Jul 18

Ray Courtemanche Jr. victim of accident that ruined great performance In Saskatoon NASCAR Canadian Tire Series

Velocity Prairie Thunder – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

2013-07-07_0565Ray Courtemanche Jr. and the La Cité de Mirabel Inc. team competed in the second race of the NCaTS Western Tour, at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway, near Saskatoon (SK), on Wednesday night. Ray Jr. was driving a storming race before falling victim to someone else’s accident late in the 250 lap event.


He was left with 19th position at the finish, and a badly damaged car that needs considerable work to get ready for the next NCATS race.

Ray Jr.’s driving continues to improve race after race, and he was passing cars that had started in front of him in the 250 lap race. His own qualifying time had been a mere 0.5sec slower than pole position, a great performance and testimony to how competitive the NCaTS field is, as he started 20th despite the great qualifying lap. By mid-race, he was well on his way to his best performance so far in 2013. In the car, Ray Jr. knew that things were going very well; “The car was responding perfectly to my driving, thanks to the best car set-up so far this year from my team. And then I got hit in the rear and on the sides as I was setting up a pass on lap 177.”

The accident was violent: “My car went in the air at least 1 meter, then crashed hard into a wall, destroying the front end. I feel OK now but I know I will ache all over tomorrow morning.” The front part of the chassis and (car’s) body needs replacement, along with suspensions, radiators, discs and sundry brackets. This means a lot of work to get the car ready, especially given the time needed to drive back from Saskatoon to the Jacombs Racing shop near Toronto, then the drive to Montreal for the next race, a mere six days from now.

The next outing for Ray Courtemanche Jr. and the No 9 La Cité de Mirabel Inc. Dodge will take place on July 27, at the short Autodrome St. Eustache oval, just North of Montreal.

source: Baldwin Marketing, Julie Baldwin