long, high-speed corners, you can’t really dive in there and try to take away a position. That’s why corner entry stability will be so important. In previous races there as an engineer, I’ve found it’s a little bit more difficult to get by traffic because the track is a little more unforgiving if you really want to try an aggressive move.”

Quicker Closing Speeds: I think you will see quicker closing speeds because Mosport is a faster track with high-speed corners. The Prototypes will have a bigger disparity between the GT cars because they have much more downforce; they’re lighter and move through the corner a lot faster than we can. I think you’ll see more passing in those high-speed areas at Mosport. In comparison, Lime Rock was a little bit slower and there were places where Prototypes, especially the P2 or the PC classes, were struggling to pass us. There’s going to be quite a bit more disparity this week.”

Passing: “It’s probably a little harder to pass at Mosport than most people think. If you look at the track layout, many corners require trailing brake into a corner; there’s not really places where you can out-brake ‘em in a straight line. Even at Lime Rock on the straightaway, we had intentions of setting the car up so we could brake well, get in a corner and try to take positions there because you could brake and dive into a corner.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Vipers scored back-to-back victories in the GTS Class in 1999 and 2000. Drivers Oliver Beretta and David Donohue scored the victory in ’99 while Beretta and Karl Wendlinger teamed for the victory one year later.

source: Denny Darnell, darnellcommunications.net