Jun 09

Stephane Ratel: “Auto GP cars are quick and exciting”

“Auto GP looks like a good proving ground for professional drivers”

Stephane Ratel - Enzo ColoniLast weekend, Auto GP joined the Blancpain Endurance Series for the first time in Silverstone, one of the top venues for Grand Touringcar championship organized by SRO.

Stephane Ratel, who created the series, was on the podium for the post-Race 1 Auto GP ceremony, and awarded the top-3 finishers. He shared some thoughts about Auto GP after the race.

Did you enjoy Auto GP races in Silverstone?

“Yes I certainly did. It was a good show with a very obvious level of skill and speed from a fine grid of cars and drivers. The series has been running for a good number of years and seems to have solid foundations. Enzo and Paolo Coloni obviously know what they are doing”.

What did you impress most of Auto GP race?

“The noise! The Auto GP cars are spectacular and fast. They are very visible too but it is the noise which thrills the spectators the most”.

Do you think Auto GP format is ideal to be part of a racing week-end with other series like GT and maybe F3?

“Yes, because the Auto GP series brought great variety to a Blancpain Endurance Series package this weekend. You need to have a selection of different looking and different handling cars for the public and for TV. We are also seeing now more and more drivers have duel careers in single-seater and GT cars so it makes sense to have them together at great F1 circuits. We would see no problem in having the Cooper Tyres British F3 International Series and Auto GP on some of the same event in the same way we had the Formula Renault NEC with Auto GP this weekend at Silverstone”.

Finally, how do you judge Auto GP compared to other feeder series for F1 in Motorsport?

“From what I have seen Auto GP looks like a good proving ground for professional drivers. The cars are big and have a lot of power so after a driver races in F3, it seems to be a good option both in a sporting and commercial sense”.

source: Auto GP, autogp.org