May 26

Trulli happy to be out of tyre-dominated F1

Jarno Trulli insists he has no regrets in the wake of his formula one career.

2011-10-29 - Team Lotus - India - Jarno Trulli 03Two years after his 256-grand prix career ended, the 38-year-old Italian will take in the Monaco grand prix on Sunday — the scene of his one and only race win in 2004.

Asked if he is sorry to no longer be on the grid, Trulli told Italy’s La Stampa: “Not a bit.

“Now all you hear is engineers telling the drivers to slow down, to look after the tyres, to be careful.  This is really formula one?

“I was shouted at only to ‘push, push, push’.  I’m glad to not be there anymore,” he insisted.

source: GMM