Jul 16

Marussia F1 Team & Scuderia Ferrari announce long-term powertrain partnership

Marussia F1 Team and Pat Symonds part company 

11 - Marussia F1 TeamThe Marussia F1 Team and Scuderia Ferrari are pleased to announce the agreement of a new technical partnership which will see the Anglo-Russian team benefiting from a full Ferrari powertrain with effect from the 2014 season.

As a Scuderia Ferrari customer team and within the terms of the 2014 regulations, the Marussia F1 Team will receive the supply of an Internal Combustion Engine and Energy Recovery System, full transmission and all related ancillary systems.

Andy Webb, CEO, Marussia F1 Team

“The Marussia F1 Team is delighted to be entering into a technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari for the supply of a full powertrain from 2014. The importance of this development to our Team cannot be overstated. Not only will we benefit from a customer supply from the most successful engine manufacturer in Formula One’s history, but this also provides further confirmation, if it were needed, of our commitment to the sport and determination to maintain our progression towards our long-term ambitions. The new powertrain regulations being introduced next year represent the most substantial engine development within the sport since the introduction of the V8 formula and are all the more significant for the increased contribution of the Energy Recovery System. We look forward to working with Scuderia Ferrari during this exciting new era of Formula One competition. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Cosworth, with whom we have partnered since our debut season in 2010. We have shared an important part of our Team’s journey together and Cosworth have been an integral part of our clear progression. We will continue to work together during the latter half of the season to ensure we all achieve our combined objectives before Cosworth leave the sport.”


Marussia F1 Team and Pat Symonds part company

The Marussia F1 Team and its Technical Consultant Pat Symonds have reached an agreement for Pat to relinquish his responsibilities to the Team with immediate effect.

Pat began working for the Marussia F1 Team on a consultancy basis in the spring of 2011, the start of the Team’s second season of competition. This arrangement has continued since that time.

During the course of the past two and a half seasons, Pat has overseen the implementation of a technical team for the future, blending incumbent personnel with new team members from within the sport to create what is now a very robust technical structure with real strength in depth in all key areas.

With Pat moving on to explore new opportunities, the Marussia F1 Team looks forward to announcing its own plans for the continued development of its growing technical operation in due course.

John Booth, Team Principal, Marussia F1 Team

“For the Marussia F1 Team, each new season has seen a significant step change in terms of our growth and development at every level of the operation. The extent to which we have progressed was particularly evident as we embarked on the 2013 season, when our performance demonstrated just how much we have matured from a technical point of view. We have some very talented design and engineering groups in place who have achieved great things over the past few seasons and who are excited about maintaining our current positive trajectory, boosted of course by our new powertrain partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. We would like to thank Pat for the contribution he has made to the development of that structure. We look forward to announcing plans for our continued growth when it is appropriate to do so.”

Pat Symonds, Technical Consultant to the Marussia F1 Team

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Marussia F1 Team over the course of the past two and a half seasons. The Team has developed immeasurably during that time and it now has all the right people and resources in place to achieve great things in the future. I wish the Team the success it so richly deserves.”

source: marussiaf1team.com