Jun 09

Formula Tour 1600: Montreal Grand Prix – Exclusive Autosport Finishes One, Two

Spectrum and Exclusive Autosport have found the podium at the Grand Prix Montreal

2013-06-08_1164Thomas McGregor (21, Saskatoon, SK) driver of the #93 Exclusive Autosport (EA) / Exclusive Management Inc. / Dairy Queen Spectrum Honda captured the win in race one in the Formula Tour 1600 Championship at The Grand Prix F1 Montreal.

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Jack Mitchell Jr. (17, Clarendon Hills, Illinois), driver of the #90 Exclusive Autosport / Exclusive Management Inc. Spectrum Honda captured second position in today’s thrilling race. Today marks the first time Honda, Spectrum and Exclusive Autosport have found the podium at the Grand Prix Montreal.

McGregor started today’s race from the pole position, while Jack started from P3. Fans were in for a really good show as the field of 36 F1600’s went to battle. Mitchell gained one position in the first corner, tucking in behind his EA teammate. The two navigated the their way around the 4.261 km, 13-turn road course as they began to build a gap between them and the rest of the field.

The battle really started to heat up between the leaders with the two exchanging positions with Mitchell Jr. taking over the lead on the 2nd lap. Jack began to open a gap between himself and McGregor. His lead dissipated after coming up on lap traffic, re-kindling the battle between teammates.

With approximately ten minutes to go in the race, McGregor made a thrilling pass in the chicane(turns 12 and 13) to take over the lead. You could hear the crowd cheering in the background as the the two raced head-to-head during the last lap. Mitchell Jr. made a daring move on the last lap through turns 12 and 13 to over take the lead one last time. He however had to use the run off area and therefore the pass was not legal. McGregor finished the race P1 with Mitchell Jr. in P2. The two had a nineteen second advantage over Scott Hargrove (current USF2000 Championship Points Leader) in the #4 Brian Graham Racing Piper Honda.

Mitchell Jr. (Pole) and McGregor (P2) will make up the all Exclusive Autosport front row in tomorrow’s start of race two.

McGregor and Mitchell Jr.’s teammates however, did not fare as well today. Tristan DeGrand (17 Eureka, Missouri; #92 Golf Pro Am USA / Exclusive Autosport Spectrum Honda) started the race from 8th position. He battled hard, making incredible passes to put himself in 3rd position. He came up upon lap traffic and moved to the inside of turn one to make a pass. A competitor hit him from behind and took him out of the race. DeGrand will start in P18 for tomorrow’s second race.

Max Hanratty (19, Hartland, Wisconsin; #91 SynerComm Inc.,/ Exclusive Autosport Spectrum Honda) started the race well into the top ten in sixth position. He lost a few positions off the start and found himself in 11th position, running a clean race. The back end of his #91 got loose on him and he brushed the wall, ending his day early.. Hanratty will start 13th tomorrow morning.

Exclusive Autosport, the Spectrum factory team owned by Exclusive Management Inc., would like to thank their technical partners and sponsors, Spectrum Race Cars, Honda Performance Developments (HPD), Sparco USA, Flag World, SynerComm Inc., Pro Am Golf USA, Dairy Queen.

For more information about Exclusive Autosport, the drivers or how to purchase a Spectrum Race Car from Exclusive Management Inc. (the Canadian importer and distributor), contact Kimberly directly at Kimberly@exclusivemanagementinc.com, visit www.exclusiveautosport.ca , www.exclusivemanagementinc.com.

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Michael Duncalfe (Team Owner)

“Today was a bittersweet day. I am extremely proud of Thomas of Jack who finished first and second in the race. I am also thrilled for our partners; Spectrum, Honda Racing Developments, Sparco USA. It is pretty incredible that yesterday we were able to give Honda and Spectrum their first pole at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and today we were able to give them their first win and also a second! Despite the joy from today, I am also gutted that Tristan was hit and that Max touched the wall. Our incredible crew will be working feverishly tonight to get the cars repaired in time for tomorrow morning’s race.”

Thomas McGregor (#93 Exclusive Management Inc. / Dairy Queen):

“I have to start by thanking Exclusive Autosport crew, Michael Duncalfe and Remi Lanteigne for everything that they have done. They have slaved to get this program to wear it is today. It means so much to win this race here today and to stand on the podium, in the same spot that my hero Lewis Hamilton has stood. I also really want to thank my Dad and my Mom for everything that they have given me, for the support and every opportunity they have given me. Lastly I need to thank all of our sponsors and partners – Exclusive Management Inc., Dairy Queen, Spectrum, Honda Racing Developments and Sparco.”

Jack Mitchell Jr (#90 Exclusive Management Inc. / Exclusive Autosport):

“Today’s race went incredibly well. I started third and made my way up to the lead after a couple of laps. I was able to create a solid gap between myself and 2nd. Once I was out in front I focused on maintaining the gap and conserving my equipment. I caught lap traffic under a yellow flag, and lost about 7 seconds because of it. After that, I battled with my teammate Thomas until the last lap and ended up having shortcut the chicane to avoid some contact. All in all it was a fantastic race and a great display of all the hard work that the Exclusive Autosport has put in to our Spectrum Honda’s. I set the fastest lap, so I will be starting on pole for tomorrow’s race. I really look forward to it, my car was a rocket today. Big thanks to the crew, my family, and the awesome Montreal fans who watched our race in damp conditions.”

source: exclusivemanagementinc.com