May 20

Supercar impresses at Victoria Day Weekend Speedfest

Canadian Supercar Series: Ultra Performance Racing

18-05-13_0261The Canadian Supercar Series (Supercar) debuted at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park as part of the Victoria Day Speedfest Weekend.

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The enthusiast spectators were amazed by the field presented on the track as they watched Ferrari, Corvette, Porshe and BMW showcased in front of them.

After a full day of testing, the competitors attempted to set their best qualifying time on a green track on Saturday morning. Guy Leclerc led the way in S1 Class in his Ferrari 458 with a time of 1:24:399. Martin Burrowes was 1.1 seconds back in his Ferrari 458 followed by Tony Ferraro in his Ferrari 458. Simon Dion-Viens led the way in S2 Class in his Corvette with a best time of 1:31:206.

All of the race cars were in perfect formation as they took the green flag for Round One of the championship. The top five cars in S1 Class set times all within 1 second of each other for the first half of the race until Frank Fusillo had a suspension failure and pulled off the track at corner three. Guy Leclerc finished first followed by Martin Burrowes and Tony Ferraro. Simon Dion-Viens dominated S2 Class in his Corvette with a best time of 1:29:776.

The starting grid for Round Two was based on the fastest lap from Round One that was held the previous day, however Guy Leclerc was repositioned to the back of the field to challenge his ability to work through traffic. Frank Fusillo in his Ferrari 458 led the impressive field into corner one and then at corner two Simon Dion-Viens spun his Corvette but continued quickly. By lap three, Guy Leclerc had worked his way up to third position. Frank Fusillo and Martin Burrowes traded fastest laps for the first half of the race until Guy Leclerc managed to pass into second. Now, Fusillo was being chased by Leclerc but he managed to improve his lap times and even set fastest lap of the race while passing a back-marker. Rob Metka and Tony Ferraro had a great battle throughout the race with Ferraro eventually getting past Metka on lap eleven. At the checkered it was Frank Fusillo followed by Guy Leclerc and Martin Burrowes in S1 Class. Simon Dion-Viens won in S2 Class followed by Gabor Foti in his Porsche and Pascal Carre in his BMW.

“I saw Guy coming but I just put my head down and went for the victory,” stated Frank Fusillo, winner in S1 Class. “I think that I could have won Round One too if I didn’t have the suspension failure.”

“I am pleased with the quality of the field for our first event of the 2013 season,” mentioned John Bondar, President of Supercar. “ More competitors have expressed their interest in the series and we expect the field to grow for the upcoming events.”

Canadian Supercar Series: Ultra Performance Racing

source: supercar.ca