Jul 09

Superstars International Series: New balance of performance decided for Portimao

Decision features air restrictor for Audi, less ground clearance for Mercedes, weight adjustments

Superstars International SeriesThe fourth round of the 2013 Superstarsworld is set to be live soon and will feature a new Balance of Performance decided by the series’ Permanent Bureau after Zolder, where Audi cruised to double 1-2 wins with Gianni Morbidelli and Laurens Vanthoor.

The Audi RS5 will be fitted again with an 85-millimeter air restrictor while retaining the 20-kilo break received before the Belgian round. On the other hand, the Mercedes C63 AMG racecars, both in their saloon and coupé configurations, will have their minimum ground clearance reduced from 75 to 60 millimeters.

The other decisions taken by the Permanent Bureau regard weights for more car models. The Porsche Panamera S will have its minimum weight reduced to 1255 kilos (25 less) while both the Chevrolet Lumina CR8 and the Cadillac CTS-V will benefit from a 30-kilo break from Portugal onwards and will now weight now 1.290 and 1.340 kilos.

source: gruppofg.com, garagegroup.it