May 18

Felipe Massa surprises fans in a Scuderia Ferrari Formula OneTM car at the Shell V-Power Nitro+ show in Warsaw

Over 30,000 Ferrari fans turned out

2013-05-18 - Scuderia Ferrari - Warsaw - Felipe Massa 02Felipe Massa brought Warsaw to a standstill today as he drove a Ferrari Formula One car through the city streets as part of the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Show. 

There was a fantastic atmosphere as over 30,000 Ferrari fans turned out to witness Shell’s first ever street demonstration with a Ferrari Formula One car in Poland and celebrate the launch of Shell’s new gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+.

Massa demonstrated the power and performance of a Ferrari F60 around a specially-designed street circuit in the Polish capital – performance that is enabled in part by Shell’s long-standing Technical Partnership with the team – and thrilled fans and media alike with his impressive driving skills.

2013-05-18 - Scuderia Ferrari - Warsaw - Felipe Massa 03

Massa treated the crowd to 20 laps of the unique street circuit that included two chicanes and two hairpin corners. The Formula One star and his team also showed off the breathtaking speed and accuracy of a pitstop to change all four tyres on the car several times. The Polish crowd was able to get close to the action, including the Scuderia Ferrari garage, allowing fans to experience Formula One on their doorstep.

Massa was taking part in the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Show, organised to celebrate the launch of the new Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline. The new formulation contains 25 per cent more Friction Modification Technology than the previous Shell V-Power Gasoline and is designed to get to work instantly on deposits inside the engine that can reduce a car’s performance.

2013-05-18 - Scuderia Ferrari - Warsaw - Felipe Massa 01

Earlier, Massa visited a local Shell filling station where the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline was pumped to fuel the Ferrari F60 for the street demonstration. The new road fuel contains 99 per cent the same types of compounds as found in the Shell race fuel used by Scuderia Ferrari, allowing the racing car to run effectively on the road fuel. Whilst at the Shell site, Massa also took the opportunity to surprise some Shell customers by filling their cars with the premium fuel too.

As part of the launch, Massa joined a team of scientists to participate in a ‘Shell Mixology Cocktail Masterclass’ in front of a packed room of media. This live demonstration replaced scientific beakers, flasks and test tubes with blenders, cocktail shakers and fruit juices. Together, Massa and the scientists had some fun making cocktails to bring to life the various elements that go into blending the advanced formula of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline.

2013-05-18 - Scuderia Ferrari - Warsaw - Felipe Massa 05


Felipe Massa, Scuderia Ferrari Driver

“It’s incredible to be here in Warsaw for the first time and to be able to show local fans the magic of Formula One. It’s been really good fun to be involved in the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Show. There aren’t many street circuits on the Formula One calendar but we go to Monaco next week so it’s great that Shell has been able to create some of that special feeling here ahead of the race.”

Wojciech Sadowski, CEE Fuels Marketing Lead

“To have Felipe Massa driving the Formula One car through the streets of Warsaw really has been something very special. The crowd has created an amazing atmosphere for the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Show, something that Shell Poland has never attempted before. It’s a fitting platform to help launch Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline that Shell has developed with Ferrari. At Shell, we know that all fuels are not the same which is why we are committed to making better fuels for our customers and their cars.”

source: Shell Motorsport Media