Jun 24

Ray Jr. Courtemanche shows improvement and grit again in La Cité de Mirabel inc. racer

Ray Jr. Courtemanche once again showed how determined he is to put his No 29 La Cité de Mirabel inc. Dodge where it belongs on the result sheet.

Ra yJr Courtemanche_CTMP_2This past Saturday, Ray Jr. demonstrated how quickly he is learning the tricks of oval racing, this time in the Clarington 200, held at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, near Bowmanville, Ont.

Ray Jr. was glad to be back and eager to race in the Clarington 200, the third event of the NCaTS 2013 season. He had bounced back completely from a tough race the previous weekend and was ready to go, displaying all of his usual enthusiasm.

Some morning rain showers had cut practice time to one short session, during which Ray Jr. continued to fine-tune the car to his liking as he learned the track. He took the start in 21st place and raced hard and error-free, climbing to 15th position at the finish. This result puts Ray Jr. 13th in the 2013 season points total.

“I managed to avoid several incidents that happened in front of me, including a major multi-car crash. Towards the end of the race, I did hit one car. The impact destroyed the front bodywork and folded up the hood of my No 29 La Cité de Mirabel inc. Dodge, severely cutting down my visibility over the last 34 laps of the race.

Ray Jr. was happy with his performance after the race. “The Team is getting much better results than last year. We can now string together some quick laps during the race and the car always acts predictably, making it easier for me to build up my speed.”

After two races on oval tracks on consecutive weekends, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series moves back to Quebec for the second road course event or the 2013 season, at Circuit ICAR, just North of Montreal.

Andrew Ranger, multiple race winner and two-time NCaTS Season Champion will join the La Cité de Mirabel inc. team in the No 27 car for the ICAR race, this coming July 6 and 7. As in past years, Andrew will be there to win and is certain to put on a great show.

Both Ray Jr. and Andrew will be at ICAR this June 26 for some practice. Media are welcome at this closed event.

source: Julie Baldwin