Jul 05

SRT Motorsports: Keys for success at Lime Rock

SRT Motorsports, SRT Viper GTS-R Racing Team at American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix

SRT® Motorsports – SRT Viper ALMS Race Advance – Round 4 – Lime Rock MotorsportsEach race weekend, SRT® Motorsports provides insight on the ‘Keys for Success’ for the upcoming race. This week, Matt Bejnarowicz, lead engineer at SRT Motorsports, provides the keys for Saturday’s race.

Track: Lime Rock Park (Race 4 of 10 in the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron)

Race: American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix (2 Hours 45 Minutes)

Trivia Question: In 2000, the Viper became the first production-based American car to capture the overall win in what 24-Hour race?

MATT BEJNAROWICZ (Lead Engineer, SRT Motorsports)

Right Handers: “What’s unique about Lime Rock is it’s almost all right-hand turns. There’s only one left-hander and it’s not too important to the lap time. Teams will go with a pretty asymmetrical setup, almost like a circle-track setup. That’s probably the biggest challenge. It’s a real short track with a lot of traffic and a lot of overtaking. It’s probably the only track that we’ll visit this year that will have a setup that’s heavily biased to right-hand turns.”

Initial Setup: “It’s important to come off the truck will a pretty reasonable setup. That’s a pretty big challenge just because we’ve never been here. Luckily Riley (Technologies) has a long history of all kinds of cars, not just road racing with symmetrical setups but a big background in asymmetrical and circle track setups. We’ll rely heavily on their expertise to get us prepared for this event in a short time period.”

To Podium You Must Be Perfect: “We saw at Laguna if you lost a few seconds on a pit stop you were going to go backwards in that four-hour race. We had five cars that were nose to tail at the end. I think at all the tracks that we’re going to race at this season, we pretty much have to run a perfect race if we want to be at the top. You can’t give up anything. You can’t have a bad chassis setup, bad pit stop, bad race strategy or those things that come into play if you want to be at the front.”

TRIVIA ANSWER: In 2000, the Viper captured the overall victory in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The car was driven by Olivier Beretta, Karl Wendlinger and Dominique Dupy completed 723 laps.

source: Denny Darnell, darnellcommunications.net